Monday, June 30

The Sex Olympics Looks To The Future

The Year Of The Sex Olympics

A 1968 BBC television play, The Year Of The Sex Olympics, has been dragged into the news recently as allegations have been made against one of the main actors.

After 46 years I'm not sure what relevance these allegations have today, especially as the actor concerned is dead. But what is interesting is what The Year Of The Sex Olympics was all about. You could say, it gave people a taste of today, or our near future, way back in the 1960s.

The Daily Mail described the play: "It depicted a dystopian world where the media is controlled by an elite few who keep the masses docile by pumping out pornography and reality TV shows." Now that must ring a bell!

If we look at the plot there is much more that is relevant to today.

The Year Of The Sex Olympics (TYOTSO) is set in a future, society which is divided between 'low-drives' that equate with the labouring classes and the 'hi-drives' who control the government and media. There's another ring of the bell here - the UK political parties are run by these high-drives today - wealthy, without any experience of the 'real' world, expensively educated and have never had a 'proper' job. Cameron, Osborne, Milliband, Clegg from the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Parties fit this description. So it doesn't matter too much who we vote for (other than perhaps UKIP!)

Milliband, Cameron, Clegg
Pick Any One From Three: Milliband, Cameron, Clegg
In the play the hi-drives are concerned about overpopulation. Today's Daily Mail (June 28, 2014) heads one story, "Another boat packed with migrants heads for Europe as it's revealed Britain's population has grown by 5 million in 12 years. Now a historian delivers a chilling warning ... This human tide will be the great crisis of the century." Strong stuff!

But going back to TYOTSO they decide on a way to keep the lower classes - the low drives - docile by serving them an endless diet of the lowest common denominator television programmes: pornography and then finally reality shows. That sounds familar!

Their first reality show is where a couple are stranded on a bleak island, without any technology, and have their efforts to survive filmed twenty four hours a day. To spice things up they introduce a psychopath to the island and are amazed when the television audience reacts with laughter when slaughter takes place. The show is thought to be a triumph.

The BBC must have remembered this when they introduced Castaway to us UK viewers in 2000 - a show in which members of the public volunteered to live on an inhospitable island deprived of everyday luxuries normally available to society. The USA had Survivor the same year. And, of course, Big Brother then followed and then a myriad of other reality shows.

Similarly, the dumbing down, sexing up and sheer predominance of television were predicted by the play.

Scene from The Year Of The Sex Olympics
Scene from The Year Of The Sex Olympics
The writer of The Year Of The Sex Olympics, Nigel Kneale, is quoted as saying that he got the idea for the plot from the "...worldwide dread of populations exploding out of all control" leading him to devise a world where pornography hooks the population "on a substitute for sex rather than the real thing and so keeping the population down."

Kneale also said, "I thought people in those conditions would have very, very, reduced language - they wouldn't be really a verbal society any more, and I think we're heading towards that. Television is mainly responsible for it, the fact that people are now conditioned to image. The pictures they see on television screens more and more dominate their thinking, as far as people do a lot of thinking, and if you had a verbally reduced society, you would get the kind of language - possibly - that you did get in the play".

Often, when we consider what is placed before us as television entertainment, it's as if we know a lot of it is rubbish but somehow get hooked on the dross, as we do with junk food and a general lethargy. Maybe it's time to raise our standards and wake up, before it's too late.

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Saturday, June 28

Readers Stories About White Doves And White Feathers

White dove

As regular readers will know I have published quite a few posts about white feathers and white doves. Many people see these as being signs or messages from the deceased. Here are a couple more examples. The first about white doves.

"I went through a very serious personal crisis two years ago and spent a lot of time at my church in intense prayer. I found an alcove with a statue of Jesus where I would pray quietly with my eyes closed.

One day I started to see very bright white spots with my eyes closed.

One at a time they continuously changed shape and grew wings and I realized they were doves floating around. It was unmistakeable and it happened again multiple times. Sometimes they would even sparkle or glow.

This simple image was God's answer to my prayers. I am very fond of doves now."

The next two are slightly different white feather stories because the feathers appear and then disappear. I published a post a while back about how wedding rings disappear and then reappear, so why not white feathers as well.

"My Aunt passed away at the end of October. Being devastated by my loss one day on my way to work I decided to ask my angels to give me a sign that Auntie was okay, and at peace and I asked to see a white feather.

On the window sill when I got to work was the most fluffiest perfect white feather. The window was closed and there was nothing around that it could have come from. I knew it was my sign. I picked it up and put it in my pocket.

When I returned home I informed my daughter and went to reach into my pocket to show her, but the feather was gone. I believe in Angels and find comfort in the sign that my beloved aunt is okay."

"I have always believed in white feathers and have had many disappear over the years.

Just recently my mum passed away and I had one float down out of nowhere and I took it home. By the next morning it had disappeared.

I find comfort in them appearing and disappearing - its like they need to flutter off to give someone else comfort and that is nice.

My boyfriend has never believed until recently and now he is seeing them everywhere too.

Thank you all for sharing, your stories are so lovely and hope the feathers keep coming."

Kindly note that the stories are genuine, but the writers wish to remain anonymous.

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Friday, June 27

The Synchronicity That Follows From Talking To Strangers

Communicating with others

Yesterday's post, The Coincidence Of Being Influenced As To Where To Park Your Car was about a coincidence which resulted from two strangers meeting up and talking to each other.

Shadow left a comment asking:

"... you think maybe if more people just spoke to the (strangers) people around them, that this might occur more often?"

My answer to this is, "Most definitely!"

Often when people are thrown together there can be a reason. Either they may have a message of some sort for us or vice versa. But if we don't talk to them the connection is lost.

James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy, said that: "Everyone we encounter has a message for us." I don't think that this is necessarily correct but there are times when we may feel that we should communicate with someone - and we should then follow our instinct to do so.

Redfield also says that, "It's vitally important to remember to stay alert for the people with whom we need to connect." He suggests we , "... watch for spontaneous eye contact with others, or a feeling of familiarity. A person might remind us of someone we know, and this intuition is a prompt to explore the meaning of the connection. What can this person tell us in regard to our current question(s)?"

A lot of synchronicity follows on from talking to someone else.

I realise that this isn't easy for everyone to do. My wife is much better at talking to strangers than I am. She does it naturally whereas I have to make the effort to do so. But I've always felt the feelings or signs that others give off. I can remember right from a child sitting on a bus opposite someone and feeling their sorrow and thinking I should be doing something to help them.

We should listen to our feelings and instincts. If someone seems to energise us, there could well be something of mutual benefit. But if someone drains us then it's maybe time to move away.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is a magical world out there full of synchronicity and goodness to help us on our way. If, that is, we communicate with those who touch upon our lives, even briefly. They may have something to help us on our way. Or maybe we can help them, after all, what we give out we get back.

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Thursday, June 26

The Coincidence Of Being Influenced As To Where To Park Your Car

Parked cars

A coincidence story from reader Jamie Jones. Are we sometimes influenced to park our cars in a specific parking space? You'll see what I mean by this from Jamie's story.

"This is a coincidence story that has stuck in my mind.

I was on the M4 motorway heading towards London with my father in his bright red car, he had had it resprayed. We stopped at the motorway services for some lunch and a break from driving. A man was getting into his car parked next to us. He must have liked the colour of my father's car as he started talking to him about it. They talked for a few minutes about cars in general and how so many of them are silver (this happened about ten years ago).

We then went into the services restaurant for something, overpriced, to eat. We must have stopped for about an hour in total and then got driving again on the M4.

We were visiting an old friend of my father's, Jimmy, who had been quite ill, but had never been to where he lived previously. He had moved since they had last seen each other.

We reached Harrow but couldn't find Pinner Road, the address where Jimmy lived, so we stopped to ask someone for directions. My father got out of the car and started talking to a man, I then realised it was the same man who had parked next to us at the service station.

This would have been coincidence enough but it turned out that the man also lived in Pinner Road, a few houses down from Jimmy."

~ Jamie Jones

But, no doubt, we are influenced to do many other things as well without realising it.

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Tuesday, June 24

A Genuine UFO Sighting: What Do You Think?

I saw this video on Trish & Rob MacGregor's blog synchrosecrets and, yes, it is another UFO sighting but somehow this has an element of truth about it - see what you think.

The sighting dates back to October 1954 and was by a Jessie Rosenberg from the West Midlands in England. The story is that it was banned from being aired on UK television in the late 1960s. Mrs Rosenberg describes what she and her two sons witnessed.

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Monday, June 23

The Coincidence Of The Professor On Life's Yellow Brick Road

The Wizard of Oz

Today's coincidence story follows the Yellow Brick Road and takes us back in time to the late 1930s.

A movie was being made based on the children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum. The movie became simply the Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland. Frank Morgan played five roles: Professor Marvel, The Wizard, Doorman, Cabbie and a Guard.

For the part of Professor Marvel the wardrobe department decided they wanted something with the quality of 'seedy gentility'. To meet their needs they headed to the second-hand stores where they chose several jackets that seemed suitable.

On set a jacket was chosen from the selection and Frank Morgan tried it for size - it looked perfect.

Now comes the weird bit. For some reason Morgan turned one of the pockets of the chosen jacket inside out - no idea why, but what he found was a label with the name 'L.Frank Baum'.

This was strange, to say the least, especially as the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz had died in 1919. Later both Baum's widow and his tailor confirmed that this was actually his jacket.

So of all of the jackets, in all of the world, the one they chose for Frank Morgan to wear had once belonged to the original writer of the character he was playing. Quiet remarkable!

As an aside, it's interesting that we could see the Yellow Brick Road as being like the journey through life, where we have to overcome our self doubts and fears as we head towards the Emerald City.

Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion in the Wonderful World Of the Wizard of Oz
Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion
In The Wizard of Oz the Scarecrow believes that he has no brains (though he comes up with clever solutions to several problems that they encounter on their journey). The Tin Woodman believes that he lacks a heart (but is moved to tears when misfortune befalls the various creatures they meet). And then there is the Cowardly Lion who believes that he has no courage (even though he is consistently brave through their journey). So by the end of their journey, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion attain self-fulfillment.

As Carl L. Bankston III of Salem Press is quoted as saying: "These three characters embody the classical human virtues of intelligence, caring, and courage, but their self-doubts keep them from being reduced to mere symbols of these qualities."

But there is also a political interpretation of the Wizard of Oz. This is how it is described on Wikipedia, but it doesn't resonate with me:

In his 1964 American Quarterly article, 'The Wizard of Oz: Parable on Populism', Henry Littlefield posited that the book contained an allegory of the late 19th-century bimetallism debate regarding monetary policy.

At the beginning of the novel, Dorothy is swept from her farm to Oz by a cyclone, which was frequently compared to the Free Silver movement in Baum's time.

The Yellow Brick Road represents the gold standard and the Silver Shoes which enable Dorothy to travel more comfortably symbolizes the Populist Party's desire to construct a bimetallic standard of both gold and silver in place of the gold standard.

She learns that to return home, she must reach the Emerald City, Oz's political center, to speak to the Wizard, representing the President of the United States.

While journeying to the Emerald City, she encounters a scarecrow, who represents a farmer; a woodman made of tin, who represents a worker dehumanized by industrialization; and a cowardly lion, who represents William Jennings Bryan, a prominent leader of the Silverite movement.

The villains of the story, the Wicked Witch of the West and the Wicked Witch of the East, represent the wealthy railroad and oil barons of the American West and the financial and banking interests of the eastern U.S. respectively. Both these groups opposed Populist efforts to move the U.S. to a bimetallic monetary standard since this would have devalued the dollar and made investments less valuable.

Workers and poor farmers supported the move away from the gold standard as this would have lessened their crushing debt burdens. The Populist party sought to build a coalition of southern and midwestern tenant farmers and northern industrial workers. These groups are represented in the book by the Good Witches of the North and South. 'Oz' is the abbreviated form of ounce, a standard measure of gold.

Of course The Wonderful Wizard of Oz might simply be a story for children!

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Friday, June 20

The Coincidence Of The Arm And Hammer World Of Armand Hammer

A bit of a novelty coincidence story, which I hadn't noticed before this week.

Simply put: The USA business man Armand Hammer (1898 to 1990) became a director of the company Church and Dwight - who just happen to be manufacturers of Arm and Hammer products.

I don't think I've ever heard of  Armand as a Christian or first name previously. Hammer said that his father named him this after the character, Armand Duval, from Alexandre Dumas novel  La Dame aux Camélias.

But another version of his first name is that it originated from the arm and hammer graphic symbol of the Socialist Labor Party of America (SLP) - in which his father had a leadership role. But that in itself would have been another coincidence as the the Arm and Hammer products also have a very similar symbol - as can be seen below.

The Arm & Hammer product symbol was being used prior to Armand Hammer being born. The card at the top of the post dates back to 1870.

According to the company, the Arm and Hammer logo represents Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metalworking - that's him on the right.

I don't know much about Arm & Hammer products other than we have a tube of their toothpaste in our bathroom cabinet.

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Thursday, June 19

Pilgrim Fathers On The Mayflower Coincidence

People on the Mayflower 1620

Yesterday I wrote about Plymouth, the Mayflower and the Pilgrim Fathers.

By some strange syncro I came across the flollowing article in the Seattle Times:

"William S. Fuller followed the news with interest this week when detectives announced a strange lead in the search for a man who killed his friend's daughter two decades ago.

According to a new DNA analysis, the unknown suspect is a distant relative of Edward and Samuel Fuller, who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower in 1620 - and he might even share their last name.

The present-day Fuller says that's just an awkward coincidence.

The 68-year-old worked with the father of 16-year-old Sarah Yarborough, who was raped and strangled in Federal Way in 1991. He spearheaded the effort to build a memorial for her.
Fuller said he doesn't know if he's related to the Pilgrims, but he is certain that no one in his family could be the culprit."

One of the photos I snapped while in Plymouth was a list of the Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. The names of Edward and Samuel Fuller are amongst them - towards the end of the list.

Names of Pilgrim Fathers who sailed on the Mayflower in 1620

There is also a list of Mayflower Passengers on Wikipedia.

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Wednesday, June 18

Plymouth: From Where The Pilgrim Fathers Sailed And Sir Francis Drake Played Bowls

Smeaton's Tower, Lighthouse, Plymouth

We strayed from Cornwall yesterday as we had to visit Plymouth in Devon. It wasn't a particularly nice day weather-wise but I took a few photos for the blog because Plymouth is known as the place from which the Mayflower headed for North America in 1620 and is also where Sir Francis Drake supposedly played bowls before defeating the Spanish Armada in 1588.

The first landmark on the waterfront is on Plymouth Hoe and is Smeaton's Tower (photos above and below), which was built in 1759 as a lighthouse on rocks 14 miles (23 km) off shore - but was dismantled and rebuilt on the Hoe in 1877. It was here, on the Hoe, where Francis Drake played his bowls. Wikipedia describes this:

"The most famous (but probably apocryphal) anecdote about Drake relates that, prior to the battle, he was playing a game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe. On being warned of the approach of the Spanish fleet, Drake is said to have remarked that there was plenty of time to finish the game and still beat the Spaniards."

Lighthouse, Plymouth, Devon

Walking along the waterfront you eventually reach the Barbican and it is from here that the Mayflower made it's way to North America in 1620. The building below commemorates this, along with the USA flag, and is known as the Mayflower Steps.

Mayflower Steps, Plymouth

The date of the event is etched into the stones by the Mayflower Steps (photo below). There is a plaque on the sea wall which reads:

"On the 6th of September 1620, the Mayorality of Thomas Townes after being kindly entertained and courteously used by divers Friends there dwelling, the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Plymouth in the Mayflower in the Providence of God to settle in New Plymouth and to lay the foundations of the New England States The ancient Cawsey whence they embarked was destroyed not many Years afterwards but the Site of their Embarkation is marked by the Stone bearing the name of the MAYFLOWER in the pavement of the adjacent Pier."

Mayflower 1620, Plymouth, England

The sea wall has numerous plaques. The one below, for example, states: 'City of Plymouth. This tablet commemorates the departure from Plymouth in May 1839 of the Tory, the pioneer ship in the colonisation of New Zealand.'

Another plaque also tells of Walter Raleigh's involvement with Virginia in the late 1500s. It reads:

'The Roanoke Colonies. From Plymouth on 7th April 1584 Walter Raleigh sent Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlow to North America to explore & prepare for English colonisation. On 13th July they claimed land in the name of Queen Elizabeth called Virginia in her honour.'

There  are many historical naval connections with Plymouth where the tourists visit. But away from this area, like with many big cities - a population of 250,000 people, making it the 27th most populous built-up area in England and Wales - there are also problems. From the car park we used I took this photo of a man being handcuffed and searched by police.


According to Wikipedia: "Plymouth Council is currently undertaking a project of urban redevelopment called the 'Vision for Plymouth' launched by the architect David Mackay and backed by both Plymouth City Council and the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce (PCC). Its projects range from shopping centres, a cruise terminal, a boulevard and to increase the population to 300,000 and build 33,000 dwellings."

In contrast to the previous photo, one of the Barbican's old streets:

Barbican old streets, Plymouth

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Tuesday, June 17

How A Rabbit Made Me What I Am Today

It's interesting how we become what we are - and the influences that mould us. I was reminded of this while in Malta.

We were walking along by the seafront restaurants in Sliema when I noticed the signs, as in the photo. More specifically I noticed the word Rabbit - not something that I would normally associate with Chips and Salad - but it triggered memories from my childhood.

Suddenly I remembered, or was transported to, when I was four or five years old and we - that's my mum, dad and me - were having our main meal of the day.

 "What's this meat, mum," I asked.

"Rabbit stew," she answered.

"Rabbit! What a real rabbit?"

And with that I refused to eat any more of my dinner. Mum and dad were none too happy with me as I went off about the poor little rabbit and how could anyone possibly eat such a cuddly creature.

Back then there were no second choices of food, so I went without my dinner. And if you don't eat your dinner, of course, there was no pudding.

Thinking about this, it was probably the moment that influenced me to become a vegetarian in later life. Not straight away though, as it wasn't possible for a four or five year old. Meat and a few veg were what we ate - but I came to dislike the thought of eating cows, sheep, pigs, lambs, chickens and so on. Until that incident I suppose it hadn't fully sunk in as to what meat really was.

So was it the rabbit that made me vegetarian? Or was that simply something I knew (or remembered) was part of who I am. An influence from ... the real me (soul / spirit)  ... a previous life ... or any of the other often considered fanciful ideas.

Why have any of us become what we are today? There are so many possible influences: parents, schools, religions, the media in general and so on. But underneath this why do some things ring true to us, while others don't? One of the lessons of life is surely to discover what our own values and beliefs really are - to think for ourselves, regardless of outside influences.

I'll leave it there otherwise I'll ramble on for too long!

P.S. Rabbit is part of a traditional Maltese dish. To quote Wikipedia:

"Traditional Maltese fenkata (stewed rabbit), often identified as the national dish, quite possibly started off as a form of symbolic resistance to the hunting restrictions imposed by the Knights of St John. The dish was to become popular after the lifting of restrictions in the late 18th century (and by which time the indigenous breed had multiplied and prices dropped) and the domestication of rabbits, a technique which could have been imported from France thanks to the French Knights."

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Monday, June 16

The Cornwall Coincidence

South coast of Cornwall
I came across this coincidence story from the author Liz Fenwick by 'chance'. As her books are based in Cornwall - where I live - I felt compelled to publish her story.

"This is a rather long coincidence story that I will try and make short. It involves a photo, friends, a pig farmer, and Cornwall.

Back in 1987 I was working at a large insurance agency in Boston, MA when a new employee started. She was from England and we hit it off, becoming close friends. This was before email and digital pictures became common place and she received a letter and some snaps from her best friend in London.

I glanced at the photos of a group of friends at a ball in Cambridgeshire. There was one picture that remained in my mind of a man in a dinner jacket walking down a grand stair case.

Jump ahead two years and I have moved to London and am living with my friend’s best friend in Clapham. It’s the first May bank holiday (I’ve been sharing a flat for five days) and she has a blind date with a pig farmer for tea at the Basil Street Hotel.

She takes me along for a wine drenched lunch on the Kings Road beforehand. Waiting for us at the table is the man from the picture, but I don’t realise that right away. The pig farmer and my friend didn’t work out but a month later the man in the dinner jacket took me to Cornwall for the first time and I lost my heart to both - Cornwall and to him.

If I hadn’t met him (now my husband) I might never have made it to Cornwall and never been inspired to write and The Cornish House, A Cornish Affair and A Cornish Stranger would never have happened!"

- Liz Fenwick

Liz Fenwick on Amazon UK
Liz Fenwick on Amazon USA

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Sunday, June 15

Father's Day Synchronicity

Me and Darren

It's Father's Day and my son is on holiday in Ibiza. I sent him a text this morning to say thank you for a card and present he had left for me. He sent a text to me wishing me a Happy Day and telling me that he was sitting on the beach with his son and daughter in the sunshine.

Both of the texts were timed at exactly 9.45 a.m. on my phone.

Synchronicity - guess we are still well connected!

The photo is from the long past when Darren was about two or three and I was .... gosh!

Saturday, June 14

Lucy The Ghost Who Made The Soldiers Run Away

A ghostly tale from days gone by.

"My army basic training was in Malvern in Worcestershire and we were then sent to the nearby Blackdown transit camp.

This was in total contrast to the immaculate camp we had left. Old Nissan huts stood between weed covered flagstones, and just behind the guardroom was a derelict mortuary in which could still be seen a stone autopsy slab.

During the war Blackdown had been a hospital for shell-shocked American soldiers and it had a macabre history. And we soon heard the camp had a ghost named Lucy.

Apparently she had been a nurse who was brutally murdered by a traumatised GI one night. Over the years several men claimed to have seen her ghost after dark. Some said they were woken by the bedclothes being slowly pulled away and had the feeling of being stared at from above.

I took the ghostly gossip with a pinch of salt - until I experienced something!

It happened one moonlit night when three of us and the corporal were chatting about Lucy. I said it was a load of rubbish and the others agreed except the corporal, who dared us to walk through the mortuary. No problem. We made our way there and filed past the slab where dead bodies had lain.

Suddenly we stopped short. We could hear a woman quietly singing. We made a mad dash for the exit and didn't stop until we reached the guardroom.

After all these years I still wonder if it was Lucy."

- David Sampson, Northumberland.

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Friday, June 13

In A Past Life She Saw Her Brother's Head Cut Off

If we believe in reincarnation, the question is asked as to whether similar happenings can follow us from life to life.

From my cuttings I have this story from Lilian McDade who has undertaken three past-life regressions, two with hypnotherapists and one with a a doctor at a hospital. This is her story.

"In this last experience, I 'was' a young girl in India, walking through a primitive village with my brother. I felt as though it were the 14th century. I could smell the scents of the village and I looked down and saw my feet were filthy and bare.

We were very poor in rags, but happy and laughing together when a man stepped out of the crowd and sliced my brother's head off - it seemed ages until his head went flying and a great gush of blood spurted from his neck.

I was horrified and ran away into the forest where I eventually met an older man who protected me and with whom I had two children, one of whom I named after my beloved brother.

I felt all the emotions of the experience and had a dual perspective throughout: as if I were watching a film on video, but also as if I were actually living it. I can't be sure it was an actual re-run of a past life of mine although it is now a vivid memory of an actual event."

Ms McDade then raises the question as to whether what happened to her brother in the above regression has links to what happened to her son in this life.

"Ten years later. my youngest son Daniel died, aged 21, from a virus which attacked his brain, and I've often wondered whether the past life experience was a precursor and a warning to me of Daniel's future illness and death as his head, or brain was, in effect disconnected from his body by the virus. Or was his death in this life a re-run of something that had occurred centuries ago?

My other regression experiences were equally fascinating, and I have to say that in each of them I was not famous or important but I felt that each 'life' did teach me something about myself."

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Wednesday, June 11

Orbs: Paranormal Or A Digital Camera Reflection

Orbs at St Cubys Church Tregony, Cornwall
Orbs - A digital camera anomaly or something paranormal?
After taking several hundred photos while on my holiday trip to Malta I got to thinking about orbs. I usually capture a few amongst my pictures or even a ghost! This time though nothing unusual or out of this world.

Ghost of Broomfield Cottage
The Ghost Photo of  Broomfield Cottage - see here
Of course many will say that the likes of orbs or globes are down to the digital cameras we now use. The usual explanation is that orbs are caused by light bouncing back from a shiny or reflective surface, which the human eye doesn't notice. And yet, there does seem to be true orbs caught on camera - but what are they?

Reading opinions of paranormal orbs they seem to fall into several categories. You take your pick as to which one might be true. Here are five popular suggestions:
  1. Orbs are the souls of spirits manifesting as a circle or ball of energy.

  2. They are energy emitted by objects and/or people which a spirit can then use for its own energy.

  3. Orbs are similar to ghosts in that they are energy from a past event that has somehow been captured within the atmosphere of a place or building. The stronger the emotional event, the brighter the orb. A bitter conflict would register high on such a scale.

  4. Orbs are a method by which spirits make themselves known.

  5. They are viewing instruments for spirits in another dimension.
There is another alternative mentioned by the writer Theresa Cheung:

"The theory goes along the lines of orbs being natural energy structures that are a normal part of the physical world but have gone undetected until recently. The orb is an electrical object - a plasma - which for some reason holds together in a spherical shape, so is considered a stable plasma ; something which physics cannot reproduce of explain."

I guess we all believe in want we want to believe.

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