Thursday, April 30

Three Tenerife Loose Connection Coincidences

Tenerife beach

I've been away in the Canary Islands for the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately nothing much to report in the way of coincidences or synchronicity. The nearest were three 'loose' connections.

The first was at our hotel. We weren't happy with our room and asked to be moved. As they were doing the change over paperwork the receptionist said words to the effect, "Oh, I see two Michael Perry's booked in today, which one are you?"

We never came across the other Michael Perry. As for the room, we eventually got one with a sea view that suited us perfectly.

Next day we walked about and saw on the map there was an old church, described as English, so we made our way in that direction. The church was built in 1880 by the English and the main doors opened as we were looking at them - and out popped the vicar. We got chatting to him. He told us he was from Poole, which is where we lived before moving to Cornwall. So a second connection.

The third actually happened the day before we went away. I was cutting the grass in the front garden and a man walked past who has recently moved in nearby. We got talking and out of the blue he said he used to live in Hillingdon (west London). I replied, "Me too, up until my late teens."

"I was born in Hillingdon Hospital," he said. "Me too, I replied."

So, three 'coincidences' but no real meaning other than a reminder that we are all connected - six degrees of separation and all that.

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Monday, April 27

Canary Islands: Bananas

Banana plantation

Bananas on the plantations in the Canary Islands.

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Friday, April 24

Ibiza: Coastal Walk

Ibiza coastl

Ibiza: An island in the Mediterranean and one of the Balearic Islands. See also The Signs While Walking The Ibiza Coast With A White Heron

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Thursday, April 23

Austria: Alps Near Niederau

Alps in Austria

Today's photo is of Austria in the Alps near Niederau. More photos of Austria here.

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Wednesday, April 22

Crete: Mountain Village

Crete mountain village

Crete: The largest of the Greek Islands. The photo is at one of the mountain villages, away from the tourist hot spots: narrow streets, flowers and often crooked houses.

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Tuesday, April 21

Spain: Benidorm, Alicante

Benidorm, Spain

Photo of Spain today, the steps in the old part of Benidorm - a coastal town in Alicante on the Western Mediterranean.

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Monday, April 20

Lanzarote: Beach Life

Lanzarote Canary Islands

Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.

 Lanzarote is the eastern most island of the Canary Islands and has a volcanic origin. It was created through fiery eruptions, some 15 million years ago. Famed for its solidified lava streams and extravagant rock formations.

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Saturday, April 18

England: Durdle Door, Dorset.

Durdle Door

The photo is of Durdle Door in Dorset, England. It is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth. More photos here.

Friday, April 17

Austria: Alps Near Neustift

Flying high in Austrian Alps

Today's photo: Flying high in the Austrian Alps near Neustift. More photos from Austria here.

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Thursday, April 16

Madeira: Mountains In The North Of The Island

Madeira mountains

The photo is of the mountains in northern Madeira.

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago located in the north Atlantic, about 400 kilometres (250 miles) north of the Canary Islands.

More photos of Madeira here.

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Wednesday, April 15

England: Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Today's photo is of Lulworth Cove, Dorset, England on a slightly misty morning. The cove is on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

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Tuesday, April 14

Spain: Bull Fighting Posters

Bull fighting posters

Bull fighting posters seen in Mijas, Spain. Not something I personally approve of, but each country to their own traditions.

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Monday, April 13

The Mysterious Suicide And Coincidence Of The Silk Clad Actress

Suicide letter

On April 25, 1937 the beautiful 25 year old actress, Mrs. Helen Kim Mont, committed suicide. She was found unconscious, clad only in a slip, silk stockings, and shoes. A gas tube was in her mouth. She had only been married for one month, though newspaper reports say she and her husband had quarelled the night before.

Such things sadly happen but police, at the time, said there was a coincidence attached to her death - the actress had an unintentional audience for her grand finale.

By 'chance' a chain letter had been sent out inviting people to a cocktail party at the address where the actress lived - and for the same day as her suicide. Part of the letter read:

"You are cordially invited to a mystery cocktail party in honour of someone you know. It will be the most unusual and amusing party ever held in New York. ... make two copies of this letter immediately and mail them to two friends ... be sure they will not recognise your handwriting ... Do not talk about this letter."

Around 100 recipients of the letters arrived at her Park Avenue apartment in New York, and it was this that led to the discovery that "the shapely brown-haired girl had died from stove gas."

Helen Kim left a suicide note, scrawled in pencil on pink and blue stationery. A few details of the note were released:

"My Darling,

This is the proverbial note. I am doing this primarily because I failed as a wife. You have done everything in your power. I couldn't ask for a better husband.

... Maybe some day - somewhere in another world - I love you.

I have so many things to say to you - because I love you and won't see you for a long time ... I'm sorry to cause you notoriety... See that mother gets my insurance.

My pet, remember they're playing my favourite opera - I guess I'm all wrong with my ideals I can't change - so - the music is lovely - listen to it Sunday - you know when."

So, the party and the suicide were a coincidence - but it seems that Helen Kim led a colourful life. For example The Daily News wrote of her

"Mrs. Mont was a graduate of the University of Southern California, Berkeley. While a student there she was the lone witness to the suicide of Robert Carroll Pew, 35-year-old writer and poet, in her Los Angeles apartment. Lifting a glass of poison, Pew drank a toast of death to her, dying at her feet. He had followed Miss Kim from the Orient to Los Angeles. The two met in Honolulu."

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Sunday, April 12

Flowers Received From Her Deceased Son


This is another experience where a mother believes she had contact with her son, who had died. It involves perhaps telepathy and also a communication with a third person.

"The death of my son Andrew at 21 was particularly difficult for me to bear. He was my only child - a Cambridge undergraduate, highly intelligent and gifted - and I had raised him mainly on my own.

Walking home from shopping after his death, I heard him say: "I'm going to remember Mother's Day tomorrow." I can only describe this as a telepathic communication, and it was very clear.

I carried on home greatly uplifted. It was a wonderful moment I shall never forget.

The next day, I answered an unexpected ring at my door. A casual acquaintance was there with her arms full of flowers - daffodils, forsythia and pussy willow.

She told me that the flowers were not from her. She said that she was washing up the breakfast dishes when she heard Andrew say: "Take some flowers for Mum." These were picked from her garden. She told me that nothing like this had ever happened to her previously.

It had a profound and moving effect on both of us. I'd not told anyone about the message the previous day. Neither did I know this lady very well. It was clear than Andrew wanted me to know he was safe."

~ Mary Marten

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Saturday, April 11

Money Fell Out Of Her Bra And Was Recovered from A Sewer

Money in bra

A little coincidence style story from the archives of  The Fort Scott Tribune.

Casa Grande, Ariz: A housewife has recovered a roll of $230 in bills after it travelled 13 days in a sewer.

Rose Mary Sotelo told city officials she was cleaning her toilet on July 3, and when she reached to flush it, the money dropped from her bra and was flushed down the drain.

Officials said she had one chance in five million of recovering the money. On Wednesday, however, Harvey Swearingen, a sewerage employee, happened to turn off the sewerage chopper at the disposal plant three miles from Mrs. Sotelo's home.

He was amazed to find neatly rolled $5 and $10 bills, totalling $230, with a rubber band still holding them intact.

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Friday, April 10

Coincidence Links Across The Atlantic

The coincidence story today is of an unexpected link between a church in Ottawa, Canada with one in Cornwall, England.

Ottawa: Nurse Marjorie Adair of Blackburn Avenue, now overseas with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps was going to leave and had chosen the ancient town of St,Ives, Cornwall, as an attractive place to rest from her hospital work..

Before she went, she thought it might be a good idea to get a letter of introduction to the vicar of the Cornish seaside town so she went to see Lt. Col. the Rev. Canon C.G Hepburn, principal Protestant chaplain of All Saints', her parish church in Ottawa..

Colonel Hepburn had no idea as to who the vicar of St Ives might be but resorted to Crockford, the clerical directory of the Anglican Church. No one was more surprised than he to find that the clergyman whose name he sought was none other than Rev. T.F.C Barfett, brother of R.F.C Barfett, one of his own lay-readers and workers at All Saints', Ottawa.

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Thursday, April 9

Finding Money And Creating Coincidences Or Synchronicity

Coins found
Some of the coins my wife has found
As regular readers will know, many of my posts are about coincidences or synchronicity. The thing is though, I hadn't personally experienced any myself for what seemed to be ages. I said as much to my wife, and also added that she hadn't found any coins either for quite a while (I have written previously about how she's always finding money).

Later that day we went for a walk. The first thing we saw was a car with the licence plate number of 824KDP - KDP are my wife's initials and 824 are the last three numbers of her phone number. So a coincidence at last!

We walked a little further and Karin picked up a coin from the pavement - so another 'mission' completed. And on the way back from our walk she found another coin! There's bound to be third very soon!

On return I checked my Google+ pages and made a comment on someone's post, only to find it was timed at exactly the same time as another of my Google friend's comment - so both of us commenting about the same thing at exactly the same time

This got me thinking about what I've probably said many times before, 'happenings' tend to come about once we start paying attention and becoming aware - and asking for whatever it is we want. Some describe this as becoming 'tuned in' while others might explain that it is because we have lifted those particular filters from our brain. An example of this is, say, when someone mentions a certain make of car -we will then probably see lots of them. They were there before, of course, but were filtered out as unimportant. The brain can only take in so much information so much has to be filtered out.

What we concentrate on tends to come about, whether that is good or bad.

Okay, my coincidences and my wife finding coins are hardly earth shattering but they are an indicator that we should get 'switched on' to whatever interests us - anything can come about, everything is possible.

That's it!

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Wednesday, April 8

Contacted By Her Deceased Husband

Ghostly hand

I've published several posts recently of examples where the deceased have seemingly contacted their loved ones. Here's another short example.

After a long and happy marriage, my darling husband died. Five months later, I was sitting in my kitchen with the door to the hall open when the temperature in the bungalow dropped (it was a lovely, sunny day).

When I looked up, I could see an outline similar in size to my husband.

I spoke to him and told him how I loved him and missed him. After a short while, he put out his arms towards me ... and then he disappeared, and the temperature returned to normal.

I have never dismissed the thought of an afterlife, nor have I really believed in it, but I do know now that my beloved is waiting for me, so I have no fear of dying.

~ Yvonne Morman

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Tuesday, April 7

World War Bombs Coincidence

German bomber 1940

I was looking through some archives and came across what was described as a Remarkable Coincidence in The Age, Dec 7, 1940:

A Remarkable Coincidence

A bomb from an early morning raider fell in the same garden at Dover as that in which the first enemy bomb ever dropped in England landed on Christmas eve 1914.

The 1914 bomb which was only a ten-pounder, was thrown over the side of the German plane and blew a gardener out of the branches of a tree which he had been pruning. He wasn't hurt.

The 1940 bomb fell, also in December, within a few feet of the same spot in the same garden, causing no casualties.

In the same archive I also read the following snippet. Nothing really to do with coincidence or synchronicity but it amused me.

Size Isn't Everything

Mr H.G Wells, who is regarded as one of the brainiest men of the present generation, has a small head.

He said recently, "My head is small - I can cheer up nearly everyone of my friends by just changing hats; the borrowed brim comes down upon my ears and spreads them wide."

The famous French author Anatole France, who died in 1923, at the age of 81, was a man of fairly robust figure, but his brain weighed considerably less than that of the average French man. When his brain was examined after death, it weighed 1017 grammes, whereas the brain of an average French man weighs 1409 grammes.

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Monday, April 6

Walking The Roseland Peninsular And Jesus Visiting Cornwall

St Mawes Castle, Cornwall

We went walking on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. The name comes from the Cornish word Ros meaning promontory, rather than from the flower.

St Mawes Castle, Cornwall

We stopped off at St Mawes castle, built in the time of King Henry VIII to protect the Cornish and English coast. We continued walking alongside the River Fal - a lovely day with blue skies of varying shades.

River Fal, Cornwall

We also looked in on my favourite church at St. Just. This is where it is said that Jesus may have visited as a young man - see:

The Mystery Of Jesus Visiting Cornwall In England
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Did Jesus Visit St George's Island Looe Cornwall

New Cornwall Blog: Mike's Cornwall

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Saturday, April 4

283 Billion To One Lottery Win

Photo rossparry - Daily Mail
I don't know if these odds are right but Camelot - who run UK lotteries - state that David Long overcame odds of 283 billion to one with his second £1,000,000 lottery win last week.

David won £1,000,000 two years ago. Last week though, he was in a supermarket and saw a poster advertising the latest draw. He said to himself, "Yea, I'll give that a go."

He then went on to say, "I knew I'd win."

Later, checking his numbers he says he called his wife over to confirm realising he had won for a second time. "I said, 'Have a look at this. It's there, look, read that line.'" And sure enough he was a winner again.

A Camelot spokesman said, "As you can imagine, we see winners who win once who are very shocked. It must be even more shocking to win twice." I suppose he means shocked in a good way!

Mr.Long said the second win would not deter him from playing in the future - and insisted a third win was possible. "They say things come in threes, don't they?" he said. "Third time lucky and all that. His wife added, "He will probably win again."

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Friday, April 3

Multiple Coincidences

Man carrying painting

Merwin Altfeld's father kept a book of coincidences, though they had to be 'multiple coincidences' to be included. Merwin never had a suitable coincidence for his father to enter in the book - until that is, after his father had died, which is as follows:

A doctor who lives in Sharon, Pa., is an art collector. For an anniversary friends gave him $500 with which he was to buy something he liked. The doctor walked into a gallery on La Cienaga Blvd. just as Merwin was leaving with one of his own paintings under his arm. The price of the painting was exactly $500 - the doctor bought it.

That could have been the end of the coincidence story, but a few days later Altfeld phoned his borther-in-law, in Cleveland, and told him about selling the painting to a doctor from Sharon.

"I know," said the brother-in-law. "I sat next to the doctor the other evening at a symphony concert in Cleveland, and in conversation he told me he had bought a painting from a man called Altfeld." Altfeld's brother-in-law had never met the doctor previously.

It's a small world.

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