Tuesday, April 30

The Yellow Oregon Grape Looks For The Positive In Life

Oregon Grape or Mahonia aquifolium
A yellow Oregon Grape in my garden next to red Quince flowers
We've got a yellow flowering shrub, or bush in our garden that is full of colour this time of year. Yesterday someone was looking out into our garden and asked me what the flowers were called. I had no idea - I don't do Latin names and simply enjoy plants, rather than knowing much about them.

So here's the synchronicity or coincidence. I went over to Terri Patrick's Blog and what do I see? What looks to be the very same flowering bush and - being more knowledgeable than I - Terri has given a description: "Oregon Grape flower. Produces tiny blue berries, not for humans."

Oregon Grape flower
Photo from Terri Patrick's Blog
So now I know and was able to search Oregon Grape on Google. It's Latin name is Mahonia aquifolium, which I will immediately forget on principle. Interesting though was the plant was designated the USA Oregon state flower in 1899 and it's sometimes known as a holly-leaved barberry.

On the The Ananda Apothecary website I discovered that, "Through Oregon Grape the soul learns to break the basic pattern of mistrust. It realizes that it can look instead for the positive intentions of others, and create situations which generate good will and loving inclusion."

Okay, perhaps that's the message from this synchronicity.

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Monday, April 29

Beyoncé And The Number 4 Lead To The Illuminati

Beyonce and Illuminati pyramid sign

There was a sub-headline in a magazine, included with my Sunday newspaper, which read, 'She Thinks Four Is Fantastic'. And the person who supposedly has this belief is Beyoncé. I'm not a numerologist so decided to have a root round on the Internet and ended up far from where I started.

Firstly a few 4s in Beyoncé's life:

# She and Jay-Z, her husband, are quoted as saying that their favourite is 4.

# Beyoncé was born on September 4.

# Jay-Z's birthday is December 4.

# The couple were married on April 4.

All pretty straightforward but then it gets a little deeper.

# Beyoncé's daughter is called Blue Ivy because IV is four in Roman numerals.

# Blue Ivy was born on January 7 2012 and 1+7+2+0+1+2 = 13 and 1+3 = 4.

Then I found out that:

# Her fourth studio album was called 4 and this gave Beyoncé her 4th consecutive number one album in the USA.

And so it went on the number 4 kept cropping up everywhere I looked:

# She did special 4 Intimate Nights With Beyoncé concerts which featured the entire collection of songs on her, yes of course,4 album.

# It said that Beyoncé and Jay-Z raised $4 million at a Jay-Z's 40/40 club in New York to support President Obama's re-election campaign.

It appears therefore that she has friends in high places - including within the Illuminati, well so the rumours say. This is where I stray from where I started with the post.

 First though about the number 4: I read that this is the number of foundation and Aleister Crowley wrote a book called Book Four - which is a complete guide to Magic.

Oh, and another side-track about the number 13: 1+3 = 4 and there are supposedly 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. Associated with these bloodlines is McDonalds! And look how 13 pops up when you turn their sign sideways:

McDonalds sign as 13

Also Arby's looks somewhat like 13 sideways and, of course, M for McDonald's is the 13th letter in the alphabet.

Now where was I? Oh, yes, Beyoncé and the Illuminati. The most popular media coverage of this is while she was performing at the Super Bowl, where she flashed the pyramid symbol with her hands - as per the photo at the top of this post.

And this is the point where I got inundated with Beyoncé / Illuminati stuff - so, I decided to take the easy way out. Here's a video which saves me from making this post too long!

I'll finish on a photo of Beyoncé, which has maybe connections to Satan or Bamphomet.

Beyonce and Satan or Baphomet

Satan or Baphomet

And quickly going back to 4. The Rosicrucian interpretation for this is: "The number 4 is represented by the square. Four is not 4 times 1, but is a complete number in itself - firmness, a good foundation, the law, or ground, upon which to build strongly, permanently and uprightly."

It's so easy in life to end up a very long way from where we started: sidetracks and misinformation abound. But there again so do uncovered truths. The difficulty is deciding which is which.

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Sunday, April 28

What Happens When Dogs Watch Too Much Television

Dog scared at watching television

Too much television isn't good for anyone - including dogs. It can sometimes be so scary it makes you want to nibble your fingernails or even your paws.

Dog watching TV

There are times when you just can't believe what your are seeing and if you watch too much TV ...

Goggle-eyed dog

... well, you know what your mother warned you about - getting goggle-box eyes. All things in moderation for a happy, well balanced (and sometimes boring) life.

Have a happy Sunday.

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Saturday, April 27

Coincidence Of The Golden Memories Hidden In The Jumble

Old books amongst jumble

Here's a coincidence story received with thanks from Geoffrey G. Amazing how such things happen, some will say that it must have been meant to be - perhaps to generate memories of days gone by.

I was fund raising for our local church group, something I often do, and was sorting out books taken from bags of jumble. As I'm interested in books I skimmed through some of them as I sorted. Sometimes I see books I'd like for which I make an appropriate donation.

I discovered an old book with a certificate stuck inside. Maybe nothing too peculiar about this as books are often given as prizes in schools.

But this one was different because it had been awarded as a prize to my wife by her Secondary School, under her maiden name, over 20 years ago!

When I got home later that day I showed her the book and it was definitely once hers.

She could remember having the book when she lived in Hertfordshire before we ever met. This was over fifteen years ago. She had no idea what had happened to the book since then. She presumed it had been thrown away.

We now live a long way from where she remembers last seeing the book and none of her relatives live nearby.

How this book turned up in a bag of jumble collected for charity and sorted by me is anyone's guess. But it kindled lots of school day memories for my wife.

~ Geoffrey G.

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Friday, April 26

The Granite Dinosaur And Turtle Guarding Helman Tor Cornwall

The Cornwall dinosaur at Helman Tor

The granite dinosaur of  Cornwall casts his grey eye over Bodmin Moor as he silently watches and observes from his high vantage point on Helman Tor. The views stretch for miles across Cornwall from the south to the north coastlines.

View from Helman Tor Cornwall

Also looking on patiently is the turtle or maybe it is a tortoise, silent and mysterious.

The Helman Tor Turtle or Tortoise Cornwall

Okay, maybe a little literary licence but the natural granite boulders on Helman Tor in Cornwall have been viewed my man since Neolithic times, some 4000 years ago. A settlement was created and homes erected from the stones and rocks.  Some of the later boundary walls can still be seen - not clearly, but they are there to touch and imagine.

The prominence of the Tor in the landscape may have given the settlement strategic ceremonial and economic functions - and a place to meet for worship and trading.

Boundary walls of a settlement on Helman Tor Cornwall

The boulders and rocks have created strange shapes and patterns on the landscape.


Some of the boulders seem to be balanced precariously.

Helman Tor granite boulders

The photo below shows the Helman Tor Logan Stone, or Men Omborth in the Cornish Language.

Logan Stones are balanced stones - they can sometimes be moved by hand despite their great weight. Some say that the Druids used these for their rites and rituals. Uneducated people would believe priests and the like had magical powers as they were able to move these huge granite boulders.

Logan Stone on Helman Tor

The weather can change quickly on the moors as can be seen by the photos - from blue to drab skies as the winds change. It's the contrasting weather that creates the strange shapes of the granite over thousands of years. Many have unusual markings.

Strange markings on granite boulders Helman Tor

Granite Cornwall

But then from some angles there seem to be faces looking out to some distant place ...

... perhaps wondering how the scenery has changed over thousands of years, with some of the landscape now becoming cultivated farm land.

View from Helman Tor Cornwall over farm land

Helman Tor is away from Cornwall's normal tourist trail and is reached by driving or walking down narrow roads which are often single tracks - so you need to keep fingers crossed that nothing is coming in the opposite direction.

Click on photos to make them larger.

Helman Tor Map

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Thursday, April 25

The Suffragette And The Prime Minister Spend The Night Together

Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison
Emily Wilding Davison 11 October 1872 – 8 June 1913
Last week was the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. She was a somewhat controversial political figure but nothing can alter the fact that she was the UK's first woman Prime Minister.

Prior to the funeral Thatcher's body was at rest overnight at the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft beneath the Palace of Westminster - these are the buildings of the British Parliament - commonly known as the Houses of Parliament or the House of Commons with the tower of Big Ben.

Now here's the synchronicity bit. The last woman to spend the night in the chapel was the suffragette Emily Davison who was fighting for votes for women 102 years ago - she had the advantage though of doing so without dying!

On the 2nd of April, 1911 there was a census taking place in Britain, which all of the population had to complete, this included their place of residence.

Emily Wilding Davison wanted to make a point and somehow managed to hide in a cupboard of the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the Palace of Westminster overnight. When completing her census form she was therefore legitimately able to give her place of residence, for that night, as being the House of Commons.

Houses of Parliament - The Palace of Westminster
The Palace of Westminster - Houses of Parliament
Parliamentary copyright image reproduced with the permission of Parliament
In 1999 a plaque to commemorate this event was set in place telling Davison's story. This would have been next to Margaret Thatcher's body as she lay waiting for her funeral.

It's quite apt that the suffragette wanting votes for women, and the first female Prime Minister 'should share a night together.' No doubt something Davison could never have envisaged.

As for Emily Davison herself, she attempted to interrupt the famous Derby horse race, attended by King George V and Queen Mary, and around 100,000 race goers. In doing so she died after sustaining injuries from being hit by one of the racing horses - which, by 'coincidence', was the King's own horse.

Following her death she became something of a folklore figure and thousands of people watched her funeral procession through London on 14th June 1913. Just as they did for Margaret Thatchers funeral last week.

Funeral of Emily Wilding Davison
Above Emily Davison funeral and below Margaret Thatchers funeral

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Wednesday, April 24

The Book Of Fate And Degrees Of Separation

Ella English and Leslie Moat
Ella English and LeslieWilliam Moat
Sometimes life makes you think about what might have been, if only things had turned out differently. This in turn leads to subjects such as fate and destiny.

I got thinking along these lines because of an email I received regarding a post I published back in March 2010. This was titled Thought Of The Day: The Sadness And Sorrow Of War. It featured a letter (see below) sent to an old aunt, Ella English, informing her that her fiancé had been killed in the second world war.

World War 2 letter

I received the email out of the blue and it was from a relative of Sapper Moat (Ella's fiancé) who was researching her family tree.

The lady hadn't realised that Leslie Moat was ever engaged, and didn't know of Ella English. Fortunately I had a photo of the couple to show her, which was handed down to me from my mother when she died.

All in all I thought the email to be quite a coincidence, synchronicity if you like, showing how we are all linked together. This got me pondering what might have been.

If Sapper Moat hadn't have been killed he would have married Ella English and no doubt they would have had children and a whole new family - which could go on for many generations - would have been created. As it was Ella never married.

Oh, and the lady who wrote me the email would have become one of my relatives! Who knows, we may have got to know each other quite well. But it wasn't to be, so we never met or knew of each other - except for the recent email.

Whether we like it or not we are all linked and related but, by 'fate', have never met. So what we do must affect everyone else, because we are all part of everything. Okay, it may be in a minimal way but it could also be in a huge way. Who's to tell.

Receiving the email I mentioned was strange because the one before that was also from someone I didn't know. He wanted to use an image from my blog and went on to say he lived in northern Germany. This just happens to be where my wife was born and lived until a teenager. Another 'coincidence'.

Again this stressed the connections between all of us and goes along with the proven idea that we are all linked by six degrees of separation.

I also mentioned fate and destiny at the beginning of the post and was reminded of a passage from a poem Essay on Man by Alexander Pope:

 Heaven from all creatures hides the Book of Fate,
All but the page prescribed, their present state ...
O blindness to the future, kindly given, 
That each may fill the circle marked by heaven:
Who sees with equal eye, as God of all,
A hero perish and a sparrow fall,
Atoms or systems into ruin hurled,
And now a bubble burst and now a world.

Wonder what the Book of Fate has in store?

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Tuesday, April 23

Unknown Discoveries About Mobile And Cell Phones

Old photo discovered of the first mobile phone trials
It's about 40 years since the first mobile phone call was made in April of 1973 - or maybe you call them cell phones or something else in your country. But, whatever, they seem to have taken over our lives.

I was reading an amusing article on this by Craig Brown who has discovered some things that perhaps we may not be aware of about mobile/cell phones. Here are just three:

"Some of the more go-ahead vicars in the Church of England are now allowing 'text marriages' whereby the vicar texts all his questions (Do U tk ths mn 2B yr lwfly wded husbnd?'), and the bride and groom are permitted to text their vows rather than speak"

"The most common use for a mobile phone is to find out the time. This has led all the major phone companies to invest millions of pounds/dollars into researching the possibility of inventing a small device, attached to the wrist, that could tell the time at a glance. 'No luck yet,' says Bill Travis, Vodaphone's head of research, 'But it's still early days.'"

"In July 2015, Apple plans to unveil its top secret new Invisi-Fone. Early reports suggest it will address the new thirst among human beings for direct interaction. 'It's their most audacious move yet,' predicts media analyst Jason Piles. 'They plan to design a new phone that is entirely non-existent, so that people can once again talk to one another head-to-head.'"

All in all it's why, when I go on holiday or travel, I leave the computer behind and switch off the phone.

And a P.S.

Did you know how Twitter came about? The inventor explained how, "In a flash, I realised that anything that doesn't need saying can be said in 140 characters."

One of the first hands free cell phones
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Monday, April 22

The Reality Of War Poignant Coincidence Story

Monarch of Bermuda

This is a poignant coincidence story I came across in a 1940's issue of the Toronto Daily Star newspaper.

Three Canadian girls, Elaine, Dorothy, and Averil, met three English airmen who were on training exercises in Canada. The girls didn't know each other, but they all fell in love with their particular airman and became war brides.

This was in 1944 while the second world was still raging. The three girls then met by 'chance' as they shared a dormitory on a ship taking them to be with their new husbands in England.

Sadly all three of their husbands were killed in the war.

The wives each remained in England for over a year, and during this time had no contact with each other. Individually they all decided they should return to their homes in Canada.

By one of those strange coincidences they all found themselves on the same ship, the Monarch of Bermuda, heading to Canada, where they met up once more in December of 1945 for a sad reunion.

Elaine's husband Alex Ballantyne was killed in action and never met up with his new wife in England.

Dorothy's husband Flt. Sgt. Howard Insley was killed with the rest of his crew when their bomber crashed deep inside German territory. Mrs Insley only spent 18 days of leave with him.

Averil's husband, W.O. Bon Barber, was killed in a plane crash in England, together with three crew members. 19 year old Mrs Barber had a son five months later.

And this is the reality of war.

Reality of war cemetery

I found details of Howard Insley's flight where he was killed on the Militarian website.

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Sunday, April 21

Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace Neustift Austria

As a Sunday Thought the following is from my cuttings file from around 30 years ago.

The writer, Dr K.M.P Mohamed Cassim, is the founder of the Perfect Peace Lodge in Sri Lanka and by 'coincidence' I came across an interview with her on the School of Metaphysics website.

"The mystical teachings of Jesus are fundamentally and essentially similar to the teachings of other great masters, saints and mystics.

The correct method of meditation is beautifully stated in the Bible as Be still and know that I am God, which means one should keep the mind undisturbed emotionally under all circumstances and maintain the profound state of Perfect Peace with full awareness of the Absolute Reality which alone exists eternally.

The process of divine healing is purely a spontaneous act which takes place quietly and sweetly when we are in deep silent meditation in tune with that Cosmic Consciousness of Divinity. The healing aspect of prayer can be conceived not by mere intellectual ability but through the communion with the Supreme Power which operates full of spiritual magnetism."

~ Dr K.M.P Mohamed Cassim

The photo is of a lake in the Alps near Neustift in Austria

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Saturday, April 20

The Light Went Out After Grandmother Died

A couple of coincidence or synchronicity stories sent to me by Laura.

In 2010 my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. I had already lost my grandfather to the disease five years earlier.

During 2011, a week before the sixth anniversary of my grandfather's death, I had a horrible premonition that my grandmother would die on the same day as my grandfather, the 4th of September.

My prediction came true. Not only did they both die on the same day, but of the same death.

Other weird coincidences sometimes happen in my dreams.

For example, after she died I had a dream about my grandmother trying to communicate with me through the light on my stair landing. In the dream every time I asked the light if it was my Nan it would flash really bright.

That morning I woke up, went downstairs and told my mum about my dream. After breakfast, while on the way up the stairs to have a shower, the very same light as in my dream flashed bright then went out.

I believe this was my grandmother telling me she was okay.

~ Laura

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Friday, April 19

Synchronicity Leading To Pocahontas Saving John Smith

Pocahonotas saving John Smith

Darren of Just Watching the Wheels Go Round left a comment on my blog about a place called Hay-on-Wye, which is famous for its many bookshops.

As happens with synchronicity or coincidence, that day I had been looking at a 100+ year old book I had bought at Hay-on-Wye on my last visit, which was over five years ago. The book is called The Journal of American History. So I thought that this possibly meant I should write a post about the book - well, publish a few images at least.

The book starts off all about John Smith (1580 – 1631). Now I didn't know much about him other than the Pocahontas link - the picture above, which is a painting from 1870, shows Pocahontas saving Smith's life.

John Smith was one of those who sailed from England to, what is now the USA, and landed on the 26th of April 1607. A bit of a coincidence here for me with the 6 and 7 in the date and also the 26th of April being my parents wedding anniversary. The landing was at Cape Henry and it just so happens I am researching an old relative called Henry Perry.

Let's look at an image from my antique book, which is of an engraving from the 1600s of the same scene as the painting at the top of the post. It illustrates how we see things differently through the ages and how history can be manipulated.

Engraving from 1600s showing Captain John Smith and being saved by Pocahontas

The book states: "Captain Smith condemned to death by the Aborigines of the New World. Quaint scenes of his sentence and his tragic rescue by the daughter of the Savage King at the moment of execution."

It's interesting how Native Americans have been viewed over the years, and look how we now see Smith and Pocahontas on screen!

Cartoon John Smith and Pocahontas

The next image shows the Chief of the Powhatan and the caption reads: "Powhatan held this state and fashion when Capt. Smith was delivered to him prisoner 1607."

Chief Powhatan when John Smith captured

I think I'll just stick to theme of John Smith and his captors. The book's description for the following is "Captain John Smith held a prisoner by the American Aborigines in 1607 and ushered into the sacred presence of the Holy Idol while the Priest and the Conjurer weave a spell about him and subdue him with their weird incantations and hideous outcries."

Antique etching of John Smith captured by Powhatan

Below, we have moved forward to 1608: "Captain John Smith in an attempt to force the American Savages into subjection. He snatched the King by his long locke and with his pistol ready bent against his breast, led him trembling near dead with fear and addressed the terrified Aborigines."

Rare 1600s engraving showing John Smith holding the American Native Chief

Going back to 1607, a couple more 1600s engravings said to be taken from John Smith's own book. Firstly "Captain John Smith taken captive by the Savages and bound to a tree to be shot to death while his executioners triumphantly danced about him, swinging their bows and arrows and subjecting him to torture."

1600s engraving shoiwng the capture of John Smith by the Native Americans

And finally, the following engraving shows: "The adventures of Captain John Smith, his daring escapades, his dangers and his triumphs in establishing the First Permanent English Settlement on the Western Hemisphere."

Captain John Smith captured and adventures

Because of Darren's comment I ended up reading about Pocahontas and writing this post. It shows how we can be led places, sometimes without realising we have been influenced to do so. There can be good and bad sides to this. I think though, with synchronicity and coincidence, it's often a good idea to follow the prods and nudges received as they are usually of value.

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