Tuesday, December 31

The Tarot Magician And Synchronicity

The Magician Tarot Card and meaning

An old work colleague, Ian, who now lives in Manly, Australia sent me this Christmas Card through the post. I presumed it was something he had designed himself as his signature is on the picture,

I recognised The Magician as being from the Tarot so did a search to find out what it signifies. The website I picked out of the Google list was Psychic Revelation. The following is their general interpretation for the card, bearing in mind that this blog often publishes coincidence and synchronicity stories:

"You may notice many synchronicities, which point towards deep, spiritual events taking place regardless of the 'importance' of their superficial appearances. You should be finding that you have the knowledge, strength, and inspiration needed to meet your challenges. In general this is a very positive time for you."

And then I thought I'd see if any other interpretations also mentioned synchronicity. My next stop, purely by 'chance' was at learntarot.com and look at the picture they had for The Magician!


Bit of a coincidence!? Funny old world.

I have previously mentioned Ian in my post Gratitude The Sacred Secret And The Law Of Attraction

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Monday, December 30

We All Go To Our Own Version Of Heaven When We Die

Cafe Society - Heaven for some
Cafe Society - Heaven For Some People
A while back I published a post We Create The Afterlife We Desire in which I wrote:

"Could it be that, just as our dreams are individual, so is death, dependent on the actions and thoughts while alive in our physical body? Some may undergo fantastic adventures. Others may suffer from recurring nightmares, trapped in some form of hell created by their own minds. While others may experience a kind of paradise conjured up by their expectations."

I was looking at something by Joseph J Weed, a former Rosicrucian Grand Councillor. His thoughts seem to be similar to mine (or even mine to his!):

"The events of transition [death] are different for each individual and depend upon the state of consciousness and perhaps training. Some go to higher realms and are ecstatically happy while they study and train there. Some live in surroundings they have dreamed of living in, a creation of their desires while alive. This may be a cabin in a forest, a home on a beautiful farm, a cottage by the sea - in other words a heaven of their own making."

But, according to Weed, there are some souls who also remain earthbound. They fight death, even after death, and refuse to believe they are not 'alive'. He gives an example of someone he saw on the astral plane.

"I had known this man in life. He was handsome and charming and traded on these qualities ... he loved night life and cafe society and succeeded in acquiring the reputation as a playboy.

[During] World War II in 1941, he took up his commission in the Navy and became one of the first U.S. casualties when his ship was torpedoed and sunk in early 1942.

I encountered him in the astral realm. He was one of a party in a night club a very real-appearing creation of his own desire, and had no notion he was already dead in the physical sense ... he was drinking, dancing and joking and flirting in cafe society surroundings, fully convinced that the places and people were real and that he was still among the so-called living.

To cut things short Weed visited the man for about three years [in the astral realm] and saw that the man gradually became worried and anxious and looked unhappy. He was permitted to assist him and visited him once more.

"When I spoke to him he seemed to be in a stupor and it was difficult to get his attention. Finally, I succeeded in rousing him ...

I said, 'Steve, I want to help you. Do you know you are dead?'

Dumbly. he nodded slowly and then said, 'I have been thinking so for some time. But I don't seem to be dead. Nothing much has changed. I'm so confused.'

Weed explained to him how he was reliving the existence that had appealed to him most but could alter the situation with an act of will. Opportunities would then develop - and this is what is said to have happened. Steve was able to move on.

This may all sound far fetched but if we look at Near Death Experiences they vary in what the person actually sees. Christians experience something different from, say, Muslims - because of their beliefs.

As with everything there is no reality just our realisation of how things are. We are all responsible for what happens to us, whether on Earth or in 'Heaven' - well, that's my theory at the present time!

 Reference: Wisdom of the Mystic Masters

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Sunday, December 29

More Animal Love

Continuing on from yesterday a few more 'animal love' photos as I haven't much time this weekend - but normal service will be resumed tomorrow!

Polar bears in love


Unusual animal love

Ponies love for new born

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Saturday, December 28

Animal Love Photos

Elephant and child

As it's the time of year - good will to all and that sort of thing - here are some photos of animal love. And I'll include a few more tomorrow. Then on Monday, hopefully, it'll be back on track with the main themes of this blog.

Tiger love

Animal love


Dog's in love

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Friday, December 27

67 Not Out On BBC News Coincidence - Sort Of

Kevin Pietersen 67 Not Out

I guess it had to happen eventually. I turned on the television yesterday at lunchtime to catch the news. And the BBC kindly put up this blog's name on the screen i.e. 67 Not Out! I managed to snap the occasion, though it's not too clear. I must have got shaky with the excitement of the coincidence - or maybe it was just too much lunch.

As for the cricket in Melbourne, I'd rather not mention it for reasons that other English people will understand.

But here's a cricket coincidence about Melbourne and the very first Australia v England Test Match:

"What is now recognised as the first Test of all, the match between Australia and England in Melbourne in March 1877, ended in a win for the home side by 45 runs. One hundred years later, a special Centenary Test was staged in Melbourne to mark the occasion - and Australia won an exciting encounter by 45 runs." Source

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Thursday, December 26

White Doves As Signs Or Messengers

White dove

A couple of white dove stories to add to our collection. The first is straightforward. As I have written previously many believe that a white dove is a sign from a loved one, or even the spirit of a deceased person.

"Hi I'm Michael. The day after my mum's funeral I looked out of my living room window to see a white dove stood on the wall. I ran upstairs to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I looked out of my bedroom window and the dove was still there looking right at me. The dove seemed as though we had acknowledged each others presence and then flew away. I never saw the dove again."

The second story asks, "What does this mean?"  My answer is, "I don't know." It's how it feels to the individual concerned that matters.

It seems, from the story, that a white dove disappeared. It's appearance in the first place is probably more relevant. I wonder if someone in their family had died recently. But, whatever, I'd just like to add that doves should be free to fly as they wish and not enclosed in a room or a cage - and surely they have no place in a pet shop. I guess we all think differently.

White dove messenger
"Yesterday I went into my garage to do some laundry, as I opened the garage door I saw the most beautiful white dove wandering around.  I was surprised to see him there, and I realized that he must of slept there the whole night. I grabbed him and brought him into my house.

My kids were amazed to see such a beautiful bird and since I didn't have a cage I let him loose in the house, gave him some seeds and water but he didn't seem interested. So today I went around my neighbourhood asking if the dove belonged to anybody.

Since nobody seemed to know anything I told my kids I going to the pet shop tomorrow because we can't have another pet.

So anyway I came from work today and I asked my daughter how the bird was. She said he was fine.

Since is has been really cold here in California I put my two dogs inside the house for the night and I put the dove in my son's room and told him not to open the door.

Not too long ago was looking for the bird to put him inside my sons room again and he is nowhere to be found which is really really weird. My house is really small and the dove is nowhere to be found.

What does this mean?

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Wednesday, December 25

The Two Saints Coincidence Cartoon

I saw this cartoon in the Daily Mail newspaper - what a coincidence!

Hope you are having a great Christmas Day.

Monday, December 23

Violet Survived The Titanic Sinking And Three Other Ship Disasters

Violet Jessop
Violet Jessop
It's strange how some people seem to be drawn into similar situations over and over again, almost like there is some lesson to be learned. Take Violet Jessop for example.

Violet Jessop was a crew member on the Titanic and was one of the 'lucky' ones, she survived - but Violet was actually three times lucky as she also survived two other shipping disasters as well.

Firstly though, her experience with the Titanic, she wrote:

"I was ordered up on deck. Calmly, passengers strolled about. I stood at the bulkhead with the other stewardesses, watching the women cling to their husbands before being put into the boats with their children. Some time after, a ship's officer ordered us into the boat first to show some women it was safe. As the boat was being lowered the officer called: 'Here, Miss Jessop. Look after this baby.' And a bundle was dropped on to my lap."

After eight hours in the boat Violet and the others were picked up by the Carpathia:

"I was still clutching the baby against my hard cork lifebelt I was wearing when a woman leaped at me and grabbed the baby, and rushed off with it. It appeared that she put it down on the deck of the Titanic while she went off to fetch something, and when she came back the baby had gone. I was too frozen and numb to think it strange that this woman had not stopped to say 'thank you'."

Violet was also on Titanic's sister ship the Olympic when it had it's collision. To quote Wikipedia:

The Olympic's major mishap occurred on her fifth voyage on 20 September 1911, when she collided with a British warship, HMS Hawke off the Isle of Wight.

The collision took place as Olympic and Hawke were running parallel to each other through the Solent. As Olympic turned to starboard, the wide radius of her turn took the commander of the Hawke by surprise, and he was unable to take sufficient avoiding action.

The Hawke's bow, which had been designed to sink ships by ramming them, collided with Olympic's starboard side near the stern, tearing two large holes in Olympic's hull, below and above the waterline respectively, resulting in the flooding of two of her watertight compartments and a twisted propeller shaft. HMS Hawke suffered severe damage to her bow and nearly capsized.

Sister ships the Olympic and Titanic seen together at Thomson Graving Dock in Belfast
Sister ships the Olympic and Titanic together at Thomson Graving Dock, Belfast
The third disaster for Violet was aboard the HMHS Britannic, which was also a sister ship to the Olympic and the Titanic.

The Olympic hit problems on the 21st of November 1916 when it is believed she was hit by a torpedo. After a struggle the ship sunk in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece. The wreck was first investigated by Jacques Cousteau in 1975. There have been various explorations of the wreck over the past 30+ years.

Violet attributed her rescue from the sinking of the Britannic to her thick auburn hair. She said of her escape:

"I leapt into the water but was sucked under the ship's keel which struck my head. I escaped, but years later when I went to my doctor because of a lot of headaches, he discovered I had once sustained a fracture of the skull."

So why did Violet Jessop have to experience three ship collisions? I guess it depends on what you believe about life and why we are here.

Reference: Titanic Survivor: The Memoirs Of Violet Jessop Stewardess

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Sunday, December 22

Four Christmas Stories Including The Secret Of The 12 Days Of Christmas

A Snowy Christmas scene

Christmas is coming ... fast!

For my Sunday post I thought I'd give  four links to Christmas style posts. Here we go ...

The Secret Of The 12 Days Of Christmas
My dad was a bit of a singer and one of his favourites, which I could always join in as a child, was The Twelve Days Of Christmas: "On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me ...". But there is a secret about this English Christmas carol ... Read full post.

Why The 26th Of December Is Known As Boxing Day
How Boxing Day came about is not absolutely clear. The most popular thought is that this was the day when servants and tradesmen would collect their Christmas Boxes - i.e.money tips for good service - from the gentry or their employers. These money gifts or 'boxes' were mentioned in Samuel Pepys' diary entry for December 19th 1663, so the tradition goes way back. In days of old ... Read full post.

The Christmas Snow That Is Only In The Mind And Our Imagination
Many of the Christmas cards feature a White Christmas, with snow topped houses and perhaps a snowman. It's the idealised image (at least in the UK) of what Christmas is like. But this isn't the reality. During the 20th Century there were only ... Read full post.

26 Year Old Dear Father Christmas Letter Found
A little seven year old girl called Amy sent a letter to Father Christmas. This is what she wrote, including the spelling mistakes: "Dear Father Christmas. Please will you bring me a Syndy house,and some furniture because I have lots of Syndys and lots of Syndy clothes but the poor ..." Read full post.

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Saturday, December 21

He Saw His Wife Hit By A Boomerang 20 Years Before They Met

A short, but nevertheless remarkable, coincidence story from Glenmore Major who lives in Australia.

"When I met my second wife I saw a scar on her face and asked how it had happened. To my surprise she told me of being hit by a boomerang many years ago at the age of 6.

I am 14 years older than her, I asked her where it had happened, she replied in Victoria just outside Belgrave. This dumbfounded me as I remembered seeing it happen when I was 20 years old.

My age when we discussed this happening was 41 and we were now living 2000 km away."

~ Glenmore Major

Friday, December 20

Only Good Things Come In Threes

All good things come in threes

I have mentioned in posts, several times, how my wife is always finding coins. This is strange in itself but when she finds two closely together then I 'know' she'll find a third. We always say, on finding two coins, "Bound to now find a third."

We did it this week. I actually found the first coin (for a change). When I went to return our supermarket trolley, for which there is a £1 deposit. The previous user had left their coin behind. As I had no idea who the user before me was I kept the coin.

We then moved on to the Post Office to buy some postage stamps. Strangely there was no one else about but there was a 20 pence coin on the floor. So Karin picked it up, "Bound to find a third," she said.

Our next stop was to buy a newspaper. They have self service machines where you scan the goods yourself. In the return-coins tray was another £1 coin - nobody else about, so that became ours too. Mission accomplished!

Moving on about thinking in threes.

I've been reading Rob & Trish's book The Synchronicity Highway (and very good it is too). I've only got up to reading to page 49 but, as I sometimes do with books, I flicked through the pages quickly before I started reading to see if anything caught to my attention. It did.

I found that Trish and Rob have mentioned my synchro experiences three times in the book - and there's a strange thing about the pages they are on.

The first in on page 7, so when looking at the book pages 6 and 7 are open (67 being one of the important numbers in my life).

The second synchro is on page 67!  "Bound to be a third," I thought ...

... and there it was on pages 105 and 106. Then it dawned on me 1+5=6 and 1+6=7 - so a third 67.

Now some will say things like this only happen because we are looking for patterns within our lives, but surely there is more to it than this. Otherwise why would so many of us say things happen in threes.

Are these threes perhaps pre-programmed as an attention seeking novelty item by the 'Universe'? A bit too fanciful for you? Okay, maybe we create the third with our belief that there will be a third.

I'll quickly add a little here that my own thought is that only good things happen in threes. I'll have nothing to do with thoughts that bad things may happen in threes, as some people seem to believe. What we think or say can become a reality, so best to think positive! I guess this must, therefore, mean I believe a third 'whatever' comes about because of what I/we believe.

When you think about it the number three is deep within us, right from children with stories such as The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Rumpelstiltskin spins thrice for the heroine and lets her guess his name thrice over a period of three days, Snow White receives three visits from her wicked stepmother. In Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, Marley's Ghost tells Ebenezer Scrooge he will receive visits from three spirits. There's the Trinity in the Bible and so on and so on.

But, whatever, if two good things come along there's bound to be a third.

The Synchronicity Highway on Amazon USA
The Synchronicity Highway on Amazon UK

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Thursday, December 19

The Ronnie Biggs Great Train Robbery Coincidence

Ronnie Biggs with his lover and baby in Rio, Brazil
Ronnie Biggs with Raimunda Nascimento de Castro and their son Michael
Here's a bit of a coincidence. Ronnie Biggs, one of the Great Train Robbery gang died yesterday (18th of December). And what do the BBC 1 have on television the very same evening? A new drama called The Great Train Robbery! This wasn't because Biggs had died, the drama was scheduled ages ago.

Great Train Robbery on TV

As for Biggs himself he became something of an anti-hero. He was captured and sentenced to 30 years in prison. He served just 15 months before escaping from Wandsworth Prison by scaling a 30ft wall and jumping into a waiting furniture van. He was then on the run. To quote Wikipedia:

"He fled to Paris, where he acquired new identity papers and underwent plastic surgery. In 1970, he quietly moved to Adelaide, Australia, where he worked as a builder and lived a relatively normal life. He was tipped off by persons unknown and moved to Melbourne, later escaping to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after police discovered his Melbourne address.

"Biggs could not be extradited because there was no extradition treaty between Britain and Brazil. Additionally, he became father to a Brazilian son, which afforded him legal immunity since the father of a Brazilian minor [photo at top of post] cannot be extradited from Brazil. As a result, he lived openly in Rio for many years, safe from the British authorities."

After his freedom and Rio good times Biggs, when aged 71, was forced to return to Britain as he needed expensive medical treatment. But he did this in style in a private jet funded by the Sun newspaper. The plane was greeted by over 100 police!

Biggs never regreted being part of the Great Train Robbery. In 2009 he said, "I am proud to have been one of them [train robbers]. I am equally happy to be described as the Teaboy or The Brain."

Oh yes, in the 1963 robbery the gang seized £2,631,684 in used notes. This would be equivalent to more than £40 million today.

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Wednesday, December 18

Kim Wilde, Destiny And UFOs

Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde the pop star, turned gardener, turned pop star has been promoting her new album Wilde Winter Songbook. Her big hit was Kids in America back in 1981 and her version of You Keep Me Hangin' On went to No 1 in America in 1987. This isn't a music or celebrity blog but Kim has been saying that she is quite psychic - which is a theme sometimes on 67 Not Out.

For example she tells how ...

"I always had this strong sense of where my destiny lay, that I was going to be a singer. Not because my dad was Marty Wilde, it was just an absolute truth that I lived with from a very young age. Maybe a part of me was quite psychic, because we have strong psychics in my family, especially on my father's side."

When asked if there is anything else she predicted she answered ...

"I am tuned into it, a little bit. I don't see ghosts and stuff, but I did see something very unusual in the sky once, which I can only say was a UFO. But there were lots of witnesses, it was in the local paper, it wasn't just me.

"It was on the 26th of June, the day after Michael Jackson died, and me and my mate were in the garden and we saw bright lights in the sky. I have to say there's not a day gone by that I don't think about what the hell it was. It was so huge, two of them, going zigzag for 10 minutes and I could feel the momentum and I knew it was really massive. It could be some very clever thing that someone developed somewhere, but I've got a feeling it wasn't."

Maybe nothing fantastic in her quotes but, for me, the fact that she felt she knew where her destiny lay is as interesting as her UFO sighting. This is something I've never personally had - a distinct unshakeable direction in life. I wish I did but as my Australian blogging friend Darren says, everything we do is "one big mind-boggling ripple effect if you really think about it."

So even though many of us may not have a clear direction in life we are still influencing the people we meet and make contact with whether we realise this or not. Whose to judge that our purpose is any less important than some power driven politician or pop star.

We all have an important role to play.

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Tuesday, December 17

Suzie Gets Back Riding The Synchronicity Highway And Meets A Long Lost Friend

Map Holborn and Chancery Lane tube stations

A coincidence story today from Suzie who often leaves comments on my blog.

It is peculiar how some things come about. On your post about the Synchronicity Highway I left a comment saying,"I seem to have fallen off the 'Highway' recently," as I hadn't had any coincidences for ages. Trish left another comment in answer to mine: "I don't think anyone can really fall off the highway. We're surrounded by these connections, It's mostly about being aware of them."

It looks like Trish was right.

I mostly work quite near to where I live but occasionally, about twice or three times a year, I have to attend a meeting with the hierarchy. I had a prior-to-Christmas meeting last week and had to go to Holborn in London.

I took the London Underground tube train to Holborn station from where I could walk to the meeting place. That's what I should have done, but for some weird reason I missed my stop. I have no idea how as I have done the same journey several times.

The next stop on the Central Lane is Chancery Lane. I got off knowing I would have to go back one stop on the next available train. I was walking to the correct platform when I heard a voice shouting, "Suzie, Suzie!" I looked round and there was an old friend I had lost touch with. I hadn't seen her for about five or six years.

One of the weird things is that I had actually been talking about her the previous evening and said to my partner, "I wonder what ever happened to Mary?" We always got on so well together but she moved away following a relationship break up and then I moved as well.

That's my coincidence. It's think it funny how I met Mary again at 'Chance'ry Lane.

I have exchanged contact details with Mary and we are meeting up properly this weekend. If I hadn't have missed my tube stop I would never have met her. We have lots of gossip to catch up on. Looks like I'm back on the Synchronicity Highway.

~ Suzie

For those who may not know The Synchronicty Highway is Trish & Rob's latest book:

The Synchronicity Highway on Amazon USA
The Synchronicity Highway on Amazon UK

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Monday, December 16

How The Earth Has Sent Life To Mars And Jupiter's Moons


It's often said that an asteroid or meteor crashing into Earth wiped out the dinosaurs - but it might also have done something much more. Researchers now claim that the collision may have also sent rocks to Mars and Jupiter's moons - and these could well have contained life.

The research was undertaken at Penn State University and the results were published in the journal Astrophysics.

The lead author, Rachel Worth, said, "We find that rock capable of carrying life has likely transferred from both Earth and Mars to all of the terrestrial planets in the solar system and Jupiter."

She continued by saying, "Even using conservative, realistic estimates ... it's still possible that organisms could be swimming around out there in the oceans of Europa [Jupiter's moon]. I'd be surprised if life hasn't gotten to Mars ... It seems reasonable that at some point some Earth organisms made it."

It is estimated that the Chicxulub meteor, which brought about the demise of the dinosaurs, sent 70 billion kilograms of rock into space - some of which may have contained 'life'.

The full research findings can be found in an eleven page pdf format Seeding Life on the Moons of the Outer Planets via Lithopanspermia

To quote from the research paper:

It is known that rock can be exchanged between planets; therefore, if life can survive the transfer, it is probable that life from Earth has already been brought to other planets. Also, it is theorized that Mars may have been habitable during the Noachian period, when the young planet is thought to have been warm and wet.

Of course, if the research is correct, rocks from other planets may also have reached Earth from other planets. And the theory that there was once life on Mars, prior to life on Earth, is also possible.

As infinitum
Once you start thinking about this the possibilities are mind boggling - but it still doesn't answer from where the very first life originated. This is why it's easier to say life was created by a God - but then, as I asked naively as a child - who created God? Another God? And so on.

It's a bit like those Russian Dolls I mentioned in a previous post - you open up one and there's another inside. You solve one question and this leads to another - ad infinitum. Or maybe you eventually arrive back to where you started, there is no beginning or end..

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