Wednesday, December 30

Are These Comforting Messages From Dead Loved Ones?

Light beyond brilliance

Messages from the dead, can this in any way be possible? Many thinks so though, in fairness, many completely disagree. Here are a couple of examples, can they possibly be messages from beyond the grave?

My late grandfather was such a lovely, gentle, kind man.

When he passed on in 1991, I was devastated. For some inexplicable reason I instinctively switched on every light in the house for the first few nights afterwards.

One night, while sitting by the fire, I glanced up and there in front of me was the impression of light - the brilliance way beyond any word I can speak or write.

I immediately thought: "Grandad!" And then it was gone. Without even thinking I switched off all the 'extra' lights and felt the most amazing feeling of peace.

~ Annette Borril

My husband, Wyn, died on July 5, ten weeks short of our golden wedding anniversary. On returning home late one morning, I found a message had been left on my answer phone. The message was very short, it said: "How are you?" The voice was my dead husband's.

The message is still saved on the answer phone, and friends and colleagues of my husband's confirmed - without me prompting - that it is his voice.

~ Jackie Roberts

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Tuesday, December 29

Was This The The Reincarnation of James Fletcher?

James Scott, the 1st Duke of Monmouth

A post today about reincarnation.

Edward Ryall hails from Benfleet in Essex and appears to have clear memories of a previous life, when he was named John Fletcher some 300+ years ago.

Edward says, "I am 99% certain that reincarnation is the only explanation for what I remember of those days."

It all started as a child when distant memories flooded his mind of places he had never known. Often he would use words that were in an unknown dialect, not associated to where he lived in Essex.

Nothing else significant really happened until he was in his fifties and was taking a holiday. He was driving down a country lane near Bridgewater in Somerset (England) where the Battle of Sedgemoor took place.

Map showing Westonzoyland

In Edward's words: "All of a sudden I knew this was the place I had always seen in my mind. The only thing was it was not quite right. It was the wrong way round. I was used to looking at it from the other side. Then gaps in my story filled themselves in.

My memories were those of John Fletcher, a 40 year old farmer, with two sons, living in a village called Westonzoyland, some three miles from Bridgewater. In July 1685 a nobleman arrived in our parish to head a peasant army. Many of my friends were persuaded to join him.

John Fletcher finally succumbed and went to help the others on the moor. Again from Edward/John:

"Some of our men were mounted and it was the horses which gave us away. They smelled the enemy horses and started to whinny. I must confess to having turned tail and run."

He was, however, chased by an opposing horseman. "I heard a swishing, whistling sound. Then there was a great red flash in my head - then nothing." John Fletcher was killed.

This may, perhaps, all sound very fanciful but a few of the facts check out.

Edward/John mentioned that the winter prior to his death was very hard - it was.

He described the church at Westonzoyland and the fact that the staircase ran up the inside wall. These stairs no longer exist now but records show that in the 17th century there was such a flight of stairs. St Mary’s Church, Westonzoyland (picture below) served as a prison for around 500 troops after the Battle of Sedgemoor

St Mary's church, Westonzolyland

History also shows that James Scott, the 1st Duke of Monmouth (photo at top of post), pitched camp near Westonzoyland prior to foolishly attacking the forces of the Earl of Favesham and that a scouting party was lost.

Sceptics will always say that Edward Ryall may simply have been remembering things taught as a child. He strongly denies this however, "There is no question of my hearing all this sometime before and subconsciously remembering it. These memories have been with me since early childhood."

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Monday, December 28

The Lottery Coincidences

Lottery balls

We weren't talking about coincidences but a friend's story turned out to be one - or maybe that should be two or three.

Anyway, the subject was the lottery and - I'll call him Andy, He said he met someone who had won £120,000  and, at that precise time, he'd never met anyone who had actually won a decent amount on the lottery until, that is, an hour later.

He returned to his place of work and saw one of his female assistants in tears. He, of course, asked her what was wrong.

"I've just found out my husband has just won over £2,000,000 on the lottery," she explained.

"Wow, that's nothing to cry about," he said.

"It is," she answered, "I left him two weeks ago!"

It's not quite as sad as that may sound. It turned out afterwards that, as she was still legally married to him when he won, half was hers under a separation settlement.

But continuing with Andy. After hearing all this, he thought he'd better buy a lottery ticket himself. When he did occasionally buy a ticket he always included family birthday dates and his age.

Leaving the shop he noticed he had entered the wrong number for his age by one year, so he went back and bought another ticket with his correct age. And, yes, he was a winner!

Okay, only a small winner. He won £25 on each ticket, so had a small win of £50, But if he hadn't have entered his age wrongly, on the first entry, he'd have only won £25. (His age number never came up.)

Nothing too dramatic in all of that, but it's interesting how once we start talking about something or other we seem to get several associated events. A bit like if someone mentions a car in conversation, you then tend to see that particular make of car over and over.

I suppose the message is: think about what you want and it'll pop up all over the place (perhaps!)

Lottery winner humour

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Thursday, December 24

Tuesday, December 22

A Weaver Stung By A Weever Coincidence

Weever fish

With Christmas approaching fast, nothing too serious today - a coincidence, well sort of!

On a beautiful sunny day John Weaver took to the water on the lovely Gower peninsular at Caswell Bay in Wales.

He was having a great time until he was stung by a poisonous fish - and it was a weever fish.

Okay, a slightly different spelling to John's surname but still a coincidence and it made the chief lifeguard smile. He said, "While everyone concerned saw the funny side of this story, weever fish stings can be very painful. The regular treatment is for the foot to be immersed in as hot water as the casualty can tolerate, for up to 20 minutes. If necessary, they may have to endure another 20 minutes in hot water to take the poison out of the foot."

It seems that the chances of being stung by a weever fish are actually very small but there was another victim that day: Dan Weaver - yes, John's son. He too was stung by a weever fish.

And how many other victims were there that day? Well none. In fact the lifeguards had no other incidents to deal with all day - other than those two weavers being stung by a weever!

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Monday, December 21

First Memories And A Plant Pot Hurling Girl

Child's plastic flute

It's interesting how objects have stored memories.

I have a case full of bits and pieces from my childhood and, as Christmas is approaching, I had a look through the items: books, old scrapbooks, my cowboy toy gun and holster, badges from being a Cub and so on ... and then I saw this plastic flute or whistle, as in the photo above. This led to my earliest memory - ever.

I must have been three and it was Christmas. Mum, dad and me went to stay with someone called Alma. She had a husband and a little girl about my age. Sadly I don't know who they were, or where it was, as I don't recall ever seeing them again.

They lived in a cottage in the country, somewhere. I remember sitting on their floor, which had green patterned lino, in front of the Christmas tree which was in front of the window.

The cottage had a big kitchen and on one side was a large box-like seat, but it wasn't a seat. If the lid was opened, there was a bath inside! This was where the family bathed.

The kitchen door opened onto, what seemed to me, a huge garden with all sorts of things growing. The little girl and I played outside, but I don't think she liked me, as she broke a plant pot on my head - and I ran indoors crying!

Alma and her husband had something to do with a very big house nearby. Mum and her talked about whoever lived there, and said about how they left their wine, and didn't even finish their cigars. 

Now we come to the blue flute!

The man from this big house gave this to me as a Christmas present, it was affixed to cardboard at the time. Mum said to Alma how nice this was of him to give me a present, as he didn't know me. I opened the present sitting on the green lino, in front of the Christmas tree - which was also near a door.

On Boxing Day, 26th December, I was taken out to the front gate of the cottage to see the horses. This was where the local hunt met up, ready to chase the foxes. There was lots of noise, dogs barking and the riders mostly wore red jackets. Finally, with what sounded like a bugle, they raced off in search of a fox to chase, the dogs lusting for blood.

Fox Hunting
Traditional Fox Hunting
I've never liked fox hunting, ever since. Fortunately it is now banned in England, though drag hunting is allowed - so the tradition continues, but without a fox being torn to shreds by dogs.

And that's most of what I remember, other than for the novelty of an outside toilet at the bottom of the garden. Oh, and the little girl saying she wished she was a boy so she didn't have to sit down to wee.

Memories are so important, they are who we are. I like having objects from my past in the house as they remind me of days gone by - not that we should dwell on the past, life moves on - but it's good to know our roots and where we came from.

I would suggest that, if your parents are alive, you ask them lots of questions about their lives and your childhood. I only wish I had asked more. I'll never know who Alma was, or her plant pot hurling daughter.

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Saturday, December 19

An Alien Visitation Or Just A Dream?

Alien implant in thumb

I'm not sure what to make of the following alien or UFO encounter story sent to me by email. I'll let you decide for yourself.

"I read your recent post about an alien and UFO encounter and wondered if you would be interested in my story, but please do not publish my name or email address.

I live in the Wiltshire (England) area, which seems to be a place for UFO sightings. I remember the first encounter I had when I was a teenager. A small creature with big eyes was in my bedroom. I remember being touched by it and then falling asleep. I woke up hours later with an aching thumb.

A few days after this dream I noticed a black mark under the skin on my thumb. This isn't very clear now, some thirty years later, but it can still be seen. It's in the crease of the thumb on my right hand and is black in colour.

Since that experience I have had another four similar dreams or encounters, the last being in July 2010. On this occasion there appeared to be several small creatures in my bedroom and I felt that I was unable to move. My wife was in the bed next to me but she didn't wake up even though I called out her name.

It then felt as if I was floating and the next thing I realised was that I was lying on a cold bench or table with my hand in some sort of vice like contraption. It didn't hurt but tingled.

The next thing I remember was my wife nudging me saying she wanted a cup of tea. I struggled out of bed and felt very drowsy and my right hand was very shaky.

In the local paper there was a report of UFO sightings in the area that week but the verdict seemed to be that they were only Chinese lanterns.

All of this does seem far fetched. My wife laughs it off as too much cheese or beer before going to bed. Maybe it is my imagination but the experiences feel very different from normal dreams."

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Friday, December 18

Following Their Intuition Saved Their Lives

Invicta International Airline 1973
Invicta International Airlines Vickers 952 Vanguard
Sometimes an intuitive feeling can save us from danger and, as this post shows, it's important to follow those premonitions, no matter what.

We are turning the clock back to 1973.

It was to be a very special day out for some of the women from Axbridge in Somerset, England. They were about to fly to Basel (sometimes spelt Basle) in beautiful Switzerland. It was all going to be a very memorable occasion: shopping, sightseeing and so on. Women from the Axbridge Ladies Guild and the Congresbury Ladies' Skittle Team had been saving for ages so they could have this quite adventurous day trip. As were many others.

As the day finally approached Madge Pye and Connie Wookey both decided they didn't want to go to Basel. This meant they would both lose their money, so their friends tried hard to persuade them not to miss out. They also had to put up with a lot of playful leg-pulling about why they wouldn't fly - but Madge and Connie stuck to their guns and were adamant that they wouldn't be joining their friends on their special day out.

Connie said about the flight, "Don't ask me why I changed my mind, I just had a funny feeling about the trip. A voice told me to stay home." As for Madge she had a premonition about the flight which was strong enough for her to cancel her booking.

On Tuesday the 10th of April 1973 at 8.30 a.m the flight to Basel took off on time with 148 passengers and crew. A few hours later came news which sent the whole of Axbridge into mourning.

At 10am the pilot, Captain Ivor Terry, flew the plane over the Hericourt radio beacon at an altitude of 7000 feet. This was the final leg of the flight into Basel.

At 10.10am Basel Traffic Control lost contact with the flight, code named Oscar Papa. There was a great deal of turbulence and Oscar Papa dropped through a cloud base into one of the worst blizzards that had been seen for ages.

At 10.18am fire chief Hansreudi Voegtli phoned the airport to say he had heard a plane flying low overhead followed by the sounds of a crash. He was at a small hamlet called Herrenmatt just nine miles from Basel.

The plane had ploughed into a snowy, forested hillside near Basel, somersaulted and broken up. Due to confusion on behalf of the authorities rescue teams took until 12.05 to reach the site of the disaster - which happened just a few hundred yards away from the phone where Hansreudi had made his phone call.

108 of the passengers and crew were killed. In one heart-breaking moment fathers had lost their entire families, scores of children their mothers.

An awful, almost unthinkable, tragedy but somehow the premonitions of Madge Pye and Connie Wookey saved their lives. They listened to their inner voices and were spared.

For more information on the disaster itself see: Invicta International Airlines Flight 435 Disaster and BBC: Memorial Flight.

Photo at top of post of the Invicta International Airlines Vickers 952 Vanguard by Richard Vandervord [CC BY-SA 4.0 ( or CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Basel - Basle
Basel Photo source
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Thursday, December 17

Cornwall's China Clay Industry: 6 Photos

Washing china clay Cornwall

It's quite a while since I have done a Cornwall post for this blog, so that's what this is today - but not the normal sea and sunshine photos I usually publish. Today's six photos are from Cornwall's China Clay Industry.

China Clay was once very big business, and half of the world's supply came from Cornwall in the late 1800s. Since then it has somewhat declined but there is still clay being produced.

China clay workers Cornwall
Clay Workers Figures Outside of the Wheal Martin Clay Museum
China Clay quarry Cornwall
An old China Clay Quarry, now being returned to nature
China Clay Drying Sheds Cornwall
The sheds where China Clay was once dried before being transported
Crane used in Cornish chine clay industry
Once used for lifting purposes
Lee Moor No.1 train used in China Clay industry
The Lee Moor No.1 used to transport clay to Plymouth
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Wednesday, December 16

Do Dead Loved Ones Return To Comfort Us?

Some people say they experience all sorts of things when a loved one dies. In my own case my wife and I kept seeing white feathers, over and over, when three very close people passed on, within a short period. In the following case, something completely different happens.

"My lovely mum passed away from cancer at the age of 87 years. I missed her terribly.

My partner and I witnessed electrical problems, with various lights flashing on and off in our rented accommodation (while our home was being restored following floods) then subsequently in our home when we returned.

Strangely enough, it always seemed to happen when I needed contact the most, and would perhaps be having a little cry.

One evening my daughter gave me some money for safe keeping that she had been gifted by her grandmother. I placed it in a drawer until I decided to retire to bed.

I grabbed the envelope containing the money, thinking it would be safer upstairs, and the lights immediately fused and the whole house blacked out completely.

Was I sacred? Not really - I laughed and told Mum out loud that I wasn't taking the money for myself, I was simply looking after it for my daughter. The lights kept behaving strangely for some time, until one evening I dreamt Mum was standing right next to me, looking so beautiful and quite radiant.

She told me she was very happy and we hugged so tightly I could feel her as if I was wide awake.

I woke up feeling like a weight had been lifted and I was so comforted by the lovely vision of my mum."

~ Lesley Woods

As to whether such stories prove our loved ones are still with us, is up to individual beliefs - but they are certainly comforting to the people concerned.

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Monday, December 14

Meets Long Lost Work Mate In Florida By Coincidence

Photo: Trip Advisor
Some of the recent coincidence stories I have published are quite remarkable. Here's yet another such story. This one I saw in the Daily Mail newspaper and was from Tony Andrews who lives in Essex, England.

A few years ago, whilst visiting friends in Philadelphia, my brother and our friends started talking about a guy called Mike that they used to work with.

John said he didn't know where he was, but he'd heard that he might have gone to Florida.

Route 19 Gulf Coast
After our stay in Philadelphia we took a flight to Tampa, Florida, to spend ten days before flying back home. Near the end of the ten days, we took a trip up Route 19 on the Gulf Coast to see some of the sights. On the way back to Indian Shores, we decided to eat before we got back to the apartment.

We must have passed at least 20 to 30 diners, but decided to pull into one called the Covered Bridge Diner in Dunedin.

When ordering dinner, we noticed that we were being asked loads of questions about where we'd come from etc. as Americans do - even our names.

You can imagine our total shock when the owner and chef came over to our table. Yes, it was Mike! We could have gone into goodness knows how many diners but somehow decided to go into this one.

Needless to say we stayed in the diner all evening with everything on the house, then went back to his place to meet his wife and kids. We still keep in touch.

Now that is amazing!

~ Tony Andrews.

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Saturday, December 12

An Abundance Of Five Brooms Coincidence

Four garden brooms

This coincidence happened a while back, but it still makes me smile.

My wife said that she thought we needed a new broom for sweeping our outside paths. Me, being me, said, "What's wrong with the two that we have?" They seemed okay to me, I'd only used them a couple of days previously.

Anyway, to keep it short, I was wrong! We needed a new broom. "I'll conjure one up." I laughed.

Two days later we set off for a walk from home. We have several routes that give us a three to four mile journey. We decided on which one we would do and set off, with not a mention or a thought of a broom.

We walked about a quarter of a mile and passed a house, where the owner was clearing out unwanted bits and pieces. Most of this he had thrown into a rubbish skip but, against the wall, with a sign which read: 'Please take away for free', were five brand new brooms!

We stopped and the man saw us looking. "Is it okay if we take one," I asked.

"I'd rather you took all of them," he answered and told us how he was clearing out his garage and sheds of everything he no longer needed.

So, suddenly we were the 'proud' owners of five brand new brooms (labels still on them - they had to be assembled) - just as my wife wanted. I know there are only four in the photo but we have already given one away to our son.

When things like this happen it always amuses me. My wife wanted a broom and got five! As it says in St.Luke: "... and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over ..."

I'm not into any organised religion but there are, what I see as 'truths', within the Bible

I think I've probably written something similar previously, but it seems that when we want something in a light hearted way, not really bothering if it comes about or not - it often appears.

This appears to be one of the secrets of visualisation: Picture what it is we want, release the matrix and then forget all about it. A little while later, perhaps depending on how clear the picture created, the object arrives.

As St.Paul is quoted as saying, "Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatever a man soweth that shall he reap." But personally I reckon the universe has a sense of humour, we just have to be careful what we ask for.

Garden Broom

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Friday, December 11

The Big Yellow Bag That Gave Her Hope Of Life After Death

Message from deceased friend

Here's a ghostly story from Audrey Thomas that gave her hope that there may, perhaps, be life after death. Of course you might interpret it differently.

My best friend, Alex, died quite suddenly. In his working life he had been a customs officer, and his last secondment before his retirement was in the anti-terrorist section of Scotland Yard.

Not long after his death, I was in bed, lights out. Then, on the ceiling I saw Alex's face and I heard his voice in my head, repeating two words slowly and with emphasis: "Big bags, big bags."

He had a pronounced Scottish accent, and there was no mistaking his voice. "Big bags" didn't mean anything to me, however ...

A few weeks later I was watching the six o'clock news, during which there was a report of the capture of some would-be terrorists - they were attempting to make explosives from fertiliser.

There on the screen were three large yellow bags and printed on each bag were the words "Big bags".

You can imagine my astonishment. Pre-retirement, this is exactly the kind of raid that Alex would have been involved in.

For most of my life I have been what I can best describe as a seeking agnostic. Now? I still don't know, but I feel that I have been given the gift of hope.

~ Audrey Thomas

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Thursday, December 10

The Supermarket Cashier's Surprising Coincidence

Supermarket cashier clipart

Here's yet another very strange coincidence seen in the Daily Mail from Mrs Chris Little. I think the moral of this tale is that we should perhaps interact and talk to strangers - as you never know where it may lead and what treasures could be uncovered ... remember conversations?

In 2001, the local supermarket where I was working as a cashier was taken over by another supermarket company.

After some months of trading, the new owners wished to find out from where most of their custom was coming, so they asked all cashiers if we could ask our customers to write down their postcodes on a form.

One morning during an unusually quiet spell, I was operating the basket till when I was approached by a smartly dressed young businessman. He smiled charmingly when I explained about the postcode collection and said he had no objection, but did it matter that he did not live locally, but was only in the area for a business meeting.

I replied that it didn't matter and he wrote his postcode on the form. When I glanced at it, we then had the following conversation.

Me: "That's a familiar postcode. Do you come from High Wycombe?"

Businessman: "Close - actually Princes Risborough."

Me: "Really? Do you play golf?"

Puzzled businessman: "Yes, I do."

Me: "Do you play at Princes Risborough golf club?"

Businessman, "Yes I do."

Me: "Do you know the professional golfer there?"  

Businessman: "Yes, I do - a chap called Simon."

Me (laughing now): "Next time you pop into the golf club, would you tell Simon that Mummy sends her love?"

Astonished businessman: "What - you're Simon's mother? That's extraordinary!"

~ Chris Little

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Wednesday, December 9

For Some Reason Clairvoyants Just Can't Read Me

Gypsy fortune tellers

Years back, in my experimental days, I went to see quite a few clairvoyants to see what they could tell me. Could they inform me, or give me signs of the future? Would they come up with something that they couldn't possibly have known about me beforehand?

Unfortunately, in my case, the answer to both questions was 'no', I was greatly disappointed.

I reached a conclusion that perhaps I'm a difficult person to read, perhaps I'm too guarded. I say this because one attractive clairvoyant looked at my hand with a puzzled look, then moved on to cards and finally said words to the effect of, "Sorry, but I can't tell you anything as I'm not picking up a thing."

This worried me slightly as I thought there might be something she was hiding from me, but she assured me there wasn't any bad news - or good news - because she just couldn't see anything at all. This didn't exactly fill me with confidence. She did say, however, that I was psychic. She smiled, held her hand over mine and asked if I could feel her energy. It could perhaps have been a lovely moment but I thought I had better leave!

I then went to see Acora who describes himself as a 'world renowned Romany clairvoyant' and was recommended to me. He saw stuff, but it had no relevance to me and nothing he said has ever come true.

He told me, for instance, that I would soon move into property developing and would own houses which I would rent out. Sounded good but then, by 'coincidence', I got talking to another man who had seen Acora as well and guess what he was told? Yes, that he'd move into property etc.

The thing about both of us was that, when we saw Acora for a reading, we were both dressed in business suits and ties and carrying brief cases - enough said.

I had my tea leaves read. A sweet old woman told me I must be careful when I go potholing. Potholing! There's nothing I'm less likely to do. I hate the thought of squeezing into confined spaces underground.

And so it went on.

There was a Tarot lady, again a personable woman, but all she could end up telling me was that all that really matters is happiness. Might have been relevant I suppose, but there were no predictions.

I don't know how many clairvoyants I saw but none of them could say what I'd done in the past, what my future holds or anything worthwhile.

Maybe it's just me. My wife went to see someone, when we first met, and she was told things about me (is nothing sacred!) that were true, and also that she could see us, as a couple, in a white car with a small boy in the back seat. We had a son twelve months later, and a new white car.

Sceptics will say that my wife gave away clues whereas I didn't. Could be, but I'm still convinced that we can see possible avenues for our lives in advance - after all there is no such thing as time. We still have a certain control as to whether we take the full journey down these avenues or not.

I've been able to see things myself into the future in dreams and with feelings just out of the blue.

I guess though, that the clairvoyants I saw just couldn't read me.

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Tuesday, December 8

Was This A Love Letter From Beyond The Grave?

Love letters

A story today from a widow who wishes to remain anonymous. She feels that the letter concerned was from beyond the grave, for want of a better expression. Perhaps you may have a different opinion.

"A few weeks after my husband died, my daughter called to visit me.

We sat together, looking through some photos. I found myself saying: "The one thing I regret is that your father never sent me a love letter. Other widows have letters, sometimes tied up with ribbon, but I have nothing like that."

Just at that precise second, both my daughter and I gave an involuntary. "Oh!" because right before our eyes was an envelope sitting on top of the photographs.

We did not  see it actually materialise, but were certain it had not been there before.

I picked it up. It was dated 43 years previously and was addressed to me in my maiden name. I took the letter out of the envelope. It was indeed a love letter, professing love, 'body and soul' for ever.

I cannot remember ever receiving this letter."

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Monday, December 7

The Coincidence Of Lives Like Two Peas In A Pod

Two peas in a pod

We often talk about something being like two peas in a pod, but what if lives were sometimes so very similar. Coincidence or synchronicity? Here are some similarities discovered by one couple.

"I have been married to a wonderful woman for nearly 28 years. During our dating and marriage we’ve discovered the following:

(a) Both mothers were nurses

(b) Both fathers served in a branch of the US Navy (though not the same)

(c) Both fathers retired at equivalent ranks

(d) Both had grandparents in the funeral business in NY

(e) Both parents and grandparents grew up in NY (father’s poor, mother’s middle class). We met in Virginia.

(f) Both are the 4th born children:
Wife: Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl
Me: Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy, Boy.

Here are the clinchers:

1. Both sets of parents were married on the SAME day (day, month and year)

2. We were both baptized in local parish churches called "Star of the Sea Church" (me in Boston, MA, her in Yokosuka, Japan) in 1960."

- Bryne Hart

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Saturday, December 5

What Are The Odds Of This Happening?

Austin van

I don't know what's happening to the Daily Mail newspaper as they keep turning up with coincidence stories. Here's one from Bob Windsor:

"The coincidence that happened to me has, I am convinced the odds of billions to one of re-occurring.

"In 1968, while working in Belfast, I met a young lady, and after my return to Hertfordshire some time later, she eventually joined me. By then I had left the company I was working for in Belfast and had joined Mars Confectionery as a salesman. I was given an Austin van in which to transport the comprehensive range of chocolate products to sell to newsagents and confectioners.

"During the early part of our relationship, we had decided to return to Belfast to meet up with her mother and, before the trip, my van had been replaced with a gleaming new white Ford Cortina estate car: I could not have been prouder.

"In Belfast, it was decided I should be presented to other family members so my young lady, her mother and I set off for somewhere in County Antrim. 

"During the journey there was a lull in conversation, and I started to relate the story of how and why we were driving along in a new car and that, prior to this, I had inherited a ratty old grey Austin Westminster van when I had joined Mars. 

At this point a grey Austin Westminster van suddenly appeared coming towards us. As I was at pains to describe the vehicle to my girlfriend's mother, I shouted out: 'Ah, just like that one there,' - only for me to realise it had the same registration KGY 174D that I'd parted with only two weeks earlier. 

"As we were on a single-carriage road, I was unable to pursue the van to inform the driver of the chance in a million event. Cursing my luck, we drove on and thought no more about it.

"Two days later I was driving in Belfast centre, and as I approached the traffic lights at City Hall, the very same van was in front of me waiting for the lights to change.

"I jumped out, and although the driver was reluctant to open his window, he did eventually listen to my tale, with considerable incredulity and disbelief.

"I asked whether he had the driver's log book. He did and I was able to tell him that the previous owner was Normans of Westminster and that there was evidence of rust on the inside of the radiator where I had a repair made. He checked and I was right, and the new owner now believed my story.

"On the day I'd first spotted it in Northern Ireland, he had that very morning returned via the ferry, having bought KGY174D in a car auction in South London.

"Seeing the vehicle in Northern Ireland not once but twice is in itself remarkable. But what I believe is mind boggling is that I was already talking about the very vehicle just before it came into view. How weird is that? And what are the odds of that Happening? Incalculable I would have thought."

~ Bob Windsor

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