Wednesday, July 31

The Guardian Angels From Somewhere

Guardian Angel

Here's a questioning small piece from 89 year old Coralie of Manchester that got me off on a disjointed train of thought.

"The idea of Guardian Angels is interesting, but why does 'religion' have to come into the equation?

"Should there be beings who look like us humans but have wings etc.? Here's another view.

"When we sleep, we leave our bodies and go - where? Into another dimension? Are we being shown what happens when we don't return to our bodies, when we 'die', for want of a better word?

"I'm quite sure that I've been watched and helped all my life. Everything I've needed - not wanted, but needed - be it good or bad, has been given to me.

"Who or what is doing this watching or guiding we cannot possibly imagine because we're only human.

"I've been near death many times, especially during the war, as we all were then. Perhaps we're being experimented with.

"I also know that I return to my somewhat ancient body every morning for some reason. I've lived almost 90 years, seen and done everything, so why do I keep returning? Maybe one day I'll find out."

I agree with Coralie that the subject of Guardian Angels is interesting. A recent survey by the pollster ICM recently found that 31% of British people - and 41% of British women - said they believed Guardian Angels existed.

Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton
We also have the likes of actress Gemma Arterton, Hollywood's Denzil Washington and UK television presenter Gloria Hunniford all saying that they believe in Guardian Angels. It's almost the in thing to be part of. Just look at how many angel tattoos are wobbling about on various celebrity bodies.

I've never personally seen such an angel - a real one that is - but I do have the feeling that I am sometimes looked after or helped along the way. Last year when I had kidney surgery it felt like I was being comforted prior to the operation. Karin couldn't believe how I was joking with the doctors and nurses and how relaxed I was. (It wasn't drugs!) Somehow I knew there was nothing to worry about.

I read a few days back that Gloria Hunniford claims to have a parking angel which helps her find spaces for her car. I've got one too! I wrote about this in a post How To Get A Car Parking Space Using Coincidences back in January 2011. It works along the lines of: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find ..."

Books on angels, such as Lorna Byrne's Angels In My Hair are big sellers. I believe it has sold well over half a million copies.

But what do those doubting Thomas experts say on the subject? Professor Of Psychology at Goldsmiths University says:

"A lot of these people are genuinely seeing these things. For example, mountain climbers who have lost their bearings sometimes report seeing a figure guiding them out of the danger.

It may be a psychological defence when faced with danger. Of course, we don't hear from those whose guardians led them off the edge of a cliff!"

Neuroscientists have tried to explain away visions of this nature. In 2005 Swiss researchers found that sending a small electric current through the left temporoparietal junction (a small area at the back of the brain which retains visual memories and sensory information) resulted in patients seeing ghostly figures.

Tibetan Monk
Brain scans taken of Tibetan monks showed mystical experiences tended to occur when sections at the front of the brain were very active, while those involved in navigation and spatial orientation were calm. This led to the assumption that there is a physical difference in the brains of those who experience such visions.

Going back to those celebrities who say they have seen or have a Guardian Angels. Believers often say that the vision ends with the angel passing on a message or sign in the form of white feathers. I've written many posts about white feathers.

Gemma Arterton has been quoted as saying that she has feathers which follow her everywhere.

The televison presenter and author Judy Finnegan says she found white feathers in her house, which she believes were evidence of her friend Caron Keating, who died of cancer, returning as an angel.

Those experts will claim that such phenomena simply reflect the human need to find patterns and significance in otherwise random events. Huh! I can disagree as I have seen white feathers over and over after the loss of loved ones.

It's up to us what we believe and sometimes I'm happy to look upwards and say 'thank you' following some help or even just for finding a car parking space. I must admit though I'm not exactly sure who or what I'm saying thank you to - but I feel it's a power for good.

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Tuesday, July 30

In The Cartoon Of Life Chomp On The Carrot And All Will Work Out As It Should

Bugs Bunny on life

For some inexplicable reason I got looking at Bugs Bunny following a comment left by my blogging friend Darren. In doing so I came across this quote by Bob Clampett (Looney Tunes animator, producer, director, and puppeteer) as if written by Bugs Bunny himself.

"Some people call me cocky and brash, but actually I am just self-assured. I'm nonchalant, imperturbable, contemplative. I play it cool, but I can get hot under the collar. And above all I'm a very 'aware' character. I'm well aware that I am appearing in an animated car­toon ....

"And sometimes I chomp on my carrot for the same reason that a stand-up comic chomps on his cigar. It saves me from rushing from the last joke to the next one too fast. And I sometimes don't act, I react. And I always treat the contest with my pursuers as 'fun and games.' When momentarily I appear to be cornered or in dire danger and I scream, don't be concerned - it's actually a big put-on.

"Let's face it, Doc.

"I've read the script and I al­ready know how it turns out."

It sort of sums up life, we all know how it turns out, as there can only be one ending. But, I wonder, if we helped write the script? Or are we purely at the mercy of fate?

I think Bugs Bunny had it right, we don't need to be concerned, we should just chomp on that carrot and allow it to all work out as it should.

Enjoy the Cartoon of Life - though we have to look out for any potential booby traps!

The following video, Booby Traps, is a short directed by Bob Clampett in 1944.

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Monday, July 29

The Fraser Chronicle Asked If This Was A Miracle Or A Coincidence

Burrum Coalfst
Burrum Coalfest
The Fraser Coast Chronicle from Queensland, Australia had a headline that caught my attention: Miracle or coincidence at Coalfest church service?

Burrum were holding a Coal Discovery Festival to celebrate 150 years since coal was discovered locally by the Miller Brothers. They had the usual sort of things planned: a street parade, an old time dance, kids activities, working sheep dog demonstration and so on. No doubt lots of fun for the local population.

The main events were on Saturday and on the Sunday there was a church service to be held at the Burrum District Community Centre. They expected about 50 to 80 people to attend.

A Brian Hoole did an official head count of attendees and announced it from the stage. There were exactly 150 people celebrating the 150 years since the coal was first found.

Not sure this quite warrants the word miracle but definitely in the coincidence or synchonicity category. The Church parish pastoral council's Faye Wilkes-Johnson told the Chronicle, "The reaction was a case of 'Praise the Lord' - that was more or less what everyone was saying."

As, is often said, God works in mysterious ways!

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Saturday, July 27

Friday, July 26

Amazing Coincidences Discovered Through A Television Show

Una Stubbs in Rowntrees Ad

Una Stubbs, 76, is a British actress, having appeared in films and on television over a long period. Last week she was featured on a BBC television show called Who Do You Think You Are? where two amazing coincidences or synchronicity examples were uncovered.

Who Do You Think You Are? is all about tracing the ancestry of well known celebrities and seeing if anything interesting, or maybe even scandalous is discovered.

Una Stubbs today
Before she became well known in the UK as an actress Una did some modelling and promotional work and as such became the face of Rowntrees Dairy Box in the 1950s. She was featured in advertisements and was also seen dancing in early television ads for Rowntrees. I managed to dig out an old photo of Una from that era - as at the top of this post.

Una never met her paternal grandparents, as her mother was ashamed of them. It was uncovered that the reason for this was because the grandparents spent time in a workhouse and were unmarried when her father was born. Quite a sin back then.

The researchers found lots of information about her paternal grandfather. The biggest discovery was that he worked for Rowntrees, the chocolate and sweet manufacturer for over thirty years  - coincidence or synchronicity number one, that's the same company Una promoted in the 50s.

This grandfather was finally made redundant from Rowntrees and his family relocated to Welwyn Garden City.

Welwyn Garden City
Welwyn Garden City
Now comes the second coincidence or synchronicity.

The show's researchers discovered that Una's maternal great grandfather was Sir Ebenezer Howard - who just happens to be the founder of the concept of the Garden City and was the creator of Welwyn Garden City in the 1920s.

Sir Ebenezer Howard
A Garden City was defined as: "A town designed for healthy living and industry of a size that makes possible a full measure of social life but not larger, surrounded by a rural belt; the whole of the land being in public ownership, or held in trust for the community."

I suppose the Garden City Movement could be described as combining the countryside with the town. The idea has since travelled to many other countries.

So two big coincidences for Una Stubbs from the television show Who Do You Think You Are? - neither of which she had any previous knowledge. Shows how easy it is to miss links that may bind us to our ancestors.

After all that detective work it seems appropriate that Una is currently appearing in the Sherlock Holmes television series Sherlock, where she plays the role of Mrs Hudson.

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Thursday, July 25

The Doppelgangers Who Perhaps Should Have Been Born As Twins

Doppelgangers Michelle and Tami
How would you feel if you actually met your doppelganger? Two people who can answer this are Michelle Robinson and Tami Carey.

Michelle met her doppelganger, Tami, when she started a new job in 2002. It took the two women a couple of weeks to fully accepted their likenesses but now they have a special relationship.

The two of them have so many likenesses as Tami Carey told the Daily Mail:

"We grew up minutes from one another in Southend-on-Sea, and my current home is five doors up from the house Michelle was born in. We both married and had children in our early 20s before getting divorced and becoming single mums.

"We both went on to find love again in our early 30s and we both have four children of similar ages.

"I suppose many people could say it was just a coincidence, but I always had a feeling there was more to it.

"If I'm honest, the whole thing freaked me out. It was uncanny to have randomly met this woman who had lived a practically identical life to me, but it made me feel very close to her. It felt like it was meant to me."

Michelle agrees with Tami about this:

"I felt I had known her all my life. There was this feeling of deja vu, a sense of overwhelming familiarity that I'd never experienced before with anyone. I have a half sister ... but feel much closer to Tami than her, it feels like I have two sisters."

As well as looking like twins the women have very similar tastes:

"Just last weekend we met for dinner wearing identical tops from the same shop, we'd bought separately that day. Last month we met up for dinner in coral tops and jeans. We wore the same dress to a party accidentally.

"As for our hair, it's not a conscious decision to have the same style. It's just the way we both wear it."

Sometimes it seems, even their partners can't tell them apart as Michelle explained:

"My fiancé Nick used to teach at the same school where Tami and I still work and even he would get it wrong sometimes. He'd wander into the staffroom, glance at Tami and ask, 'What's for dinner tonight?' She'd reply, 'No idea, why don't you ask Michelle?' Even our children get us mixed up."

In the case of Michelle and Tami it does make you wonder if they should perhaps have been born as twins but something prevented this from happening - so instead they were destined to meet up later in life.

Stories of doppelgangers go back through history. The word from the German translates as 'double walker'. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, a ka was a tangible 'spirit double' having the same memories and feelings as the person to whom the counterpart belongs.

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Wednesday, July 24

Recipe For Attracting $10,000 And In Doing So Also Avoiding Cyclones

Thinking and visualising

I realise that I'm often prattling on about white feathers - but, regardless, I'll start with them again today.

Last Saturday was my grandson's third birthday. He's very special to me and before we set off to see him I was idly wondering what my own parents would make of him. Sadly they both died before he was born.

This was going through my mind when Karin said (at long last!) that she was ready to go and see Samuel. We opened our front door, which leads to a porch and there on the door mat was a fluffy white feather. A coincidence, a lot of people will say. But for me it felt like a symbol from my parents.

We left the feather in place and set off to the birthday boy.

The next day, Sunday, my son and daughter-in-law were holding a party for Sammy in a local hall. I think he's got more friends than Karin and I have put together! As we left the white feather was still lying peacefully on the mat in the porch.

On returning home, with the festivities over, the white feather was gone.

Okay, now moving on. Yesterday Karin said how we hadn't seen or heard from a couple we know for ages and ages. Later in the day we were walking to town and there they were coming towards us. They said they had been thinking about us too and how we must get together soon.

There is a reason for these unrelated snippits.

Karin went to the shops for something and 'by chance' met an old dressmaking client of hers. She hadn't seen her for, maybe as much as six months. The woman said, words to the effect of, "How funny I should see you as I was going to phone you later today."

So three incidents and they have one thing in common. Yes they were - what shall we call it? Paranormal, synchronicity, telepathy? Well, it doesn't matter what it is, the point is that 'magical' things happen when we don't try too hard. A throw away thought, of no apparent strength can make things happen.

Sometimes in life we tend to put in too much effort, too intensely, to make something happen. When really we need to take the more relaxed approach.

One of the first occult books that really meant something to me was The History and Power of Mind by Richard Ingalese, written in about 1902. It's somewhat dated now but the author in one of the chapters mentions the Law of Opulence and how we can attract wealth and money. One of his rules for success was not to visualise the things we wish for too forcefully. He even says to do so is dangerous, and he gives and example of this:

"There was a student of Occultism ... who had met several misfortunes. Disasters followed each other till everything he had on the material plane was swept away. But he possessed a great deal of force, and knowing how to make demands for what he wanted he commenced to make new creations.

"He demanded ten thousand dollars, which to him was financial opulence. The demand was not met immediately, and the young man became impatient and finally angry. When he wakened one morning to find himself without money to pay for his breakfast, he walked to the park, threw himself on the ground, and lay there for several hours with his teeth set, hands clenched and with perspiration standing out all over his body, so intense was his excitement while making his demand for the money he had pictured.

"The next day he managed to board a freight train and, after the usual delays and inconveniences upon transport of that kind, the student of Occultism managed to reach a Western town. But he had no sooner entered the place than a cyclone came along and swept it off the face of the earth.

"When the young man of the violent demands came to consciousness he was lying on the ground some distance from the place where he was at the last moment of his recollections. His body was a mass of bruises, and when he tried to rise to his feet he found one leg broken. Bodies of dead animals and men lay all around him, and wagon loads of debris were strewn in all directions; but just within reach of his arm lay a plethoric wallet.

"The young man reached his best arm out and got the wallet and immediately examined the contents. There were just ten one-thousand-dollar bills in it and not a scrap of paper or a card to tell whom it belonged. ...

Please do not understand me to say that the young Occult student's violent demand created the cyclone, because he had nothing to do with the creation. But the student was drawn into the cyclone, and suffered the horrors of it, because of his own tempestuous mental condition when making the demand, which had to be met after the manner it was made."

Ingalese's example is way removed from my original stories at the beginning of the post but the message is similar. We don't have to try too hard to create creations of any kind - relaxed, sometimes does the trick without us even realising it.

Of course, if we want to create $10,000 we have to put in some effort but only in making an accurate mental image of what we are demanding. And it's probably just as well to throw in a good dash of belief as well.

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Tuesday, July 23

The Coincidences Of The 27 Club

Amy Winehouse 27 Club

I stumbled across the 27 Club again recently. It's nothing particularly new but I find it interesting that several famous musicians all died at the age of 27.

In this category come the likes of Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Ron McKernan, Dave Alexander, Richey James Edwards and so on. Some would say that they all killed themselves, because of personality flaws, though only Kurt Cobain actually committed suicide. In the case of Amy Whitehouse she believed that she would die an early death. Source

I did a little research and found connections between the first three names I have listed, going back to their childhood:

# Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch, left home when she was nine to go and live with his girlfriend Jane.

# Jimi Hendrix parents divorced when he was nine and he then went to live with his father and

# Kurt Cobain often mentioned how his life altered when his parents divorced when he was aged nine.

You could make a case that nine is significant 3x3x3 (3x3=9x3=27).

No doubt most would say all of this is simply a coincidence but let's look at what Howard Sounes discovered when writing a book about Amy Winehouse, titled Amy 27. He writes:

"To see what, if anything, the 27 Club means, statistically, I collated 3463 music industry deaths from 1908 to 2012. The youngest died at 15 and the oldest 105.

"While it wasn't odd to find artists dying in their 20s, my doubts about what Cobain's mother called the 27 Club were rocked when I saw a big spike to 50 deaths at 27, with only 30 dead at 26 for example."

So the mystery deepens and there are all sorts of theories floating about on the Internet from Illuminati killings to Astrology. On one discussion board someone called Edward from Los Angeles wrote:

"Astrologically, 27 years old is the beginning of the Saturn return, when Saturn returns to the position in the night sky at the time of your birth. It begins a two and one half year period of emotional upheaval, where many of the issues from the last 27 years, especially childhood, are brought to the surface for sorting out. A healthy person works through them and emerges in their 30's a new person with new priorities. A person who is not healthy may seek to escape the issues in the pathological soothing of drug addiction, often leading to total self destruction."

And there are 27 signs in Indian astrology. But there are other significances, often in religion, with the number 27 including such things as:

# The New Testament is made up of 27 books.

# There are 27 grains in some Buddhist rosaries (108 divided by 4).

# Pythagoras and Plato stated that the number 3 cubed (i.e. 27) and number 2 cubed (i.e. 8) represent the Cosmos.

# In the Kabbalah there are 27 letters, corresponding to 27 channels of communication with God and 27 combinations of the names of God and - 13 overt and 14 covert.

# In Feng Shui, to raise money we should keep 27 identical coins in the house.

# Some Masonic lodges have the '27th' in their title.

And so it goes on.

I Ching: Hexagram 27
Thunder within the mountain
explodes from the volcano.
The superior man controls his mouth:
what comes out of it
and what he puts into it

Finally a quote from Howard Sounes who wrote Amy27:

"Like Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, a difficult childhood seemed to have created problems for Amy that poisoned her whole life. She virtually threw that life away. She may not have meant to die when she did, but she'd been living dangerously for a long time, and seemed weary at the end. 'I didn't want all this,' she said backstage in 2008 to John Altman. 'I just wanted to make music with my friends.'"

Amy Winehouse died two years ago today - which also happens to be my birthday.

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Monday, July 22

Magical Walk With Daphne Du Maurier To The Gribbin

Gribbin Head, Cornwall

"And I thought of the tide, how swift it ran and strong into the little cove. The wind blew down from the headland like a funnel. I got the boat out into the bay. I got her out there beyond the beacon ..."
~ Quote from Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Karin and I were walking in Du Maurier country again today and we decided to head for the beacon mentioned in Rebecca.

The headland mentioned by Du Maurier is Gribbin Head as shown in the photo above, with the beacon on the skyline.

We started our walk at Hambland and parked in a farmer's field - he only charges 50p, which visitors have to place in an honesty box.

We headed down a track between farming fields ...

Track leading to Polridmouth, Cornwall

... and soon spotted the beacon or tower on Gribbin Head through the hedgerow, to the right of the photo.

First site of The Gribbin

We walked down to the coast at Polridmouth, where one family were taking advantage of the sunshine.


During the second world war Polridmouth was used as a decoy site. Lights were placed around the ornamental lake (below) to lure the enemy bombers away from Fowey harbour, particularly during the build-up to the D-Day invasions, when 2000 American troops were stationed in and around the town.

Lake at Polridmouth

From here we took the South West Coast Path over a normally marshy area using a wooden walkway.

Wooden walkway on South West Coast Path

We were soon heading up the cliff side on a normal path ...

South West Coast Path Cornwall

... with the Gribbin Tower in view.

Gribbin Head

On the way we made a detour and scrambled down a narrow path to visit a small, stony beach where the water looked very inviting - and no one else in sight - perfect!

After a short break we headed on up the path towards the Beacon.

Gribbin Head Cornwall

And finally we reached our destination: the beacon or tower on Gribbin Head. The area has quite a history dating back to the Iron Age. It's a perfect prominent viewpoint.

In Elizabethan times the Gribbin was a beacon site, which in 1588 helped carry the news to London of the approaching Spanish Armada.

The beacon we see today was build in 1832 and is 84 feet (26 m) high.

Gribbin Beacon or Tower Cornwall

For us though the views returning from the beacon were the highlight of our walk. Though it was a sunny day there was a slight haze but it didn't spoil the scenery.

The River Fowey was in view as it made it's way inward from the sea - or perhaps vice versa!

River Fowey seen from Gribbin Head

View from Gribbin Head Cornwall

Once we were down to sea level again we sat on the rocks and had sandwiches and tea, that we had brought with us in our rucksacks. We looked at the sea.

Polridmouth Cornwall

After spending some time on the coast we made our way back to the car and remembered to take a photo of the gatehouse or lodge to Mennabilly - or Manderley as Daphne Du Maurier called it in her book Rebecca. Unfortunately it's not possible to see the house itself.

Lodge or gates to Menabilly or Manderley

Rebecca described it thus: "The road curved before us, on the left, were two high gates beside a lodge, open wide to the long drive beyond. As I drove through I saw faces peering through the dark window of the lodge ..."

Du Maurier Country
The Gribbin is the setting, thinly disguised, for many Daphne Du Maurier novels and short stories. Much of the action of Rebecca takes place at Polridmouth, with its boathouse and shipwreck.

Menabilly is the inspiration for Manderley and also features in My Cousin Rachel and The King's General.

The Gribbin farmland is the location for the murderous avian attacks on The Birds.

Map of Daphne Du Maurier country Cornwall

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Saturday, July 20

A Miracle Witnessed By A Doctor

Beautiful sky

It's not easy to decide if something is really a miracle but here's a possibility with this story from a doctor.

Dr Martin Scurr, a top GP here in the UK, was raised by Jesuits so may have some 'inside' information on such matters. This is his story:

Dr Martin Scurr
"This week I have witnessed a miracle myself for the first time - well, if not a miracle, something very like it (if you define 'miracle' as an event that cannot be due to human power or the laws of Nature and is therefore caused by a divine intervention.

"One of my patients, known to me closely for more than thirty years, died last week after a long illness. The mother of three was an admirable woman, forthright, highly intelligent and an inspiration to all.

"Spending some time after the funeral with one of her daughters, also on our practice list since childhood, I learnt that the day after the bereavement the daughter suddenly regained her hearing in an ear that had been deaf since it was ravaged by infection in her early years, despite several operations and all attempts to conserve some function and prevent a lifelong disability.

"At the funeral the priest had said that he had never met anyone who had gone straight to Heaven  - but implied that maybe this lady had done so - and the immediate return of her daughter's hearing makes me feel that perhaps he was right.

"I am going to write to Rome - we now have a Jesuit Pope and with my upbringing I hope I will catch his ear. Maybe we have a saint in the making?"

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Friday, July 19

What Version Of Us Will Go To Heaven?

Alice in Wonderland quote

The Mock Turtle said, "No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise."

"Wouldn't it really?'" said Alice in a tone of great surprise.

"Of course not," said the Mock Turtle, "Why, if a fish came to me, and told me he was going a journey, I should say, "With what porpoise?"

"Don't you mean 'purpose'?" said Alice.

"I mean what I say," the Mock Turtle replied in an offended tone. And the Gryphon added, "Come, let's hear some of your adventures."

"I could tell you my adventures ... beginning from this morning," said Alice a little timidly, "but it's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

Throughout our lives we are so many different people, with differing beliefs and desires. If, as many believe, we will eventually go to Heaven I wonder what version of us will actually go?

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Thursday, July 18

The Darker Side Of Synchronicity

Negative synchronicity

Sometimes it's easy to forget that there can be a negative aspect to synchronicity. An example of this known to us all is the sinking of the Titanic.

The iceberg that was to be one of the causes of so many deaths was created thousands of years ago but just happened to break off from Greenland, while the Titanic was being constructed. It headed toward the North Atlantic and eventually crossed paths with the ship resulting in the deaths of so many passengers.

Had the Titanic kept to its original schedule it would not have collided with the iceberg.

So in this instance coincidences or synchronicity caused many deaths.

In his book The Power of Coincidence David Richo gives a more personal example of the dark side of synchronicity:

"You meet someone who captivates you. By synchronicity you meet up with him or her again and again. You are excited and you presume this is the force of destination.

"You believe he or she is your soul mate but in reality he or she is the trickster who takes all you have and leaves you flat. There was indeed a connection between you but it was not destiny. It was karma.

"You met him or her so you could learn something, not so you could live happily ever after.  This appears to be negative synchronicity but becomes positive when you gain knowledge of yourself from your experience, learn not to seek revenge but let go, and of course, become more careful the next time."

As with everything there are extremes: good and bad, hot and cold so likewise synchronicity can have a negative side but perhaps, as David Richo suggests, this is brought on by karma and is therefore created by our own actions.

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