Tuesday, March 31

A Decision From Beyond The Grave


Here's an interesting mystery. Was there some guidance here from beyond the grave? Or is it all a simple coincidence?

In 2013, I was sitting at my computer wondering which of two properties to buy. One was over looking a canal with a balcony, the other was totally different, but they were both nice.

As I was sitting there pondering, all of a sudden I heard an almighty crash behind me, Startled, I jumped up and looked behind me.

A large picture, which had been on the wall for ten years, had come crashing down. But it was intact and there was not a mark on it.

As I picked it up, I saw something written on it in small letters. It said, "On the balcony."

I had bought this picture for my mum, who had lived with us but passed away in 2007. The picture was of two ladies on a balcony over a Parisian street.

That was good enough for me. I was definitely going to take the property with the balcony. Thank you mum.

After a couple of days of unpacking we put the picture on the wall right near the balcony.

I couldn't believe it, the top of the balcony in the picture was the same colour and shape as the balcony outside my new property.

All my family say it was definitely the bet move I could have made.

~ Patricia Forster

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Monday, March 30

A Fishy Address - Beyond The Realms Of Mere Chance

Fishing joke

A quickie story today about names that fit the situation, perhaps by coincidence.

"Years ago I was a builders' merchant in Rhyl. We had a customer named Mr Fish who lived in River Street. He used to make ornaments out of white casting plaster.

He came into my office one day, explaining that he was Mr Fish from River Street, but that he had now moved to Aquarium Street!"

Roger Harrison Jones.

I know the above is slightly different, but Carl Jung thought there may be a significance between a name and a profession. He called it 'the compulsion of a name.' An example would be, Willie Power who just happened to be the IT Leader for the Viagra manufacturers in Ireland - yes, really.

Jung reckoned that a connection between a man's name and his job, or even other peculiarities, amounted to 'gross coincidence' - something beyond the realms of mere chance.

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Saturday, March 28

Is God Undefinable?

Xenophanes of Colophon
Xenophanes of Colophon
On a previous post I asked Where is God? Here's a response.

Where is God?

God is everywhere. God is in heaven and God is on earth. God is in every place where there is joy. God is in every place where there is beauty. God is in every place where there is love?

Can we see God?

No, not yet. God is so different from us that we can't see Him with our eyes. Some day, in heaven, we will see him face to face. When we look at our father and our mother who love one another and their children, we see something of the way God loves and takes care of his children.

With respect to the writer that doesn't answer the question for me. If anything it raises even more questions.

In the 6th century BC Xenophanes wrote:

"The Ethiopians say that their gods are snubnosed and blackskinned and the Thracians that theirs are blye-eyed and red-haired.

If only oxen and horses had hands and wanted to draw with their hands or to make the works of art that men make, then horses would draw the figures of their gods like horses, and oxen like oxen, and would make their bodies on the model of their own."

Therefore, even 2600 years ago, it was realised that man makes God in his own image. So how can we ever describe God?  God must surely be more than we can possibly imagine and is therefore undefinable. Or perhaps you disagree.

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Friday, March 27

The Ghostly Sales Assistant

Harrods London

Here's a tale about the famous London store, Harrods, and a ghostly sales assistant.

"Many years ago my wife and I had finished decorating our small flat in Greenwich, South London. The only item we were still searching for was a bedspread.

One Saturday morning, we visited the Harrods bedding department. Right there as we walked in was the absolute perfect bedspread at a cost of £80. This was thirty years ago, so heaven knows what the cost would be today.

A foreign sales assistant, possibly Italian, was so helpful in explaining what a lovely item it was, although she agreed 'it was a lot of money'. She suggested that we go and have a coffee upstairs and think about it, which we did.

We made the decision to purchase the bedspread but the assistant was nowhere to be seen. As she had been so helpful, we decided to return to the store a little later to give the same assistant the sale, in case she had been on commission.

On our return, there were two other sales assistants standing by the till in conversation. My wife and I asked them if 'the Italian sales lady was available'.

To our astonishment, the reply was: 'I'm really sorry to tell you, but she passed away a year ago to the day ... and we were just talking about her.'

We never said anything but we did purchase the bedspread.

The bedspread is long gone now. However, before it was disposed of a small piece was cut from the end and framed as a reminder of what happened.

I still have the item in my possession."

~ Paul Caragati

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Thursday, March 26

Where Is God?

I was talking to a couple of Jehovah Witnesses and I asked them where God was. The older of the couple looked upwards and made a gesture with his hands, again upwards. He did this without thinking, and then tried to give me another answer.

Wondering where God is, first puzzled me when in my teens. At the time I thought I had the answer and wrote a poem about it - a poor poem I might add, but despite my embarrassment here it is.

The Search

I've looked everywhere to see your face,
To feel the glow of your grace.
I've searched all the countries far and wide,
Delved everywhere looking from each side.
I've mingled with the Church congregation
Of this and every other nation.

But still my soul it felt alone,
Until I found by chance your home.
I looked within and there I saw
The open entrance to your door.

For I am you and your are me.
Not only the blind cannot see.

Okay, I said it wasn't very good! But I think, by chance, I had hit the right note, even if a bit out of tune. What made me think about all of this was because of the Jehovah Witnesses reaction to my question, and also because shortly after the visit I opened a book by chance - as I often do - and came across the following,

"... the brain can only answer barren words, whereas the spirit answers with ravishing experience of internal illumination ... mystical concentration will receive increasing confirmation of the truth of man's divinity by his own experience. Books and Bibles will begin to lose their authority as he begins to find his own.

God is His own best interpreter. Find the god in your own heart and you will understand by direct intuition what all the great teachers, real mystics, true philosophers and inspired men have been trying to tell you by the tortuous method using words.

There is ... one way to discover who we really are. That way is to pass from the outer to the inner, from being busy with a multitude of external activities to being busy with a single internal activity of the mind.

St.Augustine soliloquises thus: 'I, Lord, went wandering like a strayed sheep, seeking Thee with anxious reasoning without, whilst thou wast within me ... I went round the streets and squares of the city of this world seeking thee; and I found thee not, because in vain I sought without for him, who was within my self.'"

~ The Secret Path by Dr Paul Brunton

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Wednesday, March 25

The Ghostly Voice Led To A Significant Number Coincidence


Here's a little unexplainable item I read in the Daily Mail of March 21 this year. I say unexplainable, but to some it will be explainable.

"My cousin died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 60. A few days later, I was sitting in the kitchen writing my book. I'm a numerologist and I was writing about repeated digits such as 111, 222, 333 and so on.

Suddenly I heard my cousin's voice. He said, "Count the days." I didn't understand when he meant and then he repeated; "Count the days." This time he said it, I somehow understood that he wanted me to count how many days he had been alive.

Using the website timeanddate.com, I entered his date of birth and his date of death. I was stunnded when I saw the result.

He had lived for exactly 22,222 days!"

~ Hilary Carter

Another 'coincidence'
The photo at the top of the post: I saw this on Wits Intact - the caption is that the odometer reading of 22,222 was seen on the 2/22 while on the RR2222!

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Tuesday, March 24

Phone Call Reveals Strange Coincidence

Here's a coincidence story from the Spokane Daily Chronicle.

Phone Call Reveals Strange Coincidence

Detective Captain John Domit received a telephone call from San Mateo, California from a man who identified himself as Ben Host and said he was extremely worried about a long time friend in Spokane.

He told Captain Domit he had been unable to sleep during the night from worry over his old friend, Dr. W.E. Lajole, a chiropractor for many years in Spokane.

Captain Domit checked here in Spokane with chiropractors and found the man had gone to Seattle to live with a son.

"We checked with Seattle and found Dr. Lajole died the same night his friend in San Mateo had become suddenly worried about him, " Captain Domit said.

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Monday, March 23

The Clock Stopped Chiming When The Old Man Died

Coincidence clock

A short coincidence that came by Daniel Dexter.

My friend, Col. Morin, once in charge of the United States Rifle Range at Auburn, told me of a coincidnce.

In his house there is a tall clock, Mission style, of several years vintage in the corner of his sitting room. It strikes on the hour and the half hour. There was a period when it struck only the half hour.

One day a visitor said to the Colonel, "What's the matter with your clock that I can't fix." He took the works out and tinkered with them.

Some time later he came back. He had made a certain part out of a hat-pin. The clock now struck on the hour - up to and including the hour the old gentleman who had done the repair died. Then it resumed striking only the half hour.

The clock has since been repaired. It now strikes the hour and the half. The part that had been fashioned out of a hat-pin had worn out - at the same time the man who made it finished with life.

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Saturday, March 21

White Feather: A Sign Of Protection From Her Deceased Husband

White feather

It's a while since I published another white feather story but here's one that came fluttering down to me from Emma ****** - okay, by email.

I'm only 34 but a widow, my husband died last September, a horrible time for me as you can imagine. But since then I have been seeing white feathers. At first I didn't attach any importance to them but I started wondering about them because there seemed too many to be coincidence. I have now read many of the white feather stories on your blog which I found interesting.

The very first white feather I received was on my doorstep when I arrived home after my husband's funeral. I can now remember my sister saying, "Look at that," but I wasn't in any state to take it in.

For the next few days I kept finding feathers; in the garden, inside the house and when I went to the supermarket.

Three weeks after the funeral my sister asked me to go on holiday with her and her husband and two children to Devon. I immediately said no as I thought it disrespectful. They persuaded me a change of scenery would do me good and booked a cottage. I still had reservations about going.

We arrived in Devon, it was a lovely cottage and my room looked out onto the garden. I went to unpack my case and as I opened the lid there inside was a white feather. I have no idea how it got there, but it felt like my husband was giving me his approval.

As I walked out into the cottage garden there was another white feather and I actually smiled and felt like my husband was with me.

All of this may simply be me searching for comfort, but finding the feathers picks me up when I'm feeling down and I always say a thank you for the feather to my husband. I feel he is watching over me, in a protective way.

~ Emma

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Friday, March 20

Half Human, Half Beast With Great Bat-Like Wings

Van Meter, Iowa, 1903
Van Meter, Iowa, USA 1903
I was flitting through the satellite channels on my television last night and came across a programme that was describing a monster seen in Van Meter, Iowa in the early 1900s. I'd missed most of the details so I did a bit of research this morning. I found a report in The Evening News of October 12, 1903 titled Half Human, Half Beast, With Great Bat-Like Wings.

Here's the report - I always like the way they worded newspapers back then.

The town of Van Meter, containing 1,000 persons is terribly wrought up by what is described as a horrible monster. Every man, woman and child in the town is in a state of terror, and fully half of them fail to close their eyes in slumber except in broad daylight.

Friday night while the population was keeping the dreadful vigil every electric light in the city was kept burning to satisfy the most timid.

The monster put in its appearance Monday night. U.S Griffith, an implement dealer, drove into town at 1 a.m and saw what seemed to be an electric searchlight on Maher & Grigg's store. While he gazed it sailed across to another building and then disappeared.

His story was no believed next day. But the following night Dr. A.C Olcott, who sleeps in his office on the principal street, was awakened by a bright light shining in his face.

He grabbed a shotgun and ran outside the building where he saw a monster, seemingly half human and half beast, with great bat-like wings. A dazzling light that fairly blinded him came from a blunt, horn-like protuberance in the middle of the animal's forehead and it gave off a stupifying odour that almost overcome him.

The doctor discharged his weapon and fled into his office, barring doors and windows, and remained there in abject terror until next morning.

Peter Dunn, cashier in the only bank in town, fearing bank robbers, loaded a repeating shotgun with shells filled with buckshot, and prepared to guard his funds next night. At 2p.m he was blinded by the presense of a light of great intensity.

Eventually he recovered his senses sufficiently to distinguish the monster and fired through the window. The plate glass and sash were torn out and the monster disappeared. Next morning imprints of great three-toes feet were discernible in the soft earth.

That night Dr. O.V White saw the monster climbing down a telephone pole, using a beak much in the manner of a parrot. As it struck the ground it seemed to travel in leaps, like a kngaroo, using it's huge featherless wings to assist. It gave off no light. He fired at it and he believed he wounded it. The shot was followed by an overpowering odour. Sidney Gregg attracted by the shot, saw the monster fly away.

But the climax came Friday night. The whole town was aroused by this time. Professor Martin, principal of the schools, decided that from the description it was an antedeluvian animal.

Shortly after midnight J.L Platt, foreman of the brick plant, heard a peculiar sound in an abandoned coal mine, and as the men had reported a similar sound before, a body of volunteers started an investigation. Presently the monster emerged from the shaft, accompanied by a smaller one. A score of shots were fired without effect.

The whole town was aroused and a vigil maintained the rest of the night, but withot result until just at dawn, when the two monsters returned and disappeared down the shaft.

A watch was kept again last night, but without result. The town geniuses are devising various plans to capture the monsters.

The coal mine is no longer in existence.

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Thursday, March 19

Witchcraft Or Coincidence?


Sometimes it's difficult to quantify what is coincidence or synchronicity and what is perhaps some other 'power' that makes strange things happen. Here's a letter, not sent to me, but was in my cuttings file from a while back.

"Some years ago my husband was treated very badly by the man he worked for. We had been to his house and I new the room where he slept.

This night I was feeling a lot of anger and hate, and felt myself concentrating very hard on the side of the bed which I thought he would be sleeping on; I was sticking pins into his stomach slowly one by one.

I heard the next morning that his wife had been taken to hospital during the early hours of the morning in terrible pain. They thought it was gall-stones, but the test showed nothing wrong.

Did I do that, do you think? I know I felt drained the next morning because I had concentrated do much ..."

So is something like that a coincidence, or perhaps a form of ancient magic as carried out by the likes of witches and witchdoctors.

Of course, the letter writer could have sent love instead of hatred - and may well have got a much more positive result.

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Wednesday, March 18

The George Washington And The German Emperor Coincidence

Wilhelm II propaganda
Propaganda against Wilhelm II
I'm digging in the archives again today and have come up with a coincidence story, first reported in 1905.

In February of 1905 at the observance of George Washington's birthday by the University of Pennsylvania they were conferring the degree of doctor of laws upon the emperor of Germany [Wilhelm II]. At the same time they conferring the same degree upon the then current president of the United States.

Now to quote from the Daily Star of Feb 18, 1905:

It is a noteworthy historical coincidence that the degree which President Roosevelt will receive on Washington's birthday was conferred by the university upon George Washington on Independence Day, 1783 - the year in which the Revolutionary War ended.

This historical coincidence having been brought to the attention of the German emperor, his majesty cabled, through Ambassador Tower, his acceptance of the degree of doctor of laws.

Wilhelm II
Wilhelm II or William II - the last German emperor
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Tuesday, March 17

They Died At Exactly The Same Hour And Minute

1905: Alexander and his siblings - with Helen, George, Alexander, Paul & Irene.
Here's a coincidence about the time of death.

King Paul of Greece died March 6, 1964 of stomach cancer. His brother and predecessor, King Alexander of Greece, died on October 25, 1920 aged just 27 - he died from an infection caused from a monkey bite (a Barbary macaque).

Okay, the coincidence? They both died at the same hour and minute: 4:12 p.m.

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Monday, March 16

The Ghost Only Seen By Women And Children

A ghostly tale from Nottinghamshire.

Families have told of how they see the ghost of a woman. It's claimed that she is the spirit of a woman who killed herself several years ago..

A local vicar was called into action and has been comforting women, who say they have seen the ghost move through their homes in an apartment block..

The ghost reaches out it's arms appealingly to women and children it meets and moves articles from tables and cupboards. Only women and children have seen the ghost..

Reginald King, whose family live in the block said, "We have children staying here. The other night the baby was asleep in it's cot, and suddenly started laughing. In the morning her sister asked if the strange woman would be coming back. She had seen her tickling the baby.".

One family want to move out of the apartment block, Leslie Weatherill, said, "My wife has seen the ghost twice. She spoke to it and asked if she could do anything to help. The ghost dtifted away without answering.".

Another little girl pointed and said to her father, "Who is that lady over there?" He saw nothing.

Wonder why only women and children can see this ghost?

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Saturday, March 14

Walking The Cornish Coast Looking For Tin Mines

Chapel Porth

On Tuesday, the forecast was good. Sunshine was promised so we decided to go for a walk along Cornwall's coastal path.

We started out at Chapel Porth on Cornwall's north coast, had a look at the beach (above) and then took to climbing up the cliffs via a footpath.

Cornwall's coastal path from Chapel Porth

The footpath signs showed the way - not that you can really get lost following the coast. Amazingly though we only saw two other people on our walk. I guess nobody believed the weather forecast after all of the rain and wintry conditions we have had recently.


We soon had the old Wheal Coates tin and copper mine in sight. It's hard to believe that this would have once been a busy industrial scene. Now the area has been left to Mother Nature.

Wheal Coates tin mine, Cornwall

The tin mines are a symbol of Cornwall, once tin was exported, along with copper and other minerals all over the world.


The chimney stack still rises high and proud ...

Wheal Coates tin and copper mine

... as it looks out on the Atlantic Ocean. We carried on our walk into the afternoon sustained by traditional Cornish pasties - though mine was a vegetarian pasty. A perfect day!

Atlantic view from Cornwall coast path

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Friday, March 13

Synchronicity In The Air In Cornwall

RAF Davidstow Moor Memorial Museum
RAF Davidstow Moor Memorial Museum
Here's a story from 67 Not Out reader Billhook. He mentions two previous posts: The Magic Of King Arthur And Tintagel Castle Cornwall and Coincidence Of The Two Flying Fortress Airmen From Ludington - you will see how these fit into his story.

"Just read your thread on Cornwall and the bit about King Arthur's Castle. Before that I had been reading the story of the two Flying Fortress Airmen and their synchronicity.

My mother was a Wren at Treligga [in Cornwall] where she was marking targets for Typhoons as they practised rocket firing. Father was in Coastal Command at Davidstow Moor [also in Cornwall] flying Warwicks and they met in the bar at King Arthur's Castle hotel.

Mother always tells the story of how one misty day a Flying Fortress came to the airfield at Treligga with its wheels down to attempt a landing. Really the grass strip was only a 500 yard emergency landing field for the Typhoons in case anything went wrong with the rocket tests.

The leading Wren went out with a Very light to ward him off but the plane landed, quite easily I believe as it was a tail dragger. The Wrens went out to greet the plane but the American crew aimed their guns at them as they thought they had landed in France!

The next day they took every bit of excess weight off the plane, guns ammo,bombs and flew with just a pilot and navigator. There was a holding of breath when it disappeared over the cliff and a sigh of relief when it climbed into view again.

Exactly the same thing happened with another lost Fortress on the same day a year later.

Mother still has the newspaper cutting.

I went to visit some friends in Rock [Cornwall] last summer and we thought we would go and have a look at father's old base at Davidstow..to my great surprise there is a museum there and there is a hangar dedicated to the Wrens of Treligga and on the wall is a picture of my mother aged 17 loading a volunteer on a stretcher into an ambulance!

A lot of synchronicity in the air around there I think!"

My thanks to Billhook.

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Thursday, March 12

Napoleon And Josephine Appearing As Spirits Following Their Deaths

Napoleon and Josephine

Two ghostly type stories I found about Napoleon, both connected to his death at St Helena.

The first was the emperor's vision of his dead wife Josephine. Some days prior to his own death he told Montholon, who was one of his staff, "I have just seen my dear Josephine, but she would not embrace me; she tore herself away when I tried to take her in my arms. She sat, where I thought I saw her yesterday. She was not changed, always the same, always entirely devoted to me. She told me that we were about to meet once more, never to part again."

It is noted that it was her name that Napoleon uttered when he died.

Napoleon on St Helena
The second story is an account of a ghost like person resembling Napoleon in appearance and gesture who visited Napoleon's mother in Rome about the very hour of the day he died in St Helena. The stranger spoke of Napoleon to her as if he had just quitted him and added, "At this moment he is delivered from his sufferings; he is happy."

Napoleon's mother at once spoke to those about her of this visitor, who was seen by three other persons in her palace, and a search was made of Rome for anyone resembling him, without result. She herself was convinced that it was the wraith of Napoleon. There was nothing terrifying about the vision - if it was a vision. It did not frighten her, but to the contrary, it produced in her mind ecstasy. She declared that the mysterious sighting, "Was like Napoleon in voice, figure and speech,"

Both stories discovered in old papers from the late 1800s.

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Wednesday, March 11

He Went The Wrong Way Round The World

London Heathrow Airport 1970s
Plane landing at London Heathrow Airport 1970s
London Heathrow: The man at the check-in counter stared hard and long at Jose Caytania's ticket. Her scratched his head.

"Where do you think you are?" he asked.

Jose smiled. "Tokyo. I'm in Tokyo and I'm waiting to catch my plane to Manila. I just got in from Los Angeles."

Sure enough there was the ticket: Los Angeles-Tokyo-Manila.

Jose had obviously somehow boarded the wrong plane at Los Angeles and flown half way round the world, landing at London's Heathrow Airport.

Caytania shook his head. He looked around the transit lounge, which was full of Japanese passengers waiting their flight to Tokyo. Just a coincidence the official said and booked the wayward world traveller a seat on a flight to Hong Kong, where he could pick up a connection to Manila.

Hopefully security is much tighter today at airports, the above report was from the Rome News dated December 29, 1971.

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Tuesday, March 10

Coincidence Files

Coincidence photo

Three short, snappy coincidence stories from my files.

Thomas W Boatfield was coming back to Toledo from Fort Lauderdale at the same time that his son, Thomas R Boatfield, was headed from Toledo to Florida.

The northbound Mr Boatfield pulled into a spot in Griffin, Ga., for lunch. Five minutes later the southbound Mr Boatfield pulled into the parking space next to the northbound car!

Salt Lake City: Having the same names wasn't so odd, when John Bollwinkel of American Falls, Idaho, met John Bollwinkel of Salt Lake City for the first time but:

They each have a pioneer ancestor of the same name, wives named Erma, sons named John, and ten years service as Sunday school superintendents in the Latter Day Saints church.

McAlester, Okla. Mrs Addie Pilgrim has auto license plates 1620, the year the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

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Monday, March 9

Glimpses Of The South Coast Of England

Winchelsea church

A few glimpses of the south coast of England, starting off with the church at Winchelsea. By accident I also found Spike Milligan's grave here. Spike was my favourite comedian, writer, poet, actor when young. Below is Rye Castle, sometimes known as Ypres Tower,

Rye Castle or Ypres Tower

And next to the castle is the local pub!

Ypres Castle pub Rye

No trip along the south coast is complete without a walk along one of the piers.

Brighton Pier

And another castle - Arundel Castle in the small town of, yes, Arundel.

Arundel Castle

And finally for today a glimpse at the beach huts on a pebble beach.

Beach huts

Photos: © Mike Perry

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