Thursday, October 31

The Psychic Who Predicted The Wrawby Junction Train Crash

Wrawby Junction Rail Accident 1983
Accident at Wrawby Junction on 9th December 1983
Here's a story I hadn't heard before. Back in 1983 a psychic contacted the British Rail (BR) authorities to say she had a vivid vision of a fatal train cash. She even knew the engine number: 47216. I guess there wasn't much they could really do to prevent such a happening.

On the 13th of December 1983 there was a nasty crash at Wrawby Junction, near Barnetby station in North Lincolnshire, England. According to Wikipedia, "It happened when a freight train collided at low speed with the side of a local passenger train. The first carriage of the passenger train was derailed and turned over onto its side, and one passenger was killed instantly."

So was this the crash foretold by the psychic? At first it appeared not. The number on this particular engine was 47299 and not 47216.

But following the crash, a rail enthusiast Howard Johnston, of Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, recalled phoning Immingham train depot to ask why 47216 had been renumbered and was told by staff that they had been warned of a clairvoyant's predictions and made a special application to British Railways Headquarters in London to change the number.

Newspaper enquiries, checked out his story with BR and confirmed 47299's history - it was previously numbered 47216. So the psychic was proven to be correct.

The prediction was not mentioned at the official inspectorate hearing of the accident. A BR spokesman said: "We regard the whole thing as an amazing coincidence." source.

In 1992 S D Boner, BR Area Fleet Manage, confirmed that, "Renumbering of locomotives occurs quite frequently for many varied reasons, all of which are decided at Headquarters level"

An Accident Summary of the Wrawby Junction crash can be seen in the Railways Archive.

In  Jan 1999  47299 was taken inside and completely cut up. Photo: R.Lushman
It's interesting that in 1898 there was also a fatal train accident at Wrawby Junction when a "a passenger train collided with a derailed goods train" and in today's story from 1983 a "freight (goods) train collided ... with a passenger train ... which was derailed."

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Wednesday, October 30

Paracelsus And The Guardians Of The Human Race

It's sometimes said that walking amongst us are Guardians of the Human Race. These individuals are serving, seeking, searching and experiencing - but with self made rules and standards. Robert Browning wrote of Paracelsus:

"Such men are even now upon the earth,
Serene amid the half-formed creatures round.
For men begin to pass their nature's bound,
And find new hopes and cares which fast supplant
Their proper joys and grief; they grow too great
For narrow creeds of right and wrong."

As for Paracelsus himself Wikipedia describes him thus:

"Paracelsus (born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, 11 November or 17 December 1493 – 24 September 1541) was a German-Swiss Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist. He founded the discipline of toxicology. He is also known as a revolutionary for insisting upon using observations of nature, rather than looking to ancient texts, in open and radical defiance of medical practice of his day. He is also credited for giving zinc its name, calling it zincum, and for the terms "gas", "chemistry" and "alcohol". Modern psychology also credits him for being the first to note that some diseases are rooted in psychological illness."

As an aside, it's interesting the knowledge that JK Rowling had of magic and alchemists. Paracelsus appears as a bust placed in the halls of Hogwarts and is also included as a card in the Harry Potter Packets of Chocolate Frog candy.

Here are 10 Quotes from Paracelsus:

Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule. Nevertheless one had better know the rules, for they sometimes guide in doubtful cases, though not often.

Thoughts are free and subject to no rule. On them rests the freedom of man, and they tower above the light of nature ... create a new heaven, a new firmament, a new source of energy from which new arts flow.

He who knows nothing, loves nothing. He who can do nothing understands nothing. He who understands nothing is worthless. But he who understands also loves, notices, sees … The more knowledge is inherent in a thing, the greater the love.… Anyone who imagines that all fruits ripen at the same time as the strawberries knows nothing about grapes.

Be not another, if you can be yourself.

The dreams which reveal the supernatural are promises and messages that God sends us directly: they are nothing but His angels, His ministering spirits , who usually appear to us when we are in a great predicament.

A mortal lives not through that breath that flows in and that flows out. The source of his life is another and this causes the breath to flow.

All things are poisons, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. It is only the dose which makes a thing poison.

Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.

Thoughts create a new heaven, a new firmament, a new source of energy, from which new arts flow.

Once a disease has entered the body, all parts which are healthy must fight it: not one alone, but all. Because a disease might mean their common death. Nature knows this; and Nature attacks the disease with whatever help she can muster. 

I guess the lesson from Paracelsus is that we should dare to think for ourselves and not follow the well trodden path to sameness and mediocrity.

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Tuesday, October 29

A Gander Leads To The Coincidence And Synchronicity Highway

Painting of a gander

While talking I often use the word 'gander' as in the dictionary definition 'to have a look or glance' at something.

As my broadband connection is down today - I have had lots of problems with it recently - I said to Karin that I would have a gander at some of my many books to see if I could find a theme for a blog post.

I picked up a book at random, The Power of Coincidence by David Richo, opened it at page 176 (76 being a significant number in my life) and read the following:

"A symbol in Hinduism is the gander, who represents liberation and spirituality. He swims in and skims over the water but is not bound to it like a fish. He flies between earth and heaven and so joins them together.

This is a metaphor for our ability to be set free from our bondage to the events of daily life.

Gander in Sanskrit is hamsa. Ham means 'I' and sa means 'this'; hence 'I am this.' Hamsa is also yogic sound - ham on the exhale, sa on the inhale. Thus the inner gander sings his name in every breath we take: 'I am not to be confused with the mortal person who has my name and accepts as real the separateness of all beings, the division of opposites, and the linear view of time. That individual is under the spell of endless projections and mental habits. I am breath, space, the all that is now only this.'"

That's a fair description of the spiritual side of coincidence or synchronicity - all is possible because we and everything else are linked together in time and space.

After reading the above I picked up a 1912 edition of a publication called The Odd Volume, opened it up and there he was - a grey gander! In a painting by someone called Stewart Orr (as at the top of this post). Oh, and included in the pic is a white feather! I often write about white feathers on this blog.


I thought that would be all when I next picked up the book about collectables and their price guides. But flicking through I spotted two geese manufactured by Royal Copenhagen. This brought me right back to an ornament (as below) that I have of  two similar geese - I'm presuming one is a gander. This originally belonged to my mother.

So everything fits together nicely! It's also interesting that The Power of Coincidence book is subtitled 'How Life Shows Us What We Need To Know'. So having a 'gander' at my books has got me thinking about my mother - you never know where synchronicity will lead!

While on the subject of synchronicity and coincidence my blogging friends Trish & Rob MacGregor have a new book, which is now ready to download: The Synchronicity Highway - Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal & Alien Contact. They write:

"Once you’re on the synchronicity highway, you’re traveling through a realm that often seems as magical and strange as Alice’s Wonderland. You feel connected to something larger than yourself and your immediate world. Your perceptions change, you see and experience yourself and life differently. You become immersed in a mystery that often defies reason and logic."

The book can be downloaded from:
Amazon USA
Amazon UK

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Monday, October 28

We All Need Love And Kindness Not Bullying And Hate

Izzy Dix with her mother Gabbi
14 year old Izzy Dix wrote this poem after attending a local music festival and returning home in floods of tears.

I Give Up
by Izzy Dix

I arrive,
Happy and fresh,
Ready and excited
To celebrate the goodness.
I am eager and keen to have a good time.
As I smile from the bubbles of anticipation whizzing around in my stomach,
I begin to see the crowd ...
I see more people,
Many are happy and joyful.
They're there like me,
To celebrate ...
I smile at them and say hello to the many faces I see.
They look shocked and surprised to see me ...
I question their judgemental glares as I wonder,
"What have I done wrong?"
I see their drinks swilling in their fingers as their backs begin to face me.
I try to edge my way back into the circle of giggles and talking,
They push me away.
I stand still,
My eyes glazed and absent.
Suddenly they call me over,
I think, "Yes! They've noticed me!"
But then it begins,
They start to ask questions,
As to why I am there.
They begin to tell me that nobody wants me there.
They tell me to leave and that I am not wanted,
Not there, not anywhere ...
My heart,
My head,
My body,
Numb ...
I feel pricks of stinging begin to pinch my eyes as cheeks begin to burn.
"Don't let them see you.
Don't show them that you're weakened,
Weakened by their remarks."
"Stay strong," I think ...
But it's too late,
My palms, clammy,
My cheeks, streaming,
My neck, sweating.
I walk quickly away from the chanting and laughing.
My vision, spinning,
My heart, beginning to break.
I look down and walk.
My eyes drowning in a sea of emotion.
Another piece of me, chiselled away by their cruel remarks and perceptions ...
I give up.

On the night of Tuesday 17th September 2013, 14 year old Devon schoolgirl Izzy Dix tragically took her own life. Her death has been linked to bullying, both at school and online.

Izzy's mother Gabbi released the poem in the hope that her daughter's words might make other potential bullies think twice about their behaviour and perhaps prevent a further tragedy.

It hurts that anyone should die in such circumstances - it seems that Izzy suffered months of cruel taunts from school pupils and internet trolls.

Mrs Dix said, "I want young people all around the world to think about the potential impact of their behaviour before they act. We all need to be motivated by love and kindness, not nastiness and hate."


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Sunday, October 27

The Most Profound Emotion We Can Experience

Albert Einstein

"The most beautiful and most profound
emotion we can experience is the
sensation of the mystical. He to whom
this emotion is a stranger, who can no
longer wonder and stand wrapped in 
awe, is as good as dead."

~ Albert Einstein

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Saturday, October 26

Britannia Leads To The Goddess Diana

1962 UK penny showing BRitannia

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Britannia is usually said to have been the name given to Britain by the Romans, and a figure representing this has been shown on many of the country's coins ever since. But it seems that this may not be the whole story.

It's possible that Britannia may be much older and really comes from the Phoenician goddess Barati. There is a definite similarity if we compare Britannia with Barati on coins.

1797 coin showing Britannia

The two coins above show Britannia on British coins of 1962 and 1797. Now look at a coin showing the Phoenician goddess Barati.

Coin showing goddess Barati

This is a Phoenician Barats of Lycaonia, from the third century A.D showing their goddess Barati. The illustration is from Iconium City and it can be seen that she has a Sun-Cross or St George's Cross as a shield - St George being the patron saint of England - and is the red cross part of the union or union jack flag.

The Union Flag: Red Cross of St George of England,
Red Diagonal Cross of St.Patrick of Ireland and the
White Cross, on a blue background, of St Andrew of Scotland
So the Phoenicians depicted Barati in a similar way to how Britain depicts Britannia. In Cicilia, Asia Minor Barati was worshipped as Perathea and later as Diana.

It looks possible, therefore, that Britannia and Diana originate from the same source.

On the above Early Roman British Coin (138-161 A.D) Britannia looks more like the Goddess with the shield bearing a sun cross - this emblem is seen to be the origin of the shield bearing the Union Jack which is figured in the modern representations of Britannia.

It's interesting that at the funeral of Princess Diana, her brother, Earl Spencer, stated that she was named after the 'ancient goddess of hunting'. It makes you wonder if there was a deeper meaning to her life and death than we fully realise.

I'm sure that there are links to our distant past that we are mostly completely unaware of - one day we may discover the true symbolism.

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Friday, October 25

The Shadow People Who Stalk Our World

Shadow People

I have to admit I don't know much about Shadow People but was reminded of them when I saw the above photo on Pinterest. Catherine G wrote about the photo: "The Parker family visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the month of August 2010 and took this strange photo. They thought nothing of it until they heard the tale of Shadow People on a radio program."

But, as happens in life, I came across another photo said to be of a Shadow Person without really looking for it:

Photo of Shadow People

Very mysterious. So what are these Shadow People? Well, it seems nobody is really sure. The Paranormal Society write:

"Shadow People are not human entities. We don't believe they're ghosts. Don't believe they're demons either. But, on a scale, we'd say Shadow People lean more towards the negative side, especially given the bad feelings we get from the vibes they give off. It's suggested that they're presence means something bad, or that something bad will happen."

So that sounds none too pleasant. Wikipedia describes them thus:

 "A shadow person, also known as a shadow figure, shadow being or black mass, is an alleged paranormal entity. Paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis has expressed the belief that shadow people are malevolent supernatural entities."

There is a thread on the subject on the abovetopsecret forum. One gentleman, Em2013, writes:

"I have seen hundreds of shadows with my wife, best friend, and a few others. They are hard to dismiss as a mere coincidence of the darkness, hallucinations caused by paranoia or group lies. Sometimes they come alone, sometimes they come in pairs or as a group. We've seen armies in Canada of these things before and I wish I were kidding as frightening as they are."

Another photo from Pinterest this time from geisterportal. He or she writes about Shadow People, "They have no purpose and don’t seem to be harbingers of any sort" and wonders if they are, "... :from another dimension."

Shadow Person

A very short video:

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Thursday, October 24

The Dying Can Speak To Those Who Have Died

Old lady dying sketch

A reader's story I received about seeing those who have already gone before at the time of death.

"This is a story about when my mom died a year ago.

She was at my sister's house for two weeks and started going downhill. She lapsed into a coma on Tuesday. Me and my other sister got to the house on Wednesday.

On Thursday my mom woke up for three hours and started talking to 'other' people who we couldn't see.

My dad died back in 2000, and she kept saying "Frank, would you leave me alone, I am not ready to go with you yet!" Then she would shout at him in German (she was originally from Germany).

Later she 'saw' her mother who passed away in 1964. She started to cry and then spoke German to her for about an hour. She was reliving her childhood and talking about things they did when she was small. She was laughing and appeared to be having a good time with her.

My mom lost twin boys in her fifth month in 1966. She was also talking to them and said, "I am so glad your Oma was there for you. I was so afraid you were alone."

All of us in the room were in wonder the entire time.

This continued for three hours. She would talk to them and then us.

At one time she turned to me and said, "Oh Suzie, I didn't know you were here too, can you see all the people waiting for me?" She was afraid to die, because of the unknown I guess.

The next day, Thursday, she didn't wake up at all.

On Friday morning while I was in the room with her. She woke and said she wasn't afraid any more and that she had seen Heaven. She said she just wanted my dad to stop bugging her because she hadn't 'finished her job yet.' She told me my dog, that had passed away six months before, was with my dad.

She died peacefully the next day."

There are a few small personal coincidences or synchros with this story: my wife was born in Germany and we also lost twins; and there is a Suzie who often leaves comments on this blog.

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Wednesday, October 23

The Handed Down 30 Pearls Of Wisdom

Pearls of wisdom

Here are the top thirty pearls of wisdom handed down by grandparents - as discovered in a recent poll. There are a lot of truths amongst them.

1. Good manners don't cost anything

2. You can only do your best

3. Don't buy what you cannot afford

4. Treat others the way you would like to be treated

5. A smile can get you a long way

A smile can get you a long way

6. You don't get something for nothing

7. Practice makes perfect

8. Never accept a lift from a stranger

9. Work hard at school because qualifications are the one thing that can't be taken from you

10. Family first

11. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all

12. Don't ask, don't get

13. No such word as can't

14. Neither a lender or a borrower be

15. Don't swim after eating

Don't swim after eating

16. I want never gets

17. Never go to bed on an argument

18. Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach

19. A happy marriage is the foundation to a happy family

20. Never go out with wet hair

21. Set your watch five minutes fast

22. Patience and perseverance are the key to success

23. Friendship is a gift, not a possession

24. Always take your coat off when you come in, or you'll get cold when you go out

25. Always get out of life what you put in

26. Less is more

27. People will forget how you look, but won't forget how you made them feel

28. Never let your petrol tank go lower than a quarter full

29. Always have six months' rent or mortgage saved

30. Life will have high peaks and low valleys, and neither is forever - enjoy the peaks, pull yourself out of the valleys and keep going

Poll undertaken by McCarthy & Stone

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Tuesday, October 22

A Parliament Of Rooks, A Cornish Pasty And A Celtic Legend

I've been publishing this blog since December 2009 and to the best of my knowledge there have only been three days when a post wasn't published. But today, for the first time, I'm struggling what to write!

Karin and I have had a day out and I took the two photos while we were parked up, overlooking the Truro River, to have our lunch - Cornish Pasties (one traditional and for me a vegetarian) followed by an apple pastry and, of course, cups of tea - we travel with hot water in a flask, tea bags and milk.

We were parked at a place called Malpas in Cornwall overlooking the river. In the wing mirror you can see that behind us was a small hut where people can pay to play tennis. There's lots of space to the rear of our car with football and cricket pitches, a children's play area, fields and gardens - and there's a walk alongside the river.

The rook/crow was in the tree next to our parked car. After I had snapped the photo, out of the car window, about twenty or thirty rooks flew overhead.

Ah! A group of rooks is known as a parliament, due to their habit of forming large assemblies during which one bird will seem to 'speak' or orate at length.

I'm writing this on a Wednesday (though it'll be published on a different day) and today is when the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is questioned on anything by MP's in Parliament. So that's the only synchro or coincidence I can find today. The crows will have no doubt talked more sense than Mr Cameron.

As for Malpas itself, the village is said to be part of the love story of Tristan and Iseult. This tells how Iseult crossed the Truro River at La Mal Pas, the early name for today's Malpas (pronounced Mopus). A ferry crossing which was to reunite her with her lover as she travelled from the ancient Moresk to Kea.

Oh well, looks like I've ended up with a post of sorts after all!

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Monday, October 21

The Elvis Movie Coincidence

Elvis Presley with Mary Tyler Moore and Lorena Kirk in Change of Habit
I discovered this Elvis Presley coincidence following my recent post Teen And Toddler Elvis Presley Photos And His School Report Card Coincidence.

Elvis' final movie, his 31st, was Change of Habit. In this his role was that of Dr John Carpenter.

In 1979, two years following his death, it was John Carpenter who directed the made for television movie, Elvis, starring Kurt Russell and which was nominated three Emmy Awards.

It's interesting that Kurt Russell's film career began at the age of eleven in an uncredited part in Elvis Presley's movie It Happened at the World's Fair. And, according to Wkipedia, 'Russell starred as an Elvis impersonator in 3000 Miles to Graceland and provided the voice of Elvis for a scene in Forrest Gump. I also see that Bing Russell, who played Vernon Presley in Elvis, is Kurt Russell's real father.

It's a pity Elvis didn't heed the signs in the movie Change of Habit. As Dr John Carpenter he cautioned his three assistants to take minimal amounts of medication on house calls. He also made frequent references to the abuse of drugs by his patients.

But Elvis was on a downward path.

In the movie he sings:

"A change of habit, a change of outlook
A change of heart, you'll be all right
The halls of darkness
Have doors that open
It's never too late" 

But it was too late for Elvis!

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Saturday, October 19

Who lives? Who Dies? Who Or What decides?

Crushed child's buggy or pushchair
The crushed buggy or pushchair
I've published stories previously about people who have survived tragedies against the odds. At times it's as if the survivors were 'meant' to live.

I was reminded of this today by two news stories. The first was about an unnamed two year old boy. His mother was pushing him along the pavement in a buggy or pushchair when a blue MG was hit by another car pinning the buggy to a garden wall - as per the photo on the right.

The local MP, Adam Holloway, happened to witness the incident and said, "It was a miracle. If the car had come a few centimetres further the child would have died."

As it was the boy was lifted away uninjured. Another small girl, whose parents were also pushing her in a pushchair, was thrown into a garden - she was also unhurt.

Another witness described what she saw: "A car pulled out of a junction and went straight into another car, then went straight into a family. There were two young children in pushchairs. One of them was in the buggy trapped between the car and a wall and the other pushchair flew over the wall."

Somehow, both children escaped.

The other story I read about was completely different. This was at an inquest on the loss of lives of six British soldiers in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Private Christopher Kershaw, 19
The soldiers were on a routine patrol and the armoured car they were travelling in was ripped apart by a roadside bomb killing the six soldiers on board.

One of the soldiers, Christopher Kershaw, 19, shouldn't have been in the vehicle but had 'stepped up to the mark' because the assigned driver was taking a shower.

The court was told how, "Private Butler would have been the driver of K12 but he was returning from the shower." Private Kershaw volunteered to take his place and lost his life.

So sad that anyone should be killed in Afghanistan. 455 British service personnel have now died in Afghanistan and many more from the USA and also other countries.

Who lives? Who dies? Who or what decides?

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Friday, October 18

The Remarkable Coincidence Of A Reunited Mother And Daughter After 57 Years

Remarkable coincidence
An edited version of the letter Carole sent to her mother in 2005
Carole Davies knew she was adopted and 57 years after her birth, with the help of an amateur genealogist, she managed to trace her mother, Freda Pickering. As well as being reunited again they also discovered a remarkable coincidence.

Times were almost unbelievably different when when Carole was born in 1948. Mrs Pickering had an affair, when she was 19, with a Croatian exile, but he went away. She didn't realise she was pregnant right up to the birth. She said "One night I got this pain in my tummy. I thought babies had to be cut out of you but all of a sudden this baby dropped out." She carried the baby into her mother and said, "Mum, I think I've had a baby."

As happened back in the 1940s, though Mrs Pickering wanted to keep her baby, Carole ended up being adopted. Single mothers were somewhat frowned upon.

And now we come to the coincidences.

1950s bus conductress
Freda in bus uniform
Carole was adopted by a couple who lived only seven miles from where she had been born. As she grew up she attended Tadcaster Grammar School and travelled there on a bus.

The conductor on the bus was none other than her birth mother - Freda Pickering!

For seven years Carole travelled to and from school on the bus her mother worked on, neither of them knowing who the other was.

Mrs Davies said, "I had no idea the lady who checked my bus pass twice a day was my mum. It came as a complete shock when we began talking about our past and my school life, and that was mentioned."

Carole and Freda now have a typical mother and daughter relationship, talking regularly on the phone and meeting up.

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Thursday, October 17

Teen And Toddler Elvis Presley Photos And His School Report Card Coincidence

Elvis Presley at 16 years old
Elvis Presley at 16
I've mentioned several times that I'm a fan of the young Elvis Presley's music - prior to his Las Vegas stint. I got a few bits and pieces from a car-boot sale and amongst them - to my delight - were two photos of Elvis: the one above, when he was 16 years old, and the other of him as a small child with his parents Vernon and Gladys Presley - see at bottom of this post.

There was also Elvis Presley's School Pupils Report Card from East Tupelo School in 1943-45. I'm sure it must be a replica, but I found it interesting - especially as it had the name 'Perry' on it and another 'coincidence'.

Here are the four pages of the Pupils Report Card. On page 3 there is Vernon Presley's signature.

Elvis Presley School Pupils Report Card

Elvis Presley School Grades 1944

Elvis Presley Pupils Reprt Card with Vernon Presley's signature

Below is page 4 of the card. The top advert is for The Peoples Bank. Strangely, when I worked in loans and finance the company I was with actually bought The Peoples Bank! It wouldn't have been the same one, what with me being in England, but a coincidence as far as I'm concerned. For a while I promoted their services.

The third advert on the same page is for Perry's - my surname also being Perry, and my wife's initial being K.

Adverts on Elvis Presley's School Report Card 1943-44

And finally below is Elvis with his mother and father Gladys and Vernon Presley.

Young Elvis with Gladys and Vernon Presley
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