Saturday, May 30

The Sears Advert Coincidence

Sears department store

Richard W Sears
By a strange coincidence, three of the men whose names are most closely associated with the early days of Sears, Roebuck and Co [a chain of American department stores] were linked on the same classified page of the Chicago Daily News.

The history of Sears tells of how the company founder, Richard W Sears, met co-founder, Alvah C Roebuck, through an ad he placed for a watchmaker in the April 1, 1887 edition of the News:

Watch-maker wanted - with references who can furnish tools; state age, experience and salary required. Address T39 Daily News.

But it was not until much later that another advert was noticed in exactly the same newspaper column. This one said:

Cutter wanted (Clothing) - experienced hand, Rosenwald & Weil, 168 Market St.

The firm of Rosenwald & Weil was one in which the Chicago manufacturer Julius Rosenwald was a partner. Eight years later in 1895 Rosenwald was to become a partner with Sears in his, by then, thriving mail-order business.

At the time their ads appeared neither man knew the other - or even dreamed they would be in business together. Sears spent eighty cents to meet Roebuck and Rosenwald's ad cost him forty cents. Money well spent!

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Friday, May 29

The Shirt Names Are The Same Coincidence

Shirts from the laundry

A very short coincidence story today.

Baltimore: When Samuel S. Strouse got his shirts back from the laundry, out fell a printed card:

We have personally finished and inspected this shirt. 
We hope you are pleased. 
Sarah and Beatrice.

Strouse was pleased - and surprised as well. By coincidence his mother's name is Sarah and his wife's name is Beatrice.

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Thursday, May 28

Suspected Of Stealing Umbrellas Coincidence

Umbrellas in the rain

An amusing story today from Gabrielle.

"I wonder what you think of this, Mike, is it a coincidence?

I was in a big London store and inadvertently picked up someone else's umbrella from the counter. An extremely cross lady pointed out my error and red-faced I apologised.

The incident reminded me that I needed to buy a present for an old aunt and thought an umbrella would be ideal. I headed to the right department and, as it had started raining outside, I actually bought two umbrellas, one for myself.

Carrying my two umbrellas I got on a bus to take me home and sat in the only spare seat. The woman next to me was the one whose umbrella I had accidentally picked up in the store.

She looked at me grim faced, stood up to get off the bus saying, "I congratulate you on your successful morning," while pointing at my two umbrellas.

I was the rightful owner of the umbrellas but for some reason I felt speechless and embarrassed. I wonder what the meaning of this coincidence was!?

~ Gabrielle

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Wednesday, May 27

A Warning Sent To Him By His Deceased Cousin

Message from the spirit world

An interesting story follows which some may find hard to believe, but it is from a no nonsense serving police officer. It's about a warning received from the spirit world.

"My husband and I are both police officers. He is the most pragmatic, realistic man you could meet.

In July last year, he came in from his shift after midnight and put his car keys on the bedside cabinet. At 3am the keys flew across the room, waking us both, and I accused him of swiping them with his hand. He said that it wasn't him, and that was that.

We were flying to London later that day. As I was driving to the airport, he kept telling me to watch my speed, mind that car, and was generally irritating. Then he said, "We are going to be in a car crash today." At the airport I gloated that I'd managed to get us there in one piece.

We landed at Heathrow at 5pm and got picked up by a friend. As I got into the middle of the back seat, I couldn't find the belt buckle so I wasn't going to bother. My husband insisted I dig it out and gave me 'The Glare'.

Five minutes later I shouted: "That guy hasn't seen us!" as another vehicle sped across the lanes.

The impact was fairly substantial. I dislocated my  neck and pulled the crucial ligament in my left knee. My husband fractured his sternum and three ribs. The Fire Brigade said that if I hadn't been wearing my seat belt, I would have been out through the windscreen

Later on in A&E, I asked my husband how he had known what would happen.

He told me that his recently deceased cousin, Shane, had thrown the keys, and that he was there with their grandmother. They had told him not to go to London as he would be in terrible pain, When I asked why he had still gone. He said that if he hadn't, then I wouldn't have worn a seat belt and would probably have been killed.

If anyone else but my husband had come out with this story, then I would have laughed at it."

~ Katherine

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Tuesday, May 26

Two Fatal Family Crashes In Exactly The Same Place


Sometimes coincidences or synchronicity make you scratch your head and wonder 'why' something or other happened. This is one such true example.

George Michael Graham, 20, of Brisbane, Australia was killed as the motor cycle he was riding crashed into a pole. His 14 year old sister, riding pillion, also died.

A tragic accident, Sadly Mr Graham left a wife, Gloria Graham, and a four month old son.

Five months after the fatal accident Gloria was travelling on the back of a motor cycle, driven by her brother-in-law, Kevin Holcroft. The machine suddenly skidded on loose gravel and they crashed into a pole - the very same pole that her husband had fatally crashed into.

Kevin Holcroft died from his injuries and Gloria required two emergency operations to save her life.

Makes you wonder.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Monday, May 25

An Alien In The Wood

Alien hidden in the woods

Today is a Bank Holiday (Public holiday) in the UK so a quick photo as a post. I saw this alien last week while at Malpas, near Truro in Cornwall. There he was on a pile of logs by the river. I guess he'd settled in there as he had somewhere to hide and access to water. Couldn't see his UFO anywhere though.

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Saturday, May 23

The Wall Opened Up And She Saw Her Dead Mother

Vintage funeral late 1800s
Vintage funeral - California late 1800s
I seem to be on a roll with stories about people seeing their loved ones in some sort of spirit appearance after they have died. And it's not a new thing! Here's a story I've dug up from way back in 1869 by a Mrs. Ellis.

"On March 11, 1869, I was giving my little children their dinner at half-past one o'clock. As I was in the act of serving macaroni and milk from a tureen, I raised my head, and as I did so the wall opposite me seemed to open, and I saw my mother laying dead on her bed, in her little house.

Flowers were at her side and on her breast; she looked calm, but unmistakably dead, and the coffin was there.

It was so real that I could scarcely believe that the wall was brick and mortar, and not a transparent window.

I ought to say that when I was married my mother made me promise, as I was leaving home, to let her know if I died, and she would try to find some way of communicating to me the fact of her death - supposing that circumstances prevented the usual methods of writing or telegraphing."

~ Mrs Ellis

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Friday, May 22

Penpals Met By Concidence After 50 Years

Vintage bowls game in England late 1800s
Game of bowls in England from the late 1800s
Here's a coincidence I came across in an old issue of the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald. I have altered some of the wording slightly but otherwise the story is the same.

Emma Wiles, from NSW, visited a bowling club at Paddington, London, while on a world tour with her husband.

As the men played, Emma started chatting with a woman member and told her she was keen to know about Paddington.

"Why are you so interested?" the other asked.

Emma replied: "I went to school at Paddington, Sydney, and our English teacher suggested we write to schools in London with, if possible, the same names as ours. I corresponded with a girl named Emma Forsyth."

Emma Wiles says her companion turned quite pale, and then said, "You are Emma Hart and I am the Emma you wrote to."

Tears welled in their eyes, so much to say, so much to talk about. The pen-pal episode had begun 50 years ago, and now the two women called Emma had met by 'chance'.

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Thursday, May 21

Sees Grandmother From Beyond The Grave

Grandmother and reflection

This is a follow up to my post He Saw His Dead Friend. Matt Frost says that he too has seen someone who had died.

"In April, while drinking a cup of tea, I plainly heard a knock on the window, and, looking around, saw my grandmother outside. I went to the door, but did not see anyone.

Still feeling sure it was my grandmother, and knowing that, though eighty-three years old, she was very fond of a joke, I went around the house, but could not find anyone.

Later that day I received the news that my grandmother died about half an hour before I 'saw' her. I had not known she was ill. She had always promised me that she would come to me after she died if she could."

~ Matt Frost

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Wednesday, May 20

The Eton Wall Game Coincidence

Eton Wall Game
Eton Wall Game
Stepping back in time for today's coincidence story.

Dick Paget-Cooke was at Eton in November 1937, as a member of the Colleges' Eton Wall Game XI.

Arms linked with his team mates, he marched into the field of play, as the breeze blew their long scarves round their boots. Unbeknown to the team, a Life magazine photographer took a photo.

Moving forward eight years: Just prior to VE Day, 1945 Paget-Cook was a staff officer with 5 Corps HQ, he had permission to pass through Venice, which the last German forces had left a few days before. There he entered a newspaper and magazine shop and saw a copy of Life magazine.

The magazine hung on a rack near the ceiling. The proprietor dislodged it with a long pole.

Mr Paget Cooke said of this: "It fell on to the counter open at the page with the picture of myself walking on to the fields at Eton on that November day in 1937."

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Tuesday, May 19

The Shadow Men Stalking Our World

I first wrote about The Shadow People Who Stalk Our World back in 2013. At the time it got a very big response. I've also brought the subject up a couple of other times since then. Today we have someone's personal experiences of seeing Shadow Men. He wishes to remain anonymous, but here is his story.

"I used to see shadow people The first one I saw was when I was 14 years old back in 1999, before anyone started talking about them. I stopped seeing them in 2005 when I was almost 20.

The first sighting was when I was walking home from school. I lived in a small town of about 900 people and on the way to my house there was a wood bridge I had to cross. The shadow man was leaning against the right rail, slightly hunched over. He stood about 12 feet tall and was wearing a large top hat, that probably added another 2ft to the form.

I was on Main Street which meant this thing was about 70 yards away. It scared me so badly I walked about a mile out of my way to cross the car bridge. When I came past the wood bridge, on the other side, I didn't look toward it, but just ran home.

Also, the shadow men are not see-through, as some have stated, They are pure blackness.

I should also mention that at the time I was starting to fall into a deep depression and eventually attempted suicide, about a year later.

The second time I saw one it was in my bedroom at night. I could see it even though my room was pretty dark. They are darker than black, if that makes any sense.

It was on the wall past the foot of my bed and. when I noticed it, it moved along the ceiling and laid next to me in my bed. I wasn't that scared, oddly enough. I stuck my hand out and actually touched it. It was easily 10 degrees colder than my room, probably even more. I eventually went to sleep with it there.

The third time I saw one, and the last time, I was almost 20 years old and working at a foster home for a mentally challenged elderly woman.

It was at night and I was in bed trying to sleep. The house was in a larger city, so some outside lights were lighting up my room a bit. When I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling above me, there was a black circle about the size of a basketball. It grew in size rapidly, maybe about human sized but maintained its round shape, then it dropped at me. It happened rather fast and I closed my eyes and flinched so hard I kind of jumped laying down.

Anyway, those were my personal experiences I've shared with only a few people. I believe they tend to show up to people who are deeply depressed or with emotional problems.

I have a cousin who was in the hospital after she tried killing herself after she had a stillborn. This happened about 3 years ago. She was telling me she was visited by the devil. I'm an atheist so I didn't believe that. I asked her to describe this 'devil' and she said it was a black figure in the shape of a man that stood next to her in her hospital bed."

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Monday, May 18

He Saw His Dead Friend

Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia
A Vintage Photo of Collins Street, Melbourne
A short post of how a reader says he 'saw' a good friend who had died.

"Early in November, as I was walking up Collins Street, in Melbourne, about 4pm in the afternoon, I was amazed to see, among a number of people on the other side of the street, a very good friend, whom I believed to be in New Zealand at the time.

I ran across the street to speak to kim, and, as I neared the other side, it seemed to me as if a hand was passed for an instant before my eyes. In that moment my friend was gone, and though I looked everywhere around, I did not see him again.

A few days later I learned that my friend had died that very day and hour I had seen him."

~ George Quarry

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Saturday, May 16

Her Uncle Visited Her From Beyond The Grave

Red Poppies

The question with today's post is: Did Susan's uncle contact her from beyond the grave? Or maybe it was all a simple 'coincidence' - if there is such a thing, of course.

My uncle was a lovely, caring man and was a Manchester United [English soccer club] supporter.

When he died it was the day before Remembrance Day, and I visited the chapel of rest to say a last goodbye. Uncle was dressed in a black suit and tie with a white shirt, and it struck me how drab it all looked.

So I took a poppy I was wearing and pinned it to Uncle's lapel. Then I kissed him on the cheek and left.

Fast forward two years and I was sitting watching Manchester United playing in a Champions League match on TV. There was only me in the room but my son was upstairs watching the game.

The door to the hall was open and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw my son standing there. I turned to speak but there was no one there - just a glow of light on the floor.

This happened four times over the next 20 minutes or so, until eventually I got up and shouted up to my son, asking him if he'd been down. He said he hadn't. I returned to the lounge and continued to watch the game, still aware of the glow on the door,

There was a huge vase of silk poppies - my favourite flower - in the room. Suddenly one of the poppy heads fell off the flowers and onto the floor. I was quite shocked as I was the only person in the room and had not moved.

I phoned my sister's friend who is a psychic medium, and he asked me whose anniversary was around that time, I said my Uncle's.

Then he asked what I had given him in the chapel of rest. I was stunned, as it had been a poppy!

I ended the conversation and said: "Come in, Uncle, and watch the game." A few minutes later, when I turned round, the glow had gone from the door,

~ Susan Johns

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Friday, May 15

Coincidence Story: The Old Austin Car Was Seen Again

Austin A35 1954-58
Austin A35
Another coincidence story, this time from Mr. Johnson from Australia.

"We lived in Newcastle (Australia) in 1957 and traded a green Austin, ANO 448, for a new car. On holiday in Sydney in 1969 we visited Manly and wandered with our two small children through some of the back streets.

For no apparent reason, one child suddenly wandered up a private lane into a closed courtyard.

I hastened to retrieve her and entered the courtyard, the sole occupant of which was the green Austin, ANO448,"

~ C. Johnston

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Thursday, May 14

The Coincidence Of The Painting He Received

Painting by Ernest Buckmaster - Beach scene
Painting by Ernest Buckmaster
Mr. Charker used to work in the Australian Customs Department.

A New Zealand stationer decided to set up a business in Sydney and brought with him his unused stock. The goods were subject to import duty and included reproductions of paintings and prints.

Mr Charker explained: "Ordinarily, an importer has invoices or documents regarding cost prices. In this case this evidence was not available. In the absence of documents it was my responsibility to access values for duty purposes.

"Inquiries were made at Pratten Bros to ascertain a fair and reasonable wholesale selling price for reproductions to ascertain a value for duty purposes.

"They sent me a print - a view of Chinaman's Beach, painted by Ernest Buckmaster. Imagine my surprise to find that it had been painted from my own property at Mosman, and that Pratten Brothers had chosen this particular print, from the thousands, to send me!"

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Wednesday, May 13

The Decanter Stopper Coincidence

Crystal decanter stopper

Here's a coincidence story from Mary Candlish.

"I moved from one country town to another some years ago. When they emptied the tea chests, in which the remover had packed china, books, pictures and so on, we found that a decanter stopper was missing. The remover couldn't find it.

Eighteen months later a new neighbour invited me for afternoon coffee. Conversation turned to the hazards of moving. My neighbour mentioned having a chair damaged.

I told my story of the loss of the precious decanter stopper. When my neighbour realised we had both employed the same removal company, she dramatically left the room. She returned with my stopper in her palm!

She said she had found it in the bottom of a tea chest used in her move and had kept it because it was so pretty.

In the eighteen months between the two moves, the tea chest must have travelled thousands of miles, moving many households - with that little stopper lying in it - just waiting to be returned to the right address!"

~ Mary Candlish

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Tuesday, May 12

Two Friends Meet Again On A Transatlantic Voyage

SS Ventura 1922
A coincidence story today which linked up friends unexpectedly.

Emerson Curtis from St.Ives in NSW, Australia, and the late film producer, Charles Chauvel, were boyhood friends in Queensland.

As children they had grandiose plans for the future, and made a pact that eventually they would travel to the United States together - Chauvel to make movies and Curtis to be an artist.

After schooldays they parted company as often happens. Curtis became an artist, saved his money and booked a second-class passage on the Ventura, which was due to leave Sydney for the United States on April 7, 1922.

He wrote to his old friend, to stir him into action. His letter crossed with one fraom Chauvel who wrote that he, too, had booked passage on the Ventura for the same date.

Emerson Curtis was amazed as unbelievably, they had even booked berths in the same cabin!

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Monday, May 11

Her Deceased Husband Switched On The Kettle

A touching story today about a loved one making contact from beyond the grave. I realise some will say that this particular experience is too far fetched but, who's to say. See what you think.

My late husband Mike and I adored each other. We'd been together since I was 16 and he was 19, so imagine how devastated we were to learn that he had mesothelioma (asbestos related cancer).

I nursed Mike single-handed throughout his illness as I couldn't bear the thought of being parted from him. He died very peacefully sitting next to me, holding my hand, in his favourite chair, four days after his 60th birthday.

I was heartbroken and, as I stroked his hair as he took his last breath, I said: "Promise you'll always be with me Mike." Today I am positive he is.

A week after he died, I was trying to stick four tiles to the wall in the downstairs bathroom, because they'd fallen off. Often my eldest son, Steve, would call in to see me on his way to business meetings for a quick coffee and chat.

This particular morning, I was getting distressed as I couldn't get the tiles to stick. I suddenly cried out: "Oh Mike, if you were here you'd know what to do - and you'd be making me a cup of tea, wouldn't you?"

Within a couple of minutes, I heard the sound of the kettle in the kitchen. I waited (still in the bathroom) until I heard it click off, then called out to my son: "Steve, will you make the tea and coffee please?", thinking he had called in.

There was no reply, so I got off my knees and went to the kitchen - but there was no one around and the back door was locked. I went over to the kettle, which was still steaming and scolding hot. The last time the kettle had been used was for my breakfast at 7.30am - and it was now 11,15am.

I froze, but then a lovely warm feeling came over me. I said: "Is that you, Mike?" and I bawled my eyes out. So yes, there is life after death. I'm so relieved because I know that I will see my beloved Mike again.

~ Anne Ashe

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Saturday, May 9

The Devil's Sea Or Dragon's Triangle

Japanese dragon

The Bermuda Triangle is well known, but rarely do you hear about the other Triangle where strange things are said to happen: The Devil's Sea, sometimes known as the Dragon's Triangle.

This Devil's Sea is bounded by the south-coast of Japan, the northern tip of the Philippines and Guam. Boats have gone missing in this area and there is a history stretching back to ancient times.

When I was doing a little research on this I found that there is supposedly a striking coincidence between the Devil's Sea and the more famous Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle includes, almost at its western terminus, longitude 80 degrees west, a line where true north and magnetic north become aligned with no variation in compass readings.

On the other side of the world the 80 degrees west longitude becomes 150 degrees east, passing east of Japan and crossing the centre of the Devil's Sea (again true north and magnetic north become aligned). [Source: The Bryan Times Jan 7, 1974]

So what sort of recorded happenings is the Devil's Sea known for?

In 1954 the Japanese government is reported to have sent out a research vessel, the Kaio Maru No. 5, to investigate the mysteries of the Devil’s Sea. The Kaio Maru No. 5, and its crew of 31 people, were never seen again.

According to Charles Berlitz's book The Dragon's Triangle in the 1950s Japan lost five military vessels and their crews, totalling over 700 people, within the area. It was officially declared a danger zone.

Going back further in time Kublai Khan found difficulties with his attempts to invade Japan. In 1281 a force of 100,000 sailed from China in 3,500 ships. The Chinese ships all disappeared and were never seen again

If we look at ancient legends they tell of how dragons lived off the coast of Japan. This is how it became known to some as the Dragon's Triangle.

Some Ufologists also say there was an early close encounter of the third kind within the triangle. Wikipedia tells of the story:

"On February 22 in 1803, local fishers ... in the Hitachi province saw an ominous 'ship' drifting in the waters. Curious, they towed the vessel back to land ...  The upper part had several windows made of glass or crystal, covered with bars ... The windows were completely transparent and the baffled fishermen looked inside.

The inner side of the Utsuro-bune was decorated with texts written in an unknown language. ...Then the fishermen saw a beautiful young woman, possibly 18 or 20 years old. Her body size was said to be 1.5 metres (4.93 feet). The woman had red hair and eyebrows, the hair elongated by artificial white extensions ... This hair style cannot be found in any literature. The skin of the lady was a very pale pink colour. She wore precious, long and smooth clothes of unknown fabrics.

The woman began speaking, but no one understood her. She did not seem to understand the fishermen either, so no one could ask her about her origin. Although the mysterious woman appeared friendly and courteous, she acted oddly, for she always clutched a quadratic box made of pale material ...The woman did not allow anyone to touch the box, no matter how kindly or pressingly the witnesses asked.

... The fishermen reassembled the Utsuro-bune, placed the woman in it, and set it to drift away into the ocean."

So very briefly, that is the Devil's Sea or Dragon's Triangle.

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Friday, May 8

The Coincidence Of Twins

Taunton to Minehead road, Somerset
Taunton to Minehead Road A 358 - Photo: Martin Bodman
A short coincidence story that emphasises the closeness of identical twins.

Frank Clatworthy and his brother, Jack, are identical twins. They were injured within an hour of each other in separate traffic accidents on the same road near Taunton.

The 20 year old brothers were returning to their homes in separate automobiles when Frank's car overturned and Jack's car crashed through a hedge - both on the Taunton to Minehead road.

The twins who suffered cuts and concussion, did not know of the coincidence until they woke up in hospital - in adjacent beds!

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Thursday, May 7

The Coincidence Of The Lost And Found Class Ring

Madison Comprehensive High School

Here's a coincidence story involving a ring - rings seem to produce synchronicity at times.

Ohio: Reggie Sturts, a 1972 graduate of Madison Comprehensive High School, was digging a trench near an apartment complex when one of his workers noticed a gleam in the soil. This turned out to be a class ring from Sturt's high school, bearing the initials RAM.

He asked an old classmate about it and the classmate remembered Richard Metcalf, also a 1972 graduate.

Reggie Sturts and Richard Metcalf had been old friends, but had drifted apart many years ago. By some strange coincidence, however, they bumped into each other a few days after the ring was found!

Reggie asked if Metcalf was still wearing his class ring. The reply, was, "No."

Metcalf went on to explain how he lost the ring way back in 1975. At the time he was dating a woman who lived at the apartment complex (where Reggie had been digging) and remembers how he lost the ring while helping a neighbour remove a seat from a van.

After all of those years the ring was returned to it's rightful owner, though it no longer fits. Metcalf said, "I guess I might have it resized."

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Wednesday, May 6

Clairvoyant Predicted Her Own Imminent Death

Nell St. John Montague clairvoyant

Nell St. John Montague was one of London's best known society clairvoyants in the 1940s. She is said to have made many accurate predictions. Friends and associates therefore become concerned when she revealed what would be her own imminent death.

She told them, "I saw a fiery streak. Then a red mist spread over everything ..."

As she explained, her long experience had taught her that red mists always meant one thing: "Blood - a violent death." The "fiery streak" however remained a mystery even to her.

A few weeks following her prediction a Nazi buzz bomb (this was during World War 2) struck her London Home. This answered the question as to what the 'fiery streak' actually was. She had accurately predicted her death.

Prior to her death illustrious clients included the former Queen Victoria of Spain and Lady Clarisbrook - whose husband was a brother of Britain's Queen at the time. Victoria's first consultation with Miss Montague was one she wouldn't forget.

She warned Victoria that her wedding day would be the occasion of a number of violent deaths. The prediction was stunningly fulfilled.

As the bridal party drove away from the church a bouquet containing a bomb, was tossed at the royal carriage. Both the King and Queen escaped injury, but 24 other people were killed and 80 were wounded.

It is also reported that someone handed her an example of Hitler's handwriting. She, not knowing whose it was, said, "Whoever wrote that is as mad as a hatter."

There are many other predictions that proved accurate. In 1944 she forecast that Lord Louis Mountbatten "... will some day find a watery grave." This was shown in various newspapers in November of 1944.

The prediction took a long time to materialise, but in 1979 Lord Mountbatten went lobster potting in a wooden boat, moored in the harbour at Mullaghmore. An IRA member slipped into the boat and planted a radio-controlled bomb. Just a few hundred yards from the shore the bomb was detonated. Mountbatten was killed.

Some people do appear to have 'the gift'.

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Tuesday, May 5

A Coincidence And A Walk Through Tenerife Banana Plantations - 10 Photos

Teneriffe Coast and banana plantations

Ten photos from a walk we did in Tenerife in the Canary Islands - along the coast through some banana plantations. First though, the photos reminded me of a coincidence.

After the walk we were heading back to a small town and I said to Karin that we needed a map to see if there was anything interesting we may have missed. Within about 100 yards along the path, on the ground was - yes, a map. The one we wanted!

Anyway, back to the walk. At first there was a proper pathway between the plantations, though the bananas were well fenced off unless, that is ...

Path through banana plantations Canary Islands

... you were a cockerel or chicken. They clucked away happily between the plants.

Cockerel Tenerife

As we got higher, and the path more stony and uneven, we looked back and could see the hills had been terraced.

Terraced hills in Canary Islands

We were still close to the coast and some of the cacti had a good view.

North coast of Tenerife

The cliffs were black from the volcanic rocks ...


... and the sea was quite rough in parts looking down from on high.

White waves in Canary Islands

However, a little further and there was a small idyllic beach of black sand and white waves against the blue of he sea.

Perfect beach with black sand on Tenerife

The walk ended abruptly with a warning that the path ahead was dangerous. reluctantly we had to turn around but had the consolation of being able to see a way down to the beach in the photo above.

Footpath sign Canary Islands

And, of course we had seen lots of bananas!

Bunch Canary Islands bananas

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