Sunday, February 28

"If I Had Known" - How Many Times Have We Said This To Someone?

As it's Sunday, something different, a video for you to listen to. It was created by my Google+ friend Ann Kennedy. The song / poem is sung by her friend Matthew Wilson. All of the photos in the video have been taken by Ann. I think it's lovely - so, if you have time, please have a listen.

I wonder how many times we have said to someone, "If I had known ..."

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Saturday, February 27

Twins Reunited By Coincidence After 32 Years

Vintage twins photo
For illustration only
Over the years I have published various stories of twins being reunited by a coincidence. Here is another one I came across yesterday.

Paramus N.J: Identical twins who were separated at birth both grew up to become volunteer firefighters in New Jersey - a coincidence that led to their reunion nearly 32 years later.

Five days after their birth at a Bronx, NY, hospital, Mark Newman and Gerald Levy were adopted by different parents.

They grew up 30 kilometres from each other, played high school basketball, became avid hunters and fishermen, and took jobs in landscaping and then in safety installation services.

Both have grown handlebar moustaches in the summer and beards in the winter, Each has developed the same bald spot.

The twins even attended the same firefighters convention in southern New Jersey, but missed each other.

It wasn't until another convention, that a friend of Newman's saw Levey, noticed the resemblance between the two and brought them together.

The twins, both fire captains, were introduced, shook hands, but nothing else happened. After a few minutes, a friend Jim Tedesco told Newman, "Look at Jerry, doesn't he look like someone you know?"

"I thought to myself: he wears glasses like me, he's got a nose like me," recalled Newman. "Then he took off his hat."

The same bald spot did the convincing!

After the reunion, Levey called his parents to confirm he had a twin, and the men have seen each other just about every week since.

Newman said he believes that although there are many things he doesn't know about his twin, "I really don't have to get to know him. He's me and I'm him."

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Friday, February 26

Coincidences That Told Them They Would Be Lottery Winners

Lottery winners car

Here's a coincidence story that made me laugh. It was in the Daily Mail newspaper dated February, 24th and was from Colin Brown of Surrey, England.

Some years ago, when the National Lottery [UK] had just started, my wife and I decided to have a short break in Scotland.

We left London on the first leg of the journey and got on the motorway going north. After driving a few miles, we were idly chatting about what we would do in the next few days. My wife, with a smile, said that in the paper that morning her stars foretold of much luck coming soon.

"The usual rubbish," I replied - before asking what mine had predicted. Apparently an opportunity would arise and I must take it. How many times have we heard that?

Suddenly a very large lorry appeared in my rear-view mirror. He was going faster than me and was obviously going to overtake us. No problem.

Eddie Stobart lorry
As he drew level we saw that it was an Eddie Stobart lorry and, as was the norm, he had a lady's name painted on the side of the cab. It was 'Marina', my wife's name. How about that, we both thought.

But, as he drew away from us, the car following him overtook us as well.

"Look!" my wife shouted.

"What's wrong?" I said, thinking something bad had happened. "Look at his number plate." she urged. I looked. The letters were CJB - my initials!

We looked at one another, incredulous. What were the chances of that happening?

Car Licence Plate
Straight away I said to my wife, "We can't just ignore this, and as soon as we reach the hotel, I'm going to buy us a Lottery ticket each."

We arrived and I did, and do you know what?

To our amazement we didn't win a b****y thing!

~ Colin Brown

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Wednesday, February 24

A Dream Saved Their Lives From A Volcanic Eruption

Mt Pelée
Mt Pelee
Early in 1902, an American tourist in St.Pierre, on the island of Martinique in the West Indies had a terrifying dream.

Mt Pelee eruption 1902
Mrs C.M Craig of New York City has a dream in which she saw her husband and brother, who were on vacation with her, standing in a rain of fire which seemed to be coming from a black cloud over Mt. Pelee.

In the dream, she saw the men killed by some half-crazed natives seeking shelter from the fire.

When she awoke, Mrs Craig told her husband and brother about the dream. They laughed. But she insisted the dream had spoiled her vacation and suggested they leave St Pierre at once.

They finally gave in. The Craigs left for New York in mid-April. It was during the early morning of May 8th that Mt Pelee erupted, killing about 40,000 persons and turning St Pierre into a lifeless city.

There was only one temporary survivor - although he eventually died of burns. He was Auguste Ciparis, a drunk and thief, who was the sole occupant of the jail's underground solitary cell.

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Tuesday, February 23

The Gipsy Evangelist And A Peculiar Rain Coincidence In Portland

Rain storm

I had never heard of Rodney 'Gypsy' Smith (1860 – 1947) previously, but then I saw him mentioned twice in one day. He was an evangelist, born in England, who conducted evangelistic campaigns in the United States and Great Britain for over 70 years.

I came across a newspaper cutting from 1911 about Gipsy headed Peculiar Coincidence at Great Meeting in Portland. This is the story:

Rodney Gypsy Smith
Portland, Nov 13 - When a violent storm made the sound of his own voice almost inaudible to the crown that packed the Gypsy Smith tabernacle yesterday afternoon, the evangelist made a direct appeal to the Almighty for peace.

In less than two minutes the noise of the falling rain on the roof had ceased. Even the howling of the wind seemed to have stilled. Gypsy Smith said that he was awed by what seemed like an immediate answer to a request that was almost a command.

"Lord, this is thy meeting," the exhorter prayed. "This is thy meeting and not mine. The rain thou has sent makes it impossible for those in the back of this great building to hear. For this reason many are leaving us. Lord, this is thy message and you've got to see they hear it."

Arms were stretched to their topmost limits of reach. The evangelist waited, then started his address. Before he said a dozen sentences, the rain, which up to that time had been continuous since the beginning of the meeting, stopped, and amid a dramatic stillness the Gypsy told the message that he had come from England to Portland to deliver.

"I want to give glory to God," was his comment.

Gypsy Smith Story in Brief:

Gypsy Smith when young
Smith was born in a Romani bender tent in Epping Forest, six miles north-east of London, England Today the site is marked with a large, commemorative stone in the woods near Waterworks Corner, Woodford Green. Smith received no education, and his family made a living selling baskets, tinware, and clothes-pegs.

At 16 he taught himself to read and write and began to practice preaching. He would sing hymns to the people he met and was known as the singing gypsy boy.

From these beginnings, he travelled extensively around the world on evangelistic crusades, drawing crowds numbering in the hundreds of thousands throughout his life.

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Monday, February 22

I Heard A Ghost On My Stairs

Ghost on the stairs

I have to admit that I have never seen a ghost or spirit, but I believe I have felt a presence and have noticed a lingering smell - such as my dad's blend of tobacco following his death. I've also experienced things like my father's watch stopping at the exact time my son was born. I have written about this previously, but I think I may have heard something as well ...

This happened when my wonderful mum was near to drawing her last breath. She had only days to live so it was a very emotional time. Two days before she died I was in the bathroom having an early morning shower when my wife called out that she was popping down to the local shop for something. "Won't be long," she said.

I finished my shower, and all was quiet as I dried myself, when I heard someone slowly coming up the stairs, their footsteps slow and precise. I took no real notice as I presumed it was my wife back already.

I got dressed and made my way downstairs for breakfast when I heard my wife at the front door. She told me she had just returned. "But I heard you come up the stairs," I said.

"Well it wasn't me," she laughed.

Puzzled, and a little apprehensive, I searched the house and felt quite relieved that there was nobody about. It would have been impossible for anyone to get in, as all of the doors and windows were locked - and yet I definitely heard someone coming up our stairs and passing the bathroom.

My wife did say that it was perhaps my mum paying a last visit. Then I remembered another incident from when I was a child of probably five or six.

I was home from school as I hadn't been well. We lived upstairs in a flat (apartment). Suddenly my mum and I heard slow footsteps coming up the stairs. I remember being terrified listening to the steady tread on the stairs and continuing towards our living room. Even my mum looked apprehensive.

The door opened, and it was my grandmother! The front door was unlocked so she had just walked in and up the stairs. This was the one and only time she ever visited our flat, even though we lived there for nearly thirteen years - I won't go into the reasons why.

I remember vividly to this day how, when she came through the door, I was shaking with fear because I didn't know who it could possibly be.

The steps sounded exactly the same as those on my own stairs that morning.

It may seem very fanciful, maybe I'm fooling myself, but I can't help but think that either my mother or her mother was on the stairs that day.

"Ever near us, though unseen ... 
the fair immortal spirits tread; 
For all this boundless universe is life; there are no dead." 
~ Bulwer-Lytton

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Saturday, February 20

Should The UK Vote To Stay Or Leave The European Union? The Kittens Have Decided!

Kittens voting

The big decision for us in the UK: Should we leave or stay in the European Union? I don't think David Cameron fully achieved what most of us hoped in his negotiations - but the kittens have already decided what to vote on June 23rd

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Friday, February 19

The Coincidence Of The Man Who Looked Like An Egg

A short coincidence story from my cuttings.

Clipart old man with beard
In 1942 a new master arrived at my school. This was wartime, and as the younger generation was away fighting, it wouldn't have been easy to find teachers.

So Dr Polak arrived to teach French and German - though he spoke very little English himself. We learned that he had escaped the Nazis when they entered Austria.

Dr Polak was a short man with a body like an egg and a long white beard that stretched lower than his waist. He was always gesticulating with his thumb and first finger.

In the early spring of 1945, I was back in South Wales, guarding German PoWs while they worked in the fields. Each working party had an English speaking PoW.

One day it was raining very heavily, so my working party remained in the camp to carry out duties, and eventually retired to a Nissen hut for their midday break.

The English speaking PoW was wearing an arm badge, signifying he was Austrian.

"Do you speak German," he asked me.

"No," I replied, "but my French teacher was Austrian. Dr Polak ..."

"Polak looks like an egg?" he asked. "Long white beard. Always gesticulating with finger and thumb. He taught me in my school in Vienna."

~ Ron Pegg

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Thursday, February 18

Never Mock A Cat: It Can Have Disastrous Consequences

Louis Wain cats postcard

Louis Wain (5 August 1860 – 4 July 1939) was an English artist known for his drawings, which consistently featured anthropomorphised large-eyed cats and kittens. In his hey day he was amazingly popular and earned lots of money. There were Louis Wain books, calendars, tablecloths, toys, chair covers and so on. Suddenly though he dropped out of public life and wasn't heard of again until after his death.

Following his passing friends started wonder if Wain had been accursed by the drawings he had made of cats. Stories circulated about how the ancient Egyptians revered cats as supernatural beings, It was suggested that the cats had the power to send Louis Wain to a living death.

One of his old friends said, "When Louis first drew a cat in ridicule it was the beginning if the end."

Cats racing drawing by Louis Wain

Wain first began drawing cats following the sad loss of his young bride. He was soon drawing dozens of cats every week - cats at tea parties, cats playing cricket, cats reading books. His cats became an amusing commentary on the human race.

Gradually though his output exceeded his inspiration, it was no longer sufficient to make his cats merely amusing. The creatures of his drawings became more and more ridiculous and comic.

It was then that the cats seemed to take their revenge.

A week before Wain was due to form a new oil company, which would have revolutionised the industry, the British government issued a decree forbidding the formation of such companies. Wain had sunk his fortune in the the preliminary expenses - and was ruined and penniless.

Louis Wain cat drawing

Soon after a shipload of model cats he had made in America was lost at sea. Huge sales had been assured for the cargo - it appeared as if the cats themselves had ordained that the money should never be made.

The next blow came when his sister, who ran Waine's home suddenly died.

With less and less demand for his work, Wain often went hungry, though he still created an appearance of affluence.

Out of the blue the tide turned in his favour - and once more, so his superstitious friends said, the cats had their revenge. A film company came to an agreement for film cartoons featuring his cats. Wain got on a bus to go to their offices to sign the contract - but there was a crash.

Wain was catapulted from the bus top into the street below. Two dray horses reared in sudden fright and stamped on him.

For more than a week Wain lay unconscious. When he came round, he moaned, "The cat! The cat!"

Soon after this he had to go to a mental hospital.

The cats had robbed him of his wealth, his health and his reason.

When he died, cats were in his last delirium. Then a warehouse containing the greater part of his original sketches was bombed.

It's said that the ancient Egyptians believed that to mock a cat meant death.

Footnote: Wain was said to be in the mental hospital with schizophrenia. According to Wikipedia this may have been precipitated by toxoplasma gondii, a parasite which is excreted by cats in their faeces. So the cats got to him one way or another!

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Tuesday, February 16

Embarrassing Coincidence On A Nudist Beach

Sun bathing

An embarrassing coincidence story today from 67 Not Out reader Alice. I don't think the story needs any further introduction.

"I read your post about Sally's Embarrassing Coincidence and it brought back memories from a holiday I had in 2010. I had a similar embarrassing coincidence happen to me. Please don't print my full name as the thought makes me still blush today, Alice will do.

I was on holiday with my husband in Fuerteventura before our daughter was born. The island has lovely long, sandy beaches though sometimes it can be very windy as they blow in from the Atlantic. It was unknown to us before we arrived but many of the beaches are full of nudists. At least I don't think my husband knew!

At first we were very modest when we went to the beach and kept well covered but as we didn't know anyone we gradually got braver. I went topless and finally both of us took the lot off. It was a very pleasant experience sunbathing and then swimming in the sea to cool off.

This was fine, as I said we didn't know anyone else, and we walked quite a long way along the beach so we wouldn't bump into any of the other hotel guests. It was nearly 2000 miles from home, I told myself.

After four or five days of this I was even brave enough to go for a swim by myself. I came out of the water and, very similar to Sally's story, I herd a voice say, "Hello Miss."

I'm a junior school teacher and there before me was one of my pupils, aged seven, looking at me. Worse still was his father was standing next to him fully nude. I wanted to run away as I felt so flushed and embarrassed. I took a deep breath, which probably wasn't a wise thing to do, and mumbled something like, "Hello Timmy and what a lovely day it is Mr J****," and with that I turned round and shakily walked away.

We went to a different beach the following day! I remember the holiday fondly as the daughter I mentioned was born nine months later."

~ Alice

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Monday, February 15

A Coincidence Or A Prayer Answered?

A story today from Josue about a coincidence that happened in his life - or maybe you will interpret it as a prayer answered.

"I wanted to share a personal story of mine.

As a child I was taught Catholic and Jewish beliefs. I'd have to say that growing up within these religions left me a bit confused. It wasn't long before I decided that religion was just bull.

However, despite my beliefs at this point, my story takes me on a journey of faith - which I promised myself I would share if I had the opportunity.

When I was five years old my father left my mother and I.

I didn't realise or know, until many years later, as to why he left us. It was because he was sick and suffered from schizophrenia. To cut a long story short, he left as he considered this would be what was best for us. Unfortunately though, until I discovered this fact, during all my years while growing up I hated him.

Fourteen years later, after understanding why he left me, I prayed and asked God to forgive me for having hated my dad for all of those years.

The very next day, out of the blue, I had a phone call from my dad! He called, after all of those years, just to say hello.

When I think now about this coincidence, I fall back on the thought that God must have heard my prayer."

~ Josue

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Saturday, February 13

English Neighbours Met In Texas By Complete Coincidence

Neighbours clipart

Here's a quite remarkable coincidence story I saw in the Daily Mail from Gill Cooper. It perhaps also says something about relationships with neighbours in England!

Some years ago my husband and I went to Texas [from England] for a short break. Whilst driving around we became lost and finding a small shop my husband went inside with paper and pencil to get directions.

He came out grinning and relayed the following:

A chap inside, also a customer, heard his accent and asked which part of the UK he was from. "Oxford," replied my husband.

"Wow," said the American, "I am living in Oxford too. Which part?"

"Middle Barton," said my husband.

"What?" exclaimed the American, "but that's where I live too."

"How odd," said my husband and gave the American the name of our road. At this the American gasped like a fish. "That's my road," he stuttered.

It turned out he lived just five doors away from us. Strange thing is, we had never seen him before and never saw him afterwards either, although we did get a letter for him, mis-posted through our door, which even more oddly came from Texas!

It is a very small world.

~ Gill Cooper

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Friday, February 12

Did Fate Save Some Men At A Mine Disaster?

Mather Mine disaster
Mather Mine
Somehow or other I came to be reading about the Mather Mine disaster, Wikipedia describes it thus:

"The Mather Mine disaster refers to the events surrounding an explosion that occurred in the Mather Mine on May 19, 1928 at 4:07 PM in Mather, Pennsylvania. A report released by the United States Bureau of Mines states that a total of 195 men were killed in the catastrophe ..."

Now what struck me is how some men weren't working on the day of the disaster for some reason or other - and other men were working, when they shouldn't have been. In other words some men were saved and others were killed. Was this a coincidence, or was fate playing a part in saving some but killing others?

Here's how some men survived ...

Bill Bakura, father of Mrs. Walter Montgomery of Waynesburg, was almost ready to enter the mine that fateful day when suddenly he became ill. He went home, and his substitute became one of the victims.

Mike Mullen's alarm clock failed to go off, and he missed work that day.

Carl Doney overslept and his life was spared.

Joe Guidi and his father were about to enter the mine when Joe told his father he had a strange feeling something was going to happen. He replaced his pit lamp and went home. They brought the body of his father home several days later,

The entire Mather baseball team left work early because it had a big game in Nemacolin that evening. Charles Haber, an infielder, returned later to the mine to get his tools. He was the only member of the team to die that day.

An unnamed miner had a terrible nightmare about a rock-fall on the night before the disaster and refused to work that day. As a consequence he lived for many more years.

But others were there when perhaps they need not have been:

An unnamed young miner volunteered to work that day to make extra money for a trip with his wife. They were going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary,

Four brothers, Paul, Sam, John and Andy Bootz were killed. Two of the brothers had only started at the mine the previous day.

It seems, whenever there is a disaster there are stories of how people perhaps missed a flight or train journey, or felt they shouldn't go somewhere on a particular day. It always makes me wonder if there is a time to die and also a time when we should live. If so, I wonder how that decision is reached?

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Thursday, February 11

The Ghost Who Leaves Pennies In A Tyre Depot

1938 Penny
1938 Penny
When Nick White bought the building to start up a tyre sales depot he was warned by the previous owner, Nigel Lee, about strange goings on in the property - Mr.Lee had to call out a clergyman to perform an exorcism.

This didn't put Nick off and for three years all was okay ... but then ghostly things started happening again.

The building does have a history as it was once a chapel (in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK) and was also used as a makeshift mortuary in World War II.

Mr.White started seeing an uninvited guest, dressed in 1940s clothing, who seemed to want to move things around during the night. Tyres ended up in different places and the 'ghost' threw stones and coins at staff.

One of the strangest incidents was that Nick started finding penny coins, dated 1936 and 1938, that's from when George VI was on the British throne. Twice the coins have been found in identical places when he has opened up in the mornings.

Mr.White said, "I took all the strange stories with a big pinch of salt when I bought the place. But I wouldn't like to say it's not true any more. There's no logical explanation for the two old pennies turning up like they did - I wish there was. It's a little scary knowing that there's something happening while the place is locked up at night"

Looks like ghosts don't mind where they haunt - even tyre depots.

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Wednesday, February 10

10 Coincidences About The First Seven USA Presidents

The White House lawn
Photo credit: Daniel Schwen
Here are ten coincidences I discovered from the Boston Transcript of 1855, about the first seven Presidents of the United States i.e. Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and Jackson. Not sure how good the coincidences are, but this is what was recorded at the time:

George Washinton
First Coincidence: Four of the seven were from the same state (Virginia).

Second: Two others bearing the same name (Adams) were from the same state,

Third: The remaining of the seven (Jackson), being particularly tenacious of his opinions and ways came very properly from Tennessee.

Fourth: All of them, except one, were sixty-six years of age on retiring from office.

Fifth: All these last mentioned served two terms.

Sixth: The one who served one term only, had he served two terms would have been sixty-six on retiring,

Seventh: Three of the seven men died on July 4, and two of them on the same day and year.

Eighth: Only one of the seven had a son, and that son was one of the seven Presidents.

Ninth: Two of them were of the subcommittee of three that drafted the Declaration of Independence, and which happened just half a century from the day of declaration.

Tenth: In respect to the names of all, it may be said in conclusion, that the initials of two of the seven were the same - and the initials of still two others were the same. But one who stands alone in this particular, stands alone also in the admiration and love of his countrymen and of the civilised world - Washington.

That's it!

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Monday, February 8

The Coincidence Of The Servant Maid's Reply Stupefied Him

Maid From 1896

They were flabbergasted back in March of 1896 over this coincidence story, so much so it appeared in several newspapers. Here's the article - which also illustrates something about life back in those days. The style of the language is also interesting.

Mr. Clinton lived in Dorchester, where he had a large establishment. One night his child's nurse was taken suddenly ill with a kind of spasm. The woman's services to the infant had been invaluable and her faithfulness had won her the respect and affection of her master.

As the coachman happened to be away that evening and the necessity for the services of a physician was urgent, Mr Clinton saddled his horse and rode hastily into town and was soon ringing the door of the family doctor, in Boylston Street.

His inquiry of the servant maid who opened the door as to whether the doctor was home was met by a reply which stupefied him for a moment, so that he fell back against the wall of the passage and forgot the exigency of his errand.

"Dr, J is out," said the girl. "Mr. Clinton, a patient of his, came in on horseback an hour ago, and asked him to come to see a nurse in his family who was in convulsions."

Recovering from the shock of an apparent doppelganger thus forced upon his conception, questioning elicited the fact that the second patient, bearing his own name, lived in Charlestown.

In all other things the circumstances concerning two persons of the same patronymic was identical. The hour, the illness, the vocation of the sufferer, the arrival on horseback, were accidental coincidences which led nowhere and meant nothing, though they might, with stimulating attributes, have furnished food for the wildest credulity.

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Sunday, February 7

The Coincidence Of The Date On An Old Photo Of Her Boyfriend

Clipart woman with baby photo

A coincidence story I received a while back from Suzie Shine all about a date on a photo.

I have been living with my boyfriend for three years and a couple of weeks ago we went to see his parents. I don't really get on too well with his mother but that's another story, though his father laughs and says it's because we are so alike - ugh, the thought of that!

The boyfriend's mother dug out loads of baby photos of her darling little boy. He looked quite cute as a baby, he still does actually. There was one larger photo and for some reason I turned it over and there on the back was a date in pencil.

I took a bit of a gulp as the date was my birthday: day, month and year!

The boyfriend is two years older than me so it can't have been the date the photo was taken. This picture was of him as a very small baby. His mother and father have no idea why the date is there or what it means.

It's puzzling me as to what this might mean. Maybe our relationship is written in the stars or something. Could that be church bells I'm hearing? Finger's crossed.

~ Suzie

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Saturday, February 6

Voices From The Dead

life after death

Following on from yesterday's post, here is another story, from Pam James, about hearing the voice of someone who has died. Again, is it fact or imagination at an emotional time?

Five days before Christmas 1993, my mum, aged 80, was admitted to hospital for investigations.

She told me she had discussed which hymns she wanted at her funeral with my sister.

I was quite indignant, but found myself saying that if she did go and there was 'another side', would she please come back and give me a sign. Sadly, on Christmas Eve, she died unexpectedly and we were called to the hospital.

Eventually we were given a cup of tea and I looked out of the window and thought what lovely weather it was. Suddenly, my mum shouted out: "I'm all right, I'm all right!" I put my hand to my throat as my heart was thumping so fast and hard.

However, what really surprised me was that the four other people in the room had not reacted and therefore heard nothing.

I think myself fortunate that I asked for a sign that day - I have no doubts that we survive death,

~ Pam James

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Friday, February 5

Hearing Voices From Beyond the Grave

Voices from beyond the grave

Hearing voices from beyond the grave - imagination or fact? Here is one such experience, see what you think. I'll publish another experience tomorrow.

Five years ago, my wife, Pat died. We had been together for more than 40 years and had often discussed what we thought happens when people die.

Pat had an outright belief in another life, but I used to joke that I was waiting for someone tell me. My wife's death completely destroyed me. But I survived beacuse I can hear her talking to me and I feel her presence.

I had a heart valve replaced in 2011 and I never had a moment's worry because she told me it would be OK.

I just wait until I can smell Pat's perfume and feel her touching my face, because I know she will be calling me soon.

I loved my wife totally and without question. It can be an advantage to see the other side sometimes. Love never dies.

- Geoff Prescott.

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Thursday, February 4

Coincidence: The Bell That Broke On The Duke Of Wellington's Death

Dangan Castle
Dangan Castle
A coincidence I came across regarding the Duke of Wellington, (1769-1852) British Prime Minister in the 1830s. The original newspaper cutting is shown below.

Duke of Wellington
On the death of the Duke of Wellington the bells of Trim, near Dangan Castle, his father's seat in Ireland, for which, when a young man, Wellington had sat in the Irish Parliament, rang a muffled peal, when the tenor, a beautifully toned bell, suddenly broke.

It was found by a curious coincidence to have been cast in 1769, the year of the Duke's birth.

Newspaper cutting from 1879 about Duke of Wellington
Original newspaper cutting
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