Saturday, April 30

Life After Death - No. 2

Woman on death bed

Following on from my post on April 28th, Life After Death, here is another similar story.

In 2005 I was caring for my mother in her final days. She was terminally ill with cancer. My mother was a non-believer in religion, ghosts, the after-life and anything she'd consider 'soppy nonsense'.

Towo days before she died, she was in a bad way and bedridden. She was lapsing in and out of consciousness. I sat with her constantly.

One evening she pointed towards the end of the bed. "Joe," she said, the name of my father, who had died 12 years earlier. "What, Mum?" I asked.

"He's here, waiting for me," she told me, "I can see him."

She looked happy and serene.

I still don't know what to make of it, but it did seem very real to her. I witnessed no other visions or imaginings. I wonder?

~ Mrs. J.J.M.

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Friday, April 29

The Harry Potter Magical Rosicrucian Coincidence

Harry Potter

About four years ago, I wrote about the similarities between the Harry Potter stories and the Rosicrucian work, from 1616, The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. "Is this where JK Rowling got her ideas from?", I wondered, "or is it simply coincidence."

JK Rowling does know her magic. In an interview she said:

"I've never wanted to be a witch, but an alchemist, now that's a different matter. To invent this wizard world, I've learnt a ridiculous amount about alchemy. Perhaps much of it I'll never use in the books, but I have to know in detail what magic can and cannot do in order to set the parameters and establish the stories' internal logic."

Okay, lets take a look at the 'coincidences' between Harry Potter and The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz:

~ Harry Potter goes to an ancient castle for seven years; in the Chemical Wedding Christian Rosenkreutz (CR) goes to a castle for seven days.

~ Harry Potter and CR are given a letter of invitation during a violent storm.

~ To reach the castle, Harry travels across a lake with mermaids in it. To reach the Tower of Olympus CR travels across a sea with mermaids.

~ Harry is faced with being sorted into one of four houses; CR faces four paths to choose from at the beginning of his journey to the castle.

~ Both books mention Paracelsus.

~ A number of mystery animals are mentioned in both books e.g. the phoenix, the unicorn and the griffin.

~ In both the Tower of Olympus and Harry's castle lives a very ancient man who is in control of the whole proceedings.

~ In both books the meals are served up by invisible servants in a hall lightened by floating candles.

~ In both books there is a funeral where a phoenix appears.

... and so on.

There is a free English version, in a pdf format, of The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz here.

So there we have it ... though there is one more similarity / coincidence:

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix we are told that, "There is a room ... that ... contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature ... It is the power held within that room that you possess in such quantities and which Voldermort has not at all."

This force is called love ... but is called Venus in the 1616 book.

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Thursday, April 28

Life After Death

Vintage photo of man with a bird

Two short stories from my clippings, perhaps illustrating the possibility of life following, what we call, death.

My father died when my granddaughter was two-and-a-half. On our first Christmas without him, we were all in the kitchen at my daughter's house when my granddaughter came running in the room saying, "Grandpa's here."

She grabbed me by the hand, took me into the empty sitting room and pointed to the sofa, saying, "Look, here he is."

She could see him and was so happy. It made a difficult day much easier. She was too young to be pretending.

~ Grannytowins

My mother always sang You Are The Sunshine Of My Life when I was a little girl. On my birthday, five years after she had died, I said, "I love you Mum," and was so sad.

At that moment, out of all the songs in the world, Stevie Wonder came on the radio singing that song!

~ Anonymous

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Wednesday, April 27

The Squirrel's Leap Answered His Question

English squirrel

A very short coincidence story today, from Nick, about a squirrel and a question being answered.

Once, me and my friend were sitting in a park having a smoke on a bench. We were talking about a television program we saw, in which a squirrel had to decide if it was going to get eaten by a jungle snake or jump out of a tree from high up in the branches. The squirrel decided to jump.

I brought up the question to my pal, "Would the squirrel have died?" Literally 15 seconds later a squirrel fell out of the tall tree we were sitting under and ran off. I guess our question was answered!

- Nick

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Tuesday, April 26

He Shared An Out Of Body Experience With His Wife - And Saved Her From Choking

Out of body experience

Following on from yesterday's post, Readers Out Of Body Experiences, here's another example OBE from Henry Pierce.

I had an out-of-body experience. In my case it occurred during a period of normal health.

What made the experience outstanding is the fact that it was shared by my wife. She, too, had the impression that I had been out of my body, and she was able to describe what happened before I had even hinted that I had been having anything resembling an out-of-body-experience.

I had been in bed for perhaps an hour when it happened. The thing I remember most clearly is the feeling that I was re-entering my body after a period of having been separated from it.

I was unable to recall all the details of what had happened while I was 'out', but one thing was particularly striking was that my wife had been in some danger during this period and that, in this out-of-body condition, I had intervened to help her.

I would have dismissed the experience as an illusion were it not for the fact that, when I asked my wife what had happened at that moment, she independently verified the details of my own experience.

It should be re-emphasised that I was careful not to tell her I had been undergoing anything like an out-of-body-experience until after she had given me her account.

She had been lying in bed, she said, and had suddenly started to choke, although she didn't know why, She was terrified, she said. She was unable to cry out. At that point, she said, she thought she saw me leave my body, take a position near her head, and in some way relieve the choking. "It seemed as if you used a force from your mind to stop it," she said.

Her statement coincided with my own impressions. There was nothing in her account that didn't fit in with what I was able to recall of the event.

It may be significant in this regard that when I asked my wife what 'I' looked like when apart from my body, she said she could best compare it to a field of energy. Metaphorically, she said, it might be likened to a sphere of light, although she emphasised that the comparison was only approximate. There are no words to describe it precisely, she said.

The experience has led me to keep an open mind to the possibility that there may be a good deal more to the mind than can be encompassed by our present theoretical models. I offer no speculation or interpretation beyond that.

~ Henry Pierce

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Monday, April 25

Readers Out Of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experience

It's not something I have experienced myself, but I have come across many people who have had Out of Body Experiences. Some of these experiences appear to come about spontaneously while in a crisis situation - such as while in intense pain, when seriously ill or under medical surgery, following an accident and so on. Though, in saying this, I have met people who claim they can leave their bodies at will. This is often referred to as astral projection.

Here are a couple of experiences from 67 Not Out readers.

I personally had an Out of Body Experience and had not heard of anything like this previously.

There was a time in my life when I was mired in the depths of the greatest emotional pain that I have ever endured. At the height of my suffering, I felt myself float upwards and behind my body. For a few minutes I floated there looking down at myself.

I remember the immense peace that I felt while floating. My thoughts during this experience were that I had no idea my body was capable of such an emotional extreme, and I was marvelling at what was happening. After my body calmed down I migrated back into it.

From what happened to me I might offer that perhaps the spirit is incapable of occupying the body when the body is experiencing extreme pain. Once the body is again a suitable vessel, the spirit will return to its earthy natural state.

I recall having my drink spiked followed by a blur and then waking up in hospital in what I thought to be a critical condition. I looked down on myself from above and witnessed my mum and her friend at my bedside.

The strange thing was that I felt serene and peaceful but here is the twist in the story. I never actually woke up that night. I was essentially in a coma with drips and all sorts of things attached to me.

When, feeling better, I saw my mum and I apologised to her for the grief I had caused everybody and we spoke about the night before. I will remember till the day I die the look on my mother's face when I told her that I remembered seeing her and her friend at my bedside the night before.

To which she replied that I must have dreamt it because I was completely out of it and was in a coma when she had visited me the night before.

I have since tried to leave my body myself but I am unable to do so, as it feels very strange, and I guess fear plays a big part.

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Saturday, April 23

Time Doesn't Exist: All We Have Is The Present Moment

Wealthy Times

Once upon a time I published several mail order magazines, one being Wealthy Times. I did this for about ten years, initially part time and later full time. I then decided to move on to other things when I sensed that the Internet would take over from publishing. Anyway, today's post is an article I published in Wealthy Times back in 1997. Something happened yesterday to remind me of this.

All you have is now. The measure of our peace of mind and the measure of our personal effectiveness are determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment.

Regardless of what happened yesterday, and what happened today, now is where you are. From this point of view, the key to happiness and contentment must be focusing on the present moment.

One of the beautiful things about children is that they absorb themselves totally in the present moment. They manage to stay involved in whatever they are doing, whether that be watching a beetle, drawing a picture, building a sandcastle or wherever they choose to devote their energies.

As we become adults, many of us learn the art of worrying about several things at once. We can allow past problems and future concerns to crowd into our present so that we become miserable and ineffective.

We also learn to postpone our pleasures and our happiness, often developing a notion that sometime in the future everything will be much better than it is now.

The High School student thinks, "When I'm out of school and don't have to do what I'm told, everything will be great!" He leaves school and recognises that he won't be happy until he has left home.

He leaves home and starts University and soon decides, "When I have got my degree, then I'll be really happy!" Eventually he gets his degree at which time he realises he can't be happy until he has a job.

He gets a job and has to start at the bottom of the heap. You guessed it, he can't be happy yet.

As the years roll by he postpones his happiness and peace of mind until he gets engaged, gets married, starts buying a home, gets a better job, starts a family, gets the kids in school, owns his home, gets the kids out of school, retires ... and he drops dead before he allows himself to be blissfully happy. All his present moments were spent planning for a wonderful future which never arrived.

Living in the now is about expanding our awareness to make the current moment more delicious, rather than shutting off. Each of us has the choice, moment to moment, as to whether we really live and absorb and allow ourselves to be touched and affected.

Whenever we are living in the present moment, we drive fear away from our mind. Essentially fear is the concern over events which might not happen sometime in the future. This concern is paralysing to the point where we find it almost impossible to do anything constructive.

However, you are only open to intense fear when you are being inactive. The minute you start to take action and actually do something fear subsides. Living in the now is about taking action without fear of the consequences. It is about putting in our effort for the sake of the involvement, without worry as to whether we will get our just rewards.

Time doesn't really exist, except as an abstract concept in your head. The present moment is the only time you have. Make something of the moment!

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Friday, April 22

Saw A Ghost In A Vacant Store - Mystery Solved At Last

1890s Police Officer

There's always an explanation some will say ... ghosts are only imaginary. The debate has rumbled on for hundreds of years. Here's a ghostly story I found from 1898 - where the mystery is solved.

The residents on and near Racine Street in the vicinity of Brady and Kenwaunee Streets, Milwaukee have had a ghost scare recently which culminated in alarming the whole neighbourhood.

Adjoining Greib's drug store at 851 Racine Street, there is a vacant store which a short time ago was occupied by an undertaker. In the front window there was formerly displayed a casket to show passers-by the nature of the business transacted within. As usual in all establishments of the kind many times corpses were brought to the place for embalming.

A few night ago [November 1898] a servant girl employed in the neighbourhood, ran to the house where she works and stated positively that there was a ghost in the window where the casket had been. She was terribly frightened and solemnly affirmed that she had seen the figure of an old man curled up as if lying in an imaginary coffin. His face was the face of death.

The man of the house called a friend and investigated the store. They saw nothing to arouse any curiosity or create any fear.

The report, however, that a ghost had been seen spread and on several occasions the figure was noticed by others. Young ladies have noticed the being and ran away with shrieks. Men and women have had creepy feelings as they felt the presence of some uncanny thing.

Noises were often heard in the store. The tramping of feet and heavy breathing as if of a dying man. Groans and, according to the tale of one frightened child, the rattling of chains.

Last night one of the young ladies who live in the neighbourhood saw the figure. She was certain that the little old man was there in the window curled up as if in a casket. She ran home and spread the alarm.

Later the young lady, with six of her friends, proposed that they all go around and see if the ghost was still in the window. The proposition was accepted and accordingly they passed the place. There it was as sure as they were themselves!

Finally one of them went close to the window and looked in. There was nothing there. The being had disappeared. But on a second look there was a figure of an old man in the dark corner of the store crouching as if in pain. He turned his head and looked straight at her. The girl ran away shrieking.

They found a police officer, but he thought they were fooling him and declined to return with them to the store. Upon their insistence, however, he approached the place and he too, started back, for there in the window was the ghostly figure again.

Pulling himself together and encouraged by the fact that even ghosts must respect the majesty of the law, he came close to the window and was more than astounded to see the figure turn and look straight at him. Then it arose and disappeared in to the darkness.

The officer tried the door and the being came from its hiding place and unlocked the door ...

... it was the janitor of the place. He sleeps in the window because there is no bed there. The neighbourhood had become quieted and the haunted store will no longer be a place of fear and trembling.

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Thursday, April 21

Maureen Was Scared Of The Ghost Wearing Only A Shirt

The ghost wearing only a shirt

A ghostly tale today from Maureen, who sent me this after reading Best Of Friends: Daisy The Ghost And Jasper The Dog. The difference being that Maureen was frightened by her experience whereas Daisy was a gentle, almost loving ghost.

My family, that's me, husband and five year old child, were going on holiday and flying from London's Heathrow Airport, which is about a 200 mile journey from where we live.

By coincidence a friend told us his father had died and we could use his now empty flat [apartment] to stay overnight. It was only about 10 minutes from the airport. What's more we could also leave our car there as well.

We thought this was great as the flight was early in the morning and it would save us on parking fees and getting up very early to travel to Heathrow.

The flat was quite small but perfect for a night's sleep. In the evening we put our son to bed and, after watching a little television, decided to have an early night. I used the bathroom first and settled into bed with my book. The bedroom was virtually opposite the bathroom and I left the door open while my husband showered.

I was reading away and glanced up and saw what I took to be my husband walking down the hall-way. It looked like he was just wearing his shirt and nothing else, which was a bit odd, but I thought no more about it. I imagined he was going to the kitchen for a drink of water or something.

I got back to my book and then heard a noise from the bathroom. This puzzled me and then my husband came out of the bathroom door, wearing a towel around his waist, a shiver went down my spine, "Where's your shirt?" I asked.

He looked strangely at me (nothing unusual there) and said, "Why?"

"Well you were wearing it a few minutes ago when you went to the kitchen."

"What are you talking about? I've been in the bathroom, not the kitchen," he snapped.

Another shiver went down my spine as I explained what I'd seen: the man in a shirt. My husband went and searched the flat but everything was secure, all the doors and windows locked. "Your imagination," he said.

Then we heard our son cry out, "Mum, there's an orange floating in my room."

We both rushed to his room, next to ours, and he was standing on the bed pointing at what appeared to be an orange globe. This travelled along the wall and then suddenly disappeared.

"The man in his nightshirt left it here," said our son. He was trembling with fear.

Again my husband searched the flat but, as before, all was secure. I think even he was a bit spooked by now. The three of us got into bed, leaving the hall light on, and tried to sleep. In the morning we were glad when our taxi arrived to take us to our flight terminal.

We were going to stop at the flat overnight again after our holiday but, instead, we picked up our car from the car park and made our way home. No way was I going inside that flat again.

We told our friend about the incident but he just laughed and joked that it was probably his dad wondering what we were doing there. As for the globe, maybe a reflection from passing traffic.

I don't know what or who it was but I know what I saw.

~ Maureen

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Wednesday, April 20

Dumbfounded By The Coincidence In A Spanish Village

Police car 1950s
1950s Police Car
Another extraordinary coincidence meeting from my cuttings. There seem to be so many such stories, that you wonder if somehow people get on the same wave length, or whatever, and decide to visit the same place at a particular time. Some links seem to never be completely broken.

When I was at the Bruche police training centre many years ago, we had what were called Ram Sammy nights,

One evening a week, the large dining hall became a temporary theatre, where police students took turns to entertain everyone. I attended with my room-mate Harry, from Lancashire.

Around 23 years ago, I was on holiday in Spain with my wife, staying with a friend.

One day a couple approached us, needing directions. The man chatted on, telling us that, five years previously, he had retired from the police force after 30 years' service, but when he first joined he was in a Lancashire borough police force.

I told him that I retired at the same time, having served in a Lancashire borough police force, so we must have been training about the same time, in 1958.

Jokingly, he said, "I think my transfer was accepted as I was a good tenor and they wanted a tenor in the police choir."

Something jangled in my brain. I said, "When you were at Bruche did you have a friend named Harry Hurst?" I knew by then that Harry had served in the same borough force as he had. He replied, "Yes."

I went on: "One Ram Sammy night, while at Bruche, did you come and join Harry and me?"

"Yes, I believe I may have."

"You then sang On The Street Where You Live, from My Fair Lady?"

"You are correct."

"Your voice was so good that the commandant requested you sing I'll Join The Legion, a Josef Locke song."

"Yes, he did."

"When you finished, you got a standing ovation!"

We were each dumbfounded that such a coincidence had occurred in a small Spanish seaside village.

~ Albert Short, Blackpool

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Tuesday, April 19

White Feather Stories: Messages From The Deceased

White feathers falling

Two more white feather stories I received over the last few days - the author of one wishes to remain anonymous.

When my mother died, it was the worst moment of my life. I was in tatters and, as silly as it sounds, I couldn't believe that she had really died.

At the funeral I was in bits as we stood around mother's grave. As I looked down at the coffin a large white feather fluttered down and settled on some flowers, on top of the coffin. A good friend said, "Look your mother is thinking about you." I wasn't sure what she meant but somehow it was as if I had pulled myself together. I stopped crying and felt at peace.

Over the next few days I saw other white feathers and I believe they were from mother telling me she was alright and I should get on with my life.

A couple of weeks later, I saw a white feather while walking in the park, and picked it up. As I did so someone asked, "A message from a loved one?" It was a lovely looking man and, to cut the story short, we are now married. I believe my mother had a hand in this.

~ Heidi H

My stepfather passed away. He was cremated, and we had a church service for him.

In the limo on the way to the cemetery, my mother was seated in front of me and had her window opened. As we drove through the cemetery to his burial plot, a white feather came twirling down from the sky, through the opened limo window and landed right in my mother's lap.

My mother picked it up and threw it out the window as I gasped. I wasn't sure, and don't remember how I had heard about a feather being a sign from a loved one who had passed. I never said anything to anyone at the time because I wasn't sure.

If I told anyone now, they probably wouldn't believe me. So I just keep it between my stepfather and I. He must have wanted me to see it too.

~ Anonymous

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Monday, April 18

Next To Him In A Casino Was A Remarkable Coincidence!

Coneygree Road, Peterborough
Coneygree Road, Peterborough
Back to coincidences today. I saw this one in the Daily Mail newspaper. dated 15th of April. It is from a John Williamson in the UK.

While staying for a few weeks at a friend's house in Seattle she took me to her local casino. She warned me to get only £15 worth of chips so I didn't end up boracic.

Never having been in a casino before, I opted for Blackjack, as I knew it was close to Pontoon, which I could play, and my friend went for the slot machines.

I sat at the table and the lady next to me, who happened to be English, noticed I was a bit uneasy so she gave me a few hints.

I asked where she was from, and she replied: "Peterborough.

I told her I used to live in Peterborough more than 52 years ago.

I continued: "Well, not actually in Peterborough, but the village of Stanground."

She said: "I'm from Stanground."

I then said: "I lived in Coneygree Road."

"So did I," she replied.

I told her my old house number and it turned out her son, still in Stanground, lived in the house next door!

Happy ending ... my friend had lost more than £70 on the slot machines, whereas I still had exactly £15, which I stuck on my last game, and came out with £30,

~ John Williamson, Fife

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Saturday, April 16

White Feathers And A Coincidence

White feather

A story from Yvonne which is self explanatory and covers both coincidence and white feathers.

I wanted to say thank you for your posts about white feathers and how they sometimes can help the bereaved.

I had recently lost my sister and was feeling very down. I decided to got for a walk and outside my front door there was a large, almost fluffy white feather. I probably wouldn't have given this any significance but for your blog.

For some reason I felt I should visit my sister's grave. There was a bus stop nearby and as I reached it a bus, which passed by the cemetery, pulled up. I got on so I could visit the grave.

At the cemetery I could see another woman standing near to what seemed to be my sister's grave. It was too soon to have a headstone. The woman turned out to be a childhood friend of my sister and I who I hadn't seen for maybe ten years. She had read of Maggie's death and decided to pay her respects.

That was a big enough coincidence until I noticed that on my sister's grave was another white feather.

I'm not sure if this was a message from my sister but it brought me great comfort as did seeing our friend at the graveside - who I would have missed if I hadn't have decided to get on that particular bus.

Since that day I have seen several more white feathers and they bring a smile to my face.

- Yvonne

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Friday, April 15

Time Stood Still When I Caught My Wife ....

When time stands still

I posted a photo of an old clock on Google+ which was made way back in 1750. One of the comments I had was from James Faulkner who wrote: "What is time? Who knows."  This immediately stirred a memory about time from a while back:

My wife and I were on a break away and went for a walk. The route details were on a leaflet. It was about five miles through woods and across fields. Sounded fine for a mild, afternoon.

We set off and soon got into our stride, not another soul anywhere to be seen - so perfect for walking and forgetting the rest of the world. For a while the pathway was alongside a small river, which we then had to cross using some stepping stones, and make our way up the side of the valley via some uneven stone steps. A reasonable climb and shouldn't have been any problem.

We were nearly to the top when my wife must have missed the step or slipped on the uneven rocks - whatever - she started to fall backwards. I was a couple of steps behind her ... it was then that time stood still!

Thoughts started flowing through my mind ...

"When Karin hits me I will fall backwards as well ... I'll hit my head on the rocks below. She will land on top of me but will still have a nasty fall ... what should I do for the best ... "

I was working out what to do and the consequences, as my wife was falling backwards so it can only have been a second, if that. I felt my back foot being lowered to the step below and, goodness knows how, I caught her! I didn't fall and neither of us were hurt.

The point is that time did stand still, I can't possibly have had all of those thoughts in a normal, every day, time frame. So, as James said, "What is time?"

We got to the top of the steps and looked down. Karin was shaken and in tears thinking of what might have happened and said words to the effect that our Guardian Angel must have been looking after us. I still can't explain how I caught her.

I've only experienced that sort of thing once. Oh, other than when I was riding a donkey backwards - but that's another story!

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Thursday, April 14

Best Of Friends: Daisy The Ghost And Jasper The Dog

Daisy chain

A ghost story today but a nice gentle one. A ghost, a mirage or just imagination? Betty Collins isn't sure but is convinced she saw something.

This spooked me briefly when it first happened but now I feel quite relaxed about it.

I live in Devon, England and three months ago moved into an old cottage with a lovely big garden at the rear which is perfect for me and my dog Jasper.

I was in the conservatory at the back of the cottage having some lunch and Jasper was outside. He was sitting still and looked to be quite happy. Both of us contented, we got on with what we were doing, me eating bread and cheese while reading a magazine and him sitting in the fresh air.

I glanced up from my magazine and couldn't believe what I saw. There was a young girl, maybe about nine or ten years old and she was stroking Jasper's head. Some guard dog I thought!

I then realised that the girl was in a long, white, old fashioned nightie. I got up to find out who she was and she vanished slowly before my eyes. Jasper shook his head and got up to walk towards me, furiously wagging his tail.

The girl was definitely gone. "A ghost," I thought, "no, can't be."

It puzzled me and sent a shiver up my spine. Over the next couple of days I forgot all about my ghost and never felt uneasy or frightened in the cottage.

About a week later, again at lunch time, I glanced out of the window and Jasper was lying on the grass and the girl was back. She was stroking him and I noticed she had a ring of daisies around her almost golden coloured hair. I stood as still as I could and it looked so real. Jasper was enjoying the attention.

I went to move into the garden and the girl faded away. Jasper turned his head like he was looking for her but she had disappeared.

I've seen her once more but that was now over six weeks ago and nothing since.

The cottage where I am living goes back to the mid 1800s so I'm thinking the girl must have lived there once upon a time. Her nightdress looked Victorian.

I wouldn't mind seeing her again, I call her Daisy, as she was so gentle looking and radiated goodness.

I've asked my nearest neighbours if they have heard of any ghost stories about my cottage but they looked at me like I was mad. I wonder if I'll ever see Daisy again.

~ Betty

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Tuesday, April 12

Help And Assistance From beyond The Grave

Car crash ghost

Here's a couple of short stories, from my cuttings, about people receiving assistance from beyond the grave - by their grandfather. Imagination of fact?

"I recently had a car crash. I'm lucky to have come out alive. For a brief moment before the impact, I saw my granddad standing between my car and the oncoming vehicle.

I have no idea how or why this could happen, but I knew in that moment that I would be okay and I felt calm at such an awful time. Strange."

"My sister had given birth to the first grandchild in our family, and had come home from hospital.

She wasn't used to carrying the baby around the house, and tripped over a rug and fell forwards with the baby in her arms.

Her husband saw her stumble and rushed to catch her but, before he could reach her from a distance, she was propelled back to standing. He was as shocked as anyone!

My sister said she smelled our late grandfather's familiar aftershave and knew it was he who had caught her and saved the baby."

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Sunday, April 10

The Google+ Photo And Painting Coincidence

Lerryn, Cornwall

Since I joined Google + I have been using the above photo on my profile page, as can be seen below.

Mike Perry's Google + Profile Photo

Then a few weeks back, out of the blue, someone sent my wife and I a card. They don't know anything about my Google+ Page or anything else I do on the Internet, and they live in another part of the UK. The coincidence is that the picture on their card is a painting of the very same scene as on my profile page. The only difference is that in my photo it was high tide and in the painting it is low tide.

Painting of Lerryn, Cornwall

Of all the cards or pictures they could have sent they chose this one! I wonder why?!

You can see my Google+ Page and Photo Collections here.

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Saturday, April 9

White Feathers As Messages From the Deceased.


I haven't published any white feather stories for what seems an age, then these three arrived almost together. It's often said things come in threes! The stories relate to people finding white feathers following the death of a loved one.

My dad passed away suddenly on Easter Sunday 2016, then my mum had a heart attack the same day from shock.

My brother and I were at the hospital and then returned to their house It was was really weird neither of them being there, But their dog, Missy, kept looking where dad usually sat, staring,

We locked the main doors and I sat down, and my brother was near the fire, I said, "I wish dad would give us a sign," At that moment the door keys jangled, My brother looked and I looked and I smiled.

We didn't tell mum as we didn't want to worry her but today she rang up and said, "I found a white feather," I went, Okay ..." She was so happy and she explained it to me about white feathers. I went, "Wow," So I told her what happened with the door keys and that has given her great comfort

I cant believe dad has gone but there must be a better place where we go [after death].

~Rosie Buttons.

My lovely husband passed away three weeks ago 14/3/2016. My house was cleaned through yesterday. Last night I went to get a coffee. And lying on the carpet was a large eight inch fluffy white feather, all the doors had been closed. It was placed so perfectly. He did tell me he would give me a sign that he was be OK.

~ Anonymous.

Normally, I wouldn't be submitting these comments. but feel I have to share my experience with a white feather.

My wife passed away three weeks ago, losing her 2 year+ battle with cancer. She was at home wih us under hospice care, and shortly after she died I was in the room with her alone. I asked her if she would send me some kind of a sign to let me know she was OK.

Two days later I went into her room and in the middle of the bed was a single white dove feather. No one else had been in the room but me, so I have to believe it was my wife communicating with me.

~ Anon.

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Friday, April 8

An Unexpected Coincidence Meeting Many Miles From Home

Weston Turville
An old photo of the village of Weston Turville
Another coincidence about meeting up with someone quite unexpectedly and far from home. This is from Mike Ridley from England.

When World War II broke out, I became and evacuee living away from London with my grandparents in a small village in Buckinghamshire called Weston Turville.

My best mate from day one was a lad named John Taylor.

The war ended, and National Service followed. I was duly conscripted into the RAF and posted to Ismailia in Egypt.

One day, while waiting to go into the AKC cinema run for the Armed Forces and located between the RAF station and the nearby Army barracks. I was tapped on the shoulder by a soldier.

You've guessed it - the same John Taylor!

~ Mike Ridley

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Thursday, April 7

Astral Travel Via Hypnotherapy

Astral Travel via Hypnotherapy

In the 1970s a guy called Terry Thomas did several experiments regarding, what he claimed was astral travel. Terry operated from a 'clinic' in Wales and practised hypnotherapy.

His view was that hypnotherapy differed from hypnosis. Under hypnosis, he argued, the subject is under the complete control of the hypnotist and does only what he commands. Whereas, under hypnotherapy, the subject's subconscious (unconscious) is controlled more by their conscious mind.

Whatever the case isn't really too important. What I want to write about is the fact that Terry Thomas recorded lots of people while under hypnotherapy. The following is one such case.

The subject was a man called John who didn't believe in God, astral travel or any other such 'nonsense'.

John, however, agreed to let Terry use hypnotherapy on him as an experiment. After a ten minute session Terry asked him what he had experienced.

He replied, "Nothing really, only stupid imagination. I heard you telling me to take my Astral body out of my physical body and go and visit my brother. I felt myself leaving my body, then I saw my brother, who was with my mother and my other brother. It was only imagination."

Terry got John to phone his brother, who lived 40 miles away, and to ask him what he had been doing for the last ten or fifteen minutes. John was staggered to find out it was exactly as he had seen and heard while under hypnotherapy.

Because of this John agreed to another session but this time, to make sure Terry wasn't cheating, he chose a friend who wasn't known to the hypnotherapist.

Again, to John's bewilderment, what he saw and heard under hypnotherapy checked out. He had seen his friend in a building which he himself had never visited, yet he described it all perfectly.

There were several more sessions and then Terry 'sent' John to see his dead father, who had died many years earlier.

The whole 'visit' lasted under two minutes. Afterwards he was asked what he had seen.

John, who was accompanied by his mother at the session, replied with tears in his eyes, "Mam, you have no need to worry, Dad is very happy and has no marks on his face, he looks beautiful, no marks whatsoever, not even lines or wrinkles, he looks much younger than when he died."

It seems that John's father had marks on his face through coal mine injuries.

Astral Travel
John continued, "I went and knelt before him, my father put his hand on my shoulder and then seemed to go into me and I became part of him. I am surprised beyond words that I was only there for minutes, as I felt that I was there for what I can only describe as a thousand years, a long, long time. I saw many wonders, things I could never imagine, I was told so much, but I knew I would remember nothing of these wonders on my return. The only thing I remember is my father fetching me and putting me back in my body."

I don't want to make this post too long but in further hypnotherapy sessions John recorded previous lives and even the moment of death in one of them. He is on tape as saying, "I'm laying here bad, aren't I? My heart has stopped beating, I feel myself going cold, my heart is going hard. I am dead! ... I am looking down hearing and watching my family grieve over me, but I feel no grief, I am happy."

John is also said to have made visits to Mars and the Moon via hypnotherapy.

As I often say, it's up to the individual as to what he or she makes of this post. Rubbish or an element of truth?

Imagine though, if we could fully believe that we aren't bound by distance or time and that life is eternal.

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