Wednesday, October 31

White Feathers From The Spirit World Stories

White feather from spirit world
A white feather I recieved
I have published quite a few posts (some links below) about white feathers and how I feel they can be messages or symbols from loved ones who have died.

Here are a selection of recent white feather stories I have received from from 67 Not Out readers. Most do not want their names published, but they are all genuine.

My dear husband, Gene, passed away December 2010,ever since then I have found white feathers.

My grandson and I were sitting in the same place my Gene and I would sit in Church and a white fluffy feather landed between us. In the Spring my son took me to a major league ball game and down came a white feather. And it goes on and on. I'm making a collection of them.

Just when I need a feather from Gene, down it comes. In my heart I know its the Lord and my Gene saying every things alright!

My wife's elderly father died last Thursday evening.

The funeral was this morning (Sunday). After the service, we proceeded to a nearby restaurant for a lunch get together for about twenty family members.

We parked the car, my wife and I were walking across an open air plaza to the restaurant. Half way there, a soft downy white feather came floating down right in front of us! It nearly landed on my nose! I commented to the wife, "Isn't that odd?" ... for it is rainy and blustery today (hurricane approaching) ... not a bird to be seen in the sky!

I thought about it afterwards so I Googled it and came to this site. I saw it with my own eyes, can offer no 'rational explanation' ... I am now sort of a believer!

John S

My father passed away unexpectedly while on holidays in New Zealand. My mother and both my sisters received white feathers within a two week period. I was devastated as I didn't then. Eight months and one day after dad passed, my feather arrived to me while I was at work. I found it sitting on a clients bed in the nursing home where I work and no, there aren't feather pillows or blankets in the place.

Love you dad and miss you.


My mother died yesterday. She always believed in synchronicity.

She died in St Michael's Hospice but for many years St Michael had been significant to her.

I was trying to remember why this was and found your post regarding St Michael's chapel in Roche - a significant village for our family - and it's connection with Ley Lines. It fell into place and then I saw the link to white feathers, something she again always referred to as an indication of an angel. I wonder if I will come across one to let me know she is thinking of me.

Going through a rough time at the moment, and a few family deaths. Mum mentioned finding a white feather, "Auntie Phoe telling us it'll be all right". I smiled and said nothing.

I now keep finding one or two white feathers on a regular basis. Even looking after a neighbours house, on a repeat visit, two white feathers on the stairs, which I certainly hadn't seen before. They are a little comfort when I need it.

I have seen endless white feathers around me since my brothers passing 15 years ago. I didn't know why until I recently heard about it from other people claiming it could be from the spirit world.

Haven't seen one for a while until this morning. Having a few family health problems at the moment, and I drove into work this morning feeling very low and sad, and just as I opened my car door, a white feather floated onto my windscreen. It made me smile and helped me to get through my day.

Thanks bro x

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Tuesday, October 30

Little Coincidences Make Up A Day

Little coincidence make up a day

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the small coincidences of our daily lives or to write off such things as being unimportant. But maybe they are indications that everything is ticking over nicely. Take last Friday, for instance.

As we set out for a walk Karin said that it didn't look like a certain neighbour was going to give us any apples from her trees this year. We normally freeze the apples, after being blanched, and use them in Karin's special (secret recipe!) German apple cake, in apple pies, as apple sauce and so on. "Never mind," I said, "Perhaps we'll get some from someone else."

We went about 200 yards and met 'the couple with the small dogs', as we call them. We're not certain exactly where they live but often stop to talk to them. The usual chat followed and they told us they had loads of apples on their tree this year and asked, "Don't suppose you want any? We don't know what to do with them all."

"Yes please!"

We carried on walking to our local town and as we approached the centre a woman was on her mobile and here final words as we passed her were, "We must tell Karin and Mike about that."

We didn't know the woman and she wasn't referring to us. We headed into WH Smith's to buy a newspaper. Inside the shop was the couple who live two houses down from us. "Glad we saw you as we had to tell you that ..." and they went on to describe what had happened after they had dropped in to see us the day before.

A man's dog had fallen into the river opposite our houses and he was trying to rescue him - an elderly chow. The man couldn't get out again as the river bank is quite steep. It also turned out the man had a heart problem and was having difficulties holding on to his dog.

As our neighbours told us, "If we hadn't have decided to drop in and see you yesterday we would never have seen the man and his dog and been able to help them." Quite a coincidence they thought.

 When we got home from our walk there was a huge bag full of apples on our doorstep.

That same afternoon I wanted to do a few things on the computer but after less than an hour decided I'd had enough. Wasn't sure why, but shut down the computer.  Five minutes later our door bell chimed it was our daughter-in-law and grandson on an unexpected visit. Perhaps I sensed their near arrival, who knows how such things work.

So little coincidences happen all the time and perhaps indicate that we are all a little psychic, telepathic and creators of our individual worlds - or you might, of course, mutter that such things are bound to happen purely by chance and are meaningless. But I know what I believe.

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Monday, October 29

The Frightening Comet As An Orion Inspired UFO

Comet picture from 1527

I was reading about a comet sighting from October 1527, seen in Germany, that has been described as frightening and memorable. People continued to write about it for the best part of a hundred years.

I then came across the above image on Chronicon Mirabilium. What struck me was how the picture matched up with the description written in 1678 I had been reading. I also began to wonder if it was a comet - could it have actually been a UFO?

This is part of what I had read:

"... We pass on to its horrible figure. A form of arm that emerged from a flaming cloud, dull rather than bright in colour, half curved, was holding a great sword in its hand; it was bare and menacing, with its point down as though it wanted to strike or pierce not with the blade but with the point; there was a star at its tip, whose glare was terribly bright, and two other, less bright stars appeared beside this one, one on each side of it and slightly above it.

Even more terrifying was that one could see a large number of men's heads, as if they had been cut off, whose appearance was extremely hideous; they had long black beards and long hair standing on end: they appeared on both sides of this bare sword over quite a large area ...

... And indeed this comet was followed by several calamities, and the whole of Europe felts its effects intensely, as it was almost bathed in human blood ..."

It then goes on to list those 'calamities' which followed in various European countries.

There is a further description of the 1572 comet:

"In the year 1527 the comet was seen with many streaks like long spears, and in among them, many visages and daggers, all coloured in pale red, and in between many enormous flames of bright and fiery hue, and here and there the visages appeared, bearded and hairy in grey as of clouds and as if in flowing water streaked with blood, glittering and sparkling, as if everything were in confusion – the whole hideous of appearance, so that some who had seen it died thereof."

Orion with his belt and sword
As we look into the past there are numerous examples of 'comets', but because of limited knowledge at the time these would likely have been attributed to a God or something understandable to that age.

What does strike me about the picture are the three stars in a row and the sword. Immediately what springs to mind is Orion's belt and his weapon, picture right.

The ancients from thousands of years ago may have had links with Orion. See:

Mysterious Links Of The Ancients To Orion And The Afterlife
The Mystery Of The Three Hurlers Stone Circles

Perhaps much of what has been recorded as comets and the like, previous to the 1500s, were in fact much more than this. Could they have been UFOs and aliens? All things are possible if we give our imagination free reign!

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Friday, October 26

Manipulation By Powerful People Like Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile

Things really do get covered up. Roswell, 9/11, 7/7 in England and so on all have 'conspiracy' theories about what 'really' happened. "But it's not possible, surely someone would have indisputable evidence," many will say.

But, as I've already said: Things do get covered up. An example of this is the revelations about Sir Jimmy Savile in the UK.

For those in other countries Savile was a broadcaster, television show host and famous celebrity or personality for over 40 years. He raised massive amounts for charity - over £40 ($56) million. He was friendly with Prince Charles and Princess Diana, was knighted for his services to charity by Queen Elizabeth II and received a papal knighthood from Pope John Paul II. He had his own room in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, a set of keys to Broadmoor Prison - unbelievably true!

He seemed a real good guy, though perhaps a bit eccentric with his cigars, gold chains and gaudy tracksuits.

Savile died last year at the age of 84.

It has now come to light that he was actually a rampant paedophile.

Over 200 alleged victims are being investigated with some sources saying up to 1000 children - girls and boys - may have been sexually abused by Savile and perhaps other 'personalities'. Claims have already been made against the ex pop star Gary Glitter and a famous older British comedian. Other names are also being bandied about.

For over 40 years Savile 'got away' with the things he did. Many of his television shows were aimed at children, like Jim'll Fix It where he made their dreams come true - and it now appears some of their nightmares as well. 

It's a horrific story and the well respected BBC television and media organisation are accused of having turned a blind eye to allegations of Savile's behaviour – some of which are said to have occurred on its premises to children Savile had met on his shows.

He is said to have abused sick and disabled children at Stoke Mandeville Hospital - the hospital that just happened to be a beneficiary of millions of pounds raised by Savile and where he had his own bedroom. The hospital has indicated that it has 'no record' of complaints about him.

How on earth did he get away with such things for 40 years? Money, power and the smoke screen of the masses of money he made for charity seems to have done the trick.

In the world at large much is being covered up. Powerful people really do rule the world and run things as they wish, while the masses are told that we must all pull together to sort out the financial mess most countries are in.

We have to be aware that we are being manipulated. If someone like the obnoxious Jimmy Savile, a relatively small cog, can deceive just think what others can do.

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Thursday, October 25

A Message From The Harry Potter Owls

Harry Potter collector cards

Yesterday I wrote about Harry Potter and the Rosicrucians. A couple of the images I used for the post were of Harry Potter collectors' cards.

I actually bought the cards - about 250 of them - from a charity shop for 20p (28c) the day before I had decided to write about that particular subject. So just a 'coincidence' that I bought them - don't know why I did, as I'm not a Harry Potter fan or anything like that.

When I looked at the cards the top two were of owls. Strange as Karin and I had been talking about how we had heard an owl each evening recently. He (or she) seems to visit the trees near our house, stay for a while and then disappear for months.

Owls on Harry Potter cards

But even stranger was that, while looking out of our upstairs window - in the early afternoon - we saw an owl sitting on a neighbours roof. We've never, ever seen an owl near where we have lived previously, only heard them.

So it seems that owls are the creatures of the moment for me! Especially when, later, we went into out local town and there were owls on display from a Cornish owl sanctuary who were raising money for their work.

Owl camouflage

The owl sanctuary provides, "care and rehabilitation for sick and injured wild owls in Cornwall. They then ensure their safe release into the wild on recovery or, if permanently disabled, provide a comfortable home in a suitable environment."

So many owls! But what do they mean or symbolise?

The owl is said to be the keeper of spirits who have passed from one plane to another. Often the owl will accompany a spirit to the 'underworld'.

Native Americans and Australians are said to view them as keepers of sacred knowledge and witches and wizards are also associated with owls.

I'm not sure what my apparent link with them is at the moment, but I do have two owl ornaments in my office: a paper weight and a vase where I keep scissors, pens and the like.

Owl ornaments, a paper weight and a vase

I looked on Yahoo! answers where someone was asking about the meaning of seeing owls. This is part of the answer given:

"If an owl has visited you, an incredible gift has been bestowed. Also, keep in mind that animals are only called to those who share the same energy. In other words, you hold within you some of the very same symbolic attributes the owl represents.

These owl sightings may be messages for you to develop your education further. Or, the owl may be trying to tell you to develop your intuition further.

Owls also show themselves as a sign of warning (no, not of death). You simply need to pay close attention to people around you - owls are incredibly perceptive - you are probably perceptive too - use your powers of perception around new people you may meet. Not everyone is as nice, or 'cool' as they seem to be."


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Wednesday, October 24

The Harry Potter And Rosicrucian Coincidences

Harry Potter
Hans Andrea of the Harry Potter For Seekers website has compared the similarities between the Harry Potter stories and The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz published way back in 1616. It is thought to be a Rosicrucian work.

Are the similarities coincidences? Let's see:

~ Harry Potter goes to an ancient castle for seven years; in the Chemical Wedding Christian Rosenkreutz (CR) goes to a castle for seven days.

~ Harry Potter and CR are given a letter of invitation during a violent storm.

~ To reach the castle, Harry travels across a lake with mermaids in it. To reach the Tower of Olympus CR travels across a sea with mermaids.

~ Harry is faced with being sorted into one of four houses; CR faces four paths to choose from at the beginning of his journey to the castle.

~ Both books mention Paracelsus.

Phoenix Harry Potter
~ A number of mystery animals are mentioned in both books e.g. the phoenix, the unicorn and the griffin.

~ In both the Tower of Olympus and Harry's castle lives a very ancient man who is in control of the whole proceedings.

~ In both books the meals are served up by invisible servants in a hall lightened by floating candles.

~ In both books there is a funeral where a phoenix appears.

... and so on.

Is all this purely by coincidence? Well funny things happen. But JK Rowling knows her magic. As she said in an interview with The Herald in 1998:

JK Rowling cleavage
"I've never wanted to be a witch, but an alchemist, now that's a different matter. To invent this wizard world, I've learnt a ridiculous amount about alchemy. Perhaps much of it I'll never use in the books, but I have to know in detail what magic can and cannot do in order to set the parameters and establish the stories' internal logic."

It's interesting that the Catholic Church have warned us of The Dangers Of Harry Potter To Mankind but if we look at one more 'coincidence' perhaps Harry's not so bad as they think.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix we are told that, "There is a room ... that ... contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature ... It is the power held within that room that you possess in such quantities and which Voldermort has not at all."

This force is called love - and is called Venus in the Chemical Wedding.

Isn't love the main teaching of Jesus?

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Tuesday, October 23

Squidoo Readers Strange Coincidences

Coincidence of job interview

A couple of a years back I published a Squidoo Lens 10 Strange Coincidence Examples. It listed some of the well known classic coincidences plus some I have had myself. Here's a couple more coincidence stories that readers of the lens told me about.

First from Victoria of WebaliciousGuides

"I had a precognitive dream about five years ago after having a job interview for an internal job promotion. I dreamt that I was in the manager's office and he told me that I had been offered the job, although it was slightly different from the one advertised. I then dreamt that I was on the beach and all these green and pink slips of paper were floating around me.

When I got to work the next morning (the day I was due to be told whether I'd got the new job) I found that there were several green and pink slips of paper scattered on the ground outside the office - they were blank on both sides, and they were there for no apparent reason. I had never seen anything like that before, in all my months of working there. I thought it was spooky I had seen them in my dream the previous night. But in some way it reassured me - if that part of my dream was true - then maybe the dream about me getting the job would be true too.

And so it was - even though I wasn't offered the job at the rank I had applied for, I was offered one in the same role but at a different rank. It was really spooky, but I was just glad that I'd got the job! I had several other weird experiences at that time in my life."

And the second from jmurphy

"I had a very strange coincidence in my 20's. I went backpacking around Europe with a friend in 1973. While staying at a hostel in Marseille, we met some lads from Yeovil in Somerset. I took a picture of one of them.

Some years later my brother-in-law's sister married the same man who I had met in France and I had the pix to prove it. Neither I or my friend had any connections with Yeovil at the time, and my sister had not yet married. Spooky or what!"

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Monday, October 22

Is Karma The Cause Of Ill Health

Wealthy Times

When I published magazines back in the late 1990s a theme I often went on about was how 'our thoughts, words, deeds, actions and beliefs of yesterday have created the life we are living today.' The clipping above was from Wealthy Times in March 1997.

I still believe something along those lines involving Karma. So when things are going well for me, it's because of how I've dealt with life in the past and conversely when things aren't doing so good it's my own fault. I don't blame God or the world at large.

This is all well and good but what about health? I wondered about this following my recent operation. Had I done anything wrong to make my health suffer? After all disease means a lack of ease: dis-ease.

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes makes suggestions as to the cause of various ailments. Here are a few examples. I'm not, by the way, saying that I necessarily agree with these.

Headaches: Confused, worried, anxious, tense thoughts.

Constipation: Often due to a belief in limitation or burden.

Growths, Tumours, Cancer: Destructive emotions, desires or ideas, unless neutralised, will grow into some bodily condition.

Hay Fever: Nervous persons, and those whose work is largely mental, are most often attacked by hay fever.

Kidney and Bladder Disturbances: All kinds of kidney troubles from worry, anxiety, fear and criticism.

And so on and so on.

Gill Edwards in her book Stepping Into The Magic has similar ideas. A few examples taken at random:

Ulcers: Fear, being driven, being a perfectionist, feeling unworthy.

Inflammation: Suppressed anger.

Stiffness: Being inflexible, stuck in your ideas.

You get the picture, both authors claim there are reasons for any ill health we may suffer.

This got me thinking and wondering if health is purely down to Karma and maybe the displeasure of the Cosmic, or perhaps carried over from a previous incarnation. I was undecided about the answer and by 'chance' (yes, I know there's no such thing) picked out a publication from the 1970s from a pile of Rosicrucian writings I have on file. This, of course, just happened to be relevant to what I was pondering.

Discussing the same question the writer came up with the following:

"... Thus we must admit that by science or logic alone we can neither understand nor predict the course of any single human life, because we always reason from insufficient data.

However, as mystics we can experience within ourselves the condition and the motives of our Brother by loving sympathy that 'assumes' and achieves identity with him from the inside, through our common tap-root.

Without this 'knowledge through compassion' it is presumptuous to pass judgement on anyone and, even more so, to measure spiritual advancement by physical condition or material success.

Socrates, the wisest man of his time, was poor and reportedly ugly. In modern times the great scientist and humanist Charles Proteus Steinmetz was a hunchbacked cripple. Under such circumstances, it is reassuring to remember that, according to a wise old professor, most of the world's work is done by people who are not feeling well!

By human reason we cannot discern whether misfortune and sickness are due to accident, heredity, present guilt, or past Karma, or whether a karmic condition is meant as retribution, as a lesson, or as a spur to greater effort.

To sum up: Mastership is not proved by worldly success nor disproved by misfortune. It is shown by the ability to overcome difficulties and to use all of life's vicissitudes - pleasing and painful, good and bad - as stepping stones to further progress."

Though there is a lot in what the likes of the Science of Mind suggest, it's probably more than what they write. Any emotion, especially a negative emotion must have an effect on our physical bodies but I think it's simplistic to think it is the only reason for any ill health. It can be a combination of several things as the Rosicrucian quote suggests.

In saying this we can, no doubt, help ourselves by right thoughts, words, deeds, actions and beliefs - which puts me right back to the position I was spouting at the beginning of this post!

Life is full of circles and cycles.

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Saturday, October 20

The Young British Soldier And The Futility Of The Afghan War

There's very little new to this world, so much so that we should be able to learn from history - but we rarely do. I came across the poem The Young British Soldier by Rudyard Kipling. As it's quite long I've just included the two final verses. It shows the futility of fighting in Afghanistan - but we haven't listened have we? Maybe some of us have but governments rarely take notice of what 'the people' think.

The two final verses of The Young British Soldier:

If your officer's dead and the sergeants look white,
Remember it's ruin to run from a fight:
So take open order, lie down, and sit tight,
And wait for supports like a soldier.
Wait, wait, wait like a soldier . . .

When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An' go to your Gawd like a soldier.
Go, go, go like a soldier,
Go, go, go like a soldier,
Go, go, go like a soldier,
So-oldier of the Queen!

~ Rudyard Kipling

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Friday, October 19

The Football Coincidence Story

Jack Charlton playing for Leeds and Bobby Charlton for Manchester United
A coincidence story today from Edward Gill. It shows how things sometimes link up with the past, but without any real meaning - or maybe there is!

"I was with my adult son in a Sports Direct shop in my local town. We were looking for an England football shirt for my grandson Bobby as a birthday present.

As we looked around a man, about my son's age, came up to us and said, "Remember me?"

We realised it was a childhood friend of my son called Alan. He moved away with his parents when a teenager and was visiting the area. Quite a coincidence as we hadn't seen him for many years. We got talking about the 'old days'.

He asked me if I remembered when I used to play football with him and my son and pretended they were Bobby and Jack Charlton, two famous brothers who were England soccer players.

I did remember and my son told him how his son (my grandson) was called Bobby. "Fancy that," he said, "I didn't have a son but my eldest daughter is called Jacqueline. She's always called Jack by us and her friends and she's getting married soon to a bloke whose surname is Charlton!"

It was odd how this all linked up together but there was one more twist. Alan said, "And do you realise today is Bobby Charlton's birthday, 11th of October."

~ Edward Gill

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Thursday, October 18

Love Dissolves Any Barriers

Sun melting ice

"Love is like the warm sun that shines on the ice; it melts and dissolves any barriers, any areas of pain. Like the ice, your fears turn to water and evaporate."
~ Orin

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Wednesday, October 17

Fossils As Reminders Of Previous Lives

Fossil photo

It's strange how articles come into your life but you don't know how - or is that just with me?

I was thinking about two fossils I have. The one in the photo above, for example, I've known since I was about 13 or 14 years old. It never belonged to my parents or any other relation and was never given to me. It just became 'mine'.

A long time ago I used to say that I found the fossil in a field but, as a teenager, I was living in west London so this isn't really possible. It somehow simply appeared in my life from, I've no idea where.

I like to think I have a good memory otherwise. As a check I went through all of the other bits and pieces and souvenirs we have about the house and was able to recall from where they originated.

But it gets a little stranger with fossils as I don't know where the other one I have (photo below) came from either. It sort of appeared at about the time my son was born.

Fossil Echinocorys echinoid

I've always felt that the two fossils - which were probably living organisms some 60 million years ago, or maybe more - are something to do with me. But no idea what.

 Can objects simply appear in our lives from completely unknown sources? Or is my imagination running away with me?

Fossil photo

There is actually one more item I have that somehow appeared in my life as a teenager. It's an ivory carved cross with a rose at it's centre. I may write about this another time as I can see a link with the Rosicrucians, of which I was a member for a while. The organisation has always fascinated me from an early age.

Maybe that's the link ... perhaps things come into our lives as reminders of ... well, previous lives or experiences.

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Tuesday, October 16

The Secret Path

The Secret Path

I've been re-reading some of the old books on my shelves. This passage from The Secret Path by Dr Paul Brunton brought home something to me:

"Man walks along the dusty roads of life like that seeker of old time who spent years wandering through foreign lands in quest of rare treasure of which he had heard, whilst all the time he himself was being sought for as the heir to a great fortune. Wrapped in the folds of our own nature hides a rare jewel, though we know it not. None has yet set a price upon it, nor will any ever dare to do so, for its value is beyond all things of known worth."

Brunton is referring to our true self, for we are spiritual beings. We get sidetracked by the physical body and the material senses. To quote The Secret Path again:

"Heaven lies about us, not only during the innocent days of infancy, but every moment of existence, yet we know it not. A few are so close to the truth that they are unconsciously waiting for the miraculous moment of recognition."

As Walt Whitman wrote in his poem To You:

O I could sing such grandeurs and glories about you!
You have not known what you are, you have slumber'd upon yourself
all your life ...

The mockeries are not you,
Underneath them and within them I see you lurk
...Whoever you are! claim your own.

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Monday, October 15

Did This Doctor Visit Heaven?

Butterflies in Heaven

Out of Body and Near Death Experiences are easily explained away by scientists. Surgeons often hear such tales and take them with a pinch of proverbial salt. The same goes for anyone who claims to have visited Heaven.

Such experiences are said to be caused by a malfunctioning cortex or maybe nerve cells being deprived of oxygen or even the brain causing hallucinations, because of some form of immense stress.

These sort of opinions would likely have been put forward by say, a neurosurgeon like Eben Alexander. But because of a personal experience Eben has now changed his mind and claims he has seen Heaven for himself and now believes in God and an afterlife.

Dr.Alexander contracted a rare form of bacterial meningitis whereby the area of his brain which controls emotion and thoughts - his entire cortex - actually shut down. He was in a coma for a week and doctors believed he wouldn't recover.

It was during this seven day period he claims to have visited Heaven.

Alexander explains: "According to current understanding of the brain and mind, there is absolutely no way that I could have experienced even a dim and limited consciousness during my time in the coma, much less the hyper-vivid and completely coherent odyssey I underwent."

So what was Heaven like?

His first memory is of  "roots" over his head and having no knowledge of his past life. Sights and sounds appeared to merge together and began spinning and clearing away the surrounding murkiness.

The next thing he was aware of was flying over a meadow. He couldn't speak and had no awareness of his body. He felt he was simply a "speck on a butterfly wing" along with millions of other butterflies in a swirling "river of life and colour".

Below him were waterfalls, pools and "indescribable colours", and above him were clouds that were "big, puffy, pink-white ones that showed up sharply against a deep blue-black sky".

Far above the clouds were flocks of "transparent, shimmering beings", making arcs of gold and silver across the sky. "Indescribably gorgeous" hymns and chants wafted down from these beings - "higher forms" of life which, as he gathered his thoughts later, he could only describe as "angels".

Travelling with him was what he took to be his guardian angel: a young woman with high cheekbones, deep-blue eyes and golden brown hair. She was wearing orange, indigo and powder blue clothing.

"Her thoughts were things like, 'You are loved. You are cherished for ever. There’s nothing you can do wrong'".

Together they moved on to "the core, an inky darkness that was also full to brimming with light." Here there was "a beautiful warm awareness of the divine which was clearly what we would call God".

After being in a coma for seven days Dr Alexander awoke. He is now back to being a doctor but spends part of his time investigating how "we are much more than our physical brains".

Obviously many will think Dr Alexander's story to be just that: a fantasy tale. To doubters he says that he has two points to make:

(1) Firstly, to his knowldege, no one else has made such claims while his or her cortex was shut down.

(2) His experience happened while his body was under intense medical observation every minute that he was in his coma.

So, is this proof that Heaven does exist and we have nothing to fear from death?

Dr Eben Alexander has written a book of his experience, which is available on Amazon:
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

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Friday, October 12

Suspended Animation Of Two Newts

Two newts - suspended animation

Is the following, by Jonathan, an example of suspended animation - in this case of a newt?

Back in 1976, my family moved into an old house. In the garden was a very old rockery, made up of paving stones and old bricks. A neighbour told us it had been there for many years.

In 1986, I decided to get rid of the rockery and create a shrub border instead.

It was hard work, as the soil was heavy with clay and the day was hot.

I chipped away at the soil with a spade for quite a while. Then, to my horror, I realised that I had chopped a newt in half. The newt was perfectly preserved.

After that I dug much more carefully.  To my surprise, I found two more newts, which I managed to extricate from the soil without damaging them. They were stiff and cold but looked otherwise to be in perfect condition.

I laid the newts on the grass, in the sunshine, while I filled a washing up bowl; then left them in the water while I continued to work.

After about twenty minutes I took a look at them and, to my amazement, they were slowly swimming around in the water.

To my mind this was a phenomenon, as they had been entombed in that hard soil for probably twenty years or more.

Was this an example of suspended animation?

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Thursday, October 11

God Created Earth 6016 Years Ago

Click on images to make bigger
God created the Earth and the beginnings of mankind 6016 years ago. I can be precise because this is what my, very old, family Bible tells me.

As for Noah and the Ark, this all happened in 2349 BC, so that makes it 4361 years since the flood.

Okay, I personally don't see how this can be true but what got me thinking was a television programme I watched last night on creationism.

To quote Wikipedia: "Creationism is the religious belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe are the creation of a supernatural being, most often referring to the Abrahamic God."

During the television programme a group of creationists, all Christian other than one Muslim, visited various experts, professors, and scientists who gave their 'proof' that the Earth is much older, and that mankind has developed because of evolution.

It was interesting that the creationists wouldn't budge from their beliefs, even when one professor wondered how Noah would have managed to get whales onto the ark. But actually I quite admire people who have such faith and have their beliefs sorted.

I read some of Genesis this morning from that old family Bible and one thing I'd forgotten was Genesis 1:26 "And God said, 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ..."

Does this mean there is more than one God? But, of course, there are many anomalies in the Bible.

I've also often naively wondered why God created man (and woman) in the first instance.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti
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Tuesday, October 9

Fogbow: The Mysterious White Rainbow

Until today I had never heard of a fogbow - but I'll look anywhere for that illusive pot of gold!

A fogbow or fog bow or white rainbow or cloudbow is similar to a rainbow but appears in fog or mist rather than in rain showers.

Rainbows are formed when sunlight hits large water droplets, displaying a spectrum of colour. However, in a fogbow, the water droplets in the mist are too small to refract and reflect light, meaning the arc appears to be whitish in colour. Well that's what I'm told.

The photo above was taken from the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

Maybe fogbows are common in your country but, as I said earlier, I have never heard of them before today and have definitely never seen any in England. It's good to hear about something 'new'.

Photo credits: Top two by BrokenInaGlory and bottom two are in the Public Domain.

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